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About the Course

In today’s ever-growing and changing world, being able to think creatively and innovatively are essential skills. It can sometimes be challenging to step back and reflect in an environment which is fast paced or when you are required to assimilate large amounts of information. Making sense of or communicating new ideas in an innovative and engaging way, approaching problems from fresh angles, and producing novel solutions are all traits which are highly sought after by employers. This course will equip you with a ‘tool-box’, introducing you to a selection of behaviours and techniques that will augment your innate creativity. Some of the tools are suited to use on your own and others work well for a group, enabling you to leverage the power of several minds. You can pick and choose which of these tools or techniques suit your needs and interests, focusing on some or all of the selected approaches and in the order that fits best for you. The practical approach of this course enables you to acquire an essential skill-set for generating ideas, with plenty of: - Fun e-tivities and exercises; - Practical lectures and tips; - Video representations of the techniques in action. By the end of this course you should be able to: - Pick a type of brainstorming you think will be useful to apply to a challenge - Use alphabet brainstorming in tackling a challenge - Use grid brainstorming in tackling a challenge - Use a morphological chart to synthesise a solution to a challenge - Use the TRIZ contradiction matrix to identify recommended inventive principles - Apply SCAMPER to a range of challenges The greatest innovators aren’t necessarily the people who have the most original idea. Often, they are people- or teams- that have harnessed their creativity to develop a new perspective or more effective way of communicating an idea. You can train your imagination to seize opportunities, break away from routine and habit, and tap into your natural creativity. Join this course and a community of practitioners in CREATIVITY!...

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May 29, 2020

I enjoyed this course right from the start. The videos are relatable and exciting as so were the reading exercises to get a better knowledge of how to think and easy, fast steps to get to those ideas.


May 24, 2020

An excellent course for a systematic exposure of some interesting and widely used creativity tools! Thanks for increasing the awareness and confidence to use them in professional and personal domains!

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By Russel

Nov 27, 2022

He Peter!!

This course was totally unknown to me. It’s amazing to me while doing the course. The course has designed perfectly. In real life I used to some tools of these creative thinking. I will these technique in future in future.

By Ravi G

Jan 21, 2022

I felt inside classroom, connected and engaged. Course is so informative and compelling that I could not stop myself from completing it. An excellent course for professionals who would like to be different from the rest.

By augusto q

Jul 12, 2022

Nada que decir, llevo más de 20 años en el mundo de la creatividad y siempre tuve la necesidad de mejorar y complementar mis conocimientos y talentos en este tema y este curso hizo exactamente eso. Muchas gracias!!!!!

By Anna B

Jan 17, 2022

I have really enjoyed this course it was a great journey! I have to admit it was my first online course and I am glad I could start with this one. I am looking forward to develop my skills in this field.

By Ruth M

May 30, 2022

One of the best courses I have ever had. I learned a lot of concepts and ideas to put into practice from now on. I want to thank professor Peter and Coursera for giving us these useful opportunities.

By Rofida M

Aug 31, 2022

it's really cool , it contains a lot of valuable information , i'm just looking forward to getting a free certificate after completing the course because i don't have enough monney


Sep 5, 2021

All thanks to Sir Peter Childs And on the day of Teacher's Day I would like to wish him Happy

teachers Day and just keep inspiring students like us to achieve their goals in future

By Abi M

Dec 24, 2021

Excellent tutor with clear explanations throughout the course. Assignments helped to apply my knowledge and give me confidence to use the things I'd learnt in everyday life.

By Mamiriawaty

Jul 8, 2021

This course is very useful for me in developing creative ideas. I also get motivated and inspired while taking this course. Thank you for teaching me to develop creativity.

By Anber R

Jan 5, 2022



By Theerada M

Jun 12, 2021

Great course!!! I learned a lot of new things even though I've been working in the creative industry for half a decade. Peter Childs is arguably an excellent instructor!


Jan 8, 2022

Coursera helped and encouraged me lot by providing free financial aid to learn skills and develop my career and also enhance my knowledge.


Chandra .S

By Leow C W

Feb 25, 2023

Interesting course on useful techniques and tool for creative thinking. Would recommend it to anyone who want to be more creative in problem solving.

By Daniel S

Oct 3, 2022

Really awesome. You will learn tools that will help you in every field you'll involve to. Highly recommended because this information is gold nowadys

By Karshini C

Aug 15, 2022

Thank you for creating this course, it was really fun and interesting to learn and I will consider a career with the knowledge I've gained from here .

By Nitin D

Jul 29, 2021

The course is well structured and the techniques and tools of creative thinking are well demonstrated.

I have learned a lot from this course.

By Z A

Nov 6, 2021

this Course is very great, to know us how to handle some issue with knowledge and sciences, so make us have good mentality when discussion.

By William C

May 15, 2022

It's really good course about creative thinking, I have mastered some useful ways of thinking. This will defintely help a lot in my work.

By 3_15 A M A

Sep 28, 2022

i really loved the course and the staff i have learned so much about thinking tools which encourades me to continuo learning.


By Ozra S

Jun 23, 2022

I strongly recommend anyone to take this course, as it is such a practical course which can be applied to almost any aspect of life.

By Faiza W

Feb 12, 2023

It's an amazing course and it is free of cost. Thanks to Coursera, Imperial College London and Sir Peter Child. Highly Recommended.

By Ravi S

Sep 15, 2021

I wish I had more time here OR you had shared more techniques. Very good course with SO many practical tools. Thank you very much.

By Madan B

Aug 18, 2022

I am very happy that I am learning something new on a subject of Creativity that I am practising for over two decades.

Madan Bhanot

By Asward A

Sep 30, 2021

It was amazing online course that I have attended. Not only learning, but I also get to know new friends from all over the world.