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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau by University of California, Davis

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Leveraging the visualizations you created in the previous course, Visual Analytics with Tableau, you will create dashboards that help you identify the story within your data, and you will discover how to use Storypoints to create a powerful story to leave a lasting impression with your audience. You will balance the goals of your stakeholders with the needs of your end-users, and be able to structure and organize your story for maximum impact. Throughout the course you will apply more advanced functions within Tableau, such as hierarchies, actions and parameters to guide user interactions. For your final project, you will create a compelling narrative to be delivered in a meeting, as a static report, or in an interactive display online....

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Apr 29, 2018

This course completely changed the way I look at data visualization and story telling with data. The skill set that I developed can easily be applied to real life and improve my value as an analysts.


Aug 28, 2020

Really tangible and useful. I have been able to take what I've learned in this specialization so far to create dashboards at work. I'm really pleased with how much I've learned in such a short time!

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By Prabhu M

Nov 27, 2019


By Miralba F

Jul 10, 2019

Muy bueno

By Sai C K

Nov 21, 2021


By yuebin l

Feb 12, 2021


By Tanmayee A

May 17, 2017



Aug 2, 2022



May 4, 2018


By Tat Y

May 25, 2020

A worthwhile course which focuses on the value of using Tableau to explore, communicate, inform and influence. More than just the mechanics (features and function) of using Tableau. The power is in the story of data and not the tools. I suggest putting more effort into the final project so that you can get an understanding and feel of what Tableau is capable of. I don't like the peer review some of the reviews were not founded on command of the subject matter. SME's should grade the projects.

But overall well done and recommended.

By Charles B

Feb 19, 2018

Good course but could be improved: insist more from the first lesson in Course 1 to have students create a folder for their Tableau Course and save everything - also save frequently during the use as the software crashes easily.

The example is ACME inc. is traditional I understand that, but oh boy, is it a boring business problem. Something a little bit less oh hum would be more interesting (discounted orders influence profitability? Really? No, I can't believe it!)

By Svetlana L

May 19, 2017

This course will not make you an expert on Tableau and will not bring you even close to visualizations you see people create on Tableau Public website. However, it has far more content than previous courses in the visualization, so that's definitely an improvement. In general, I don't think it is very well designed and definitely not the best course I've taken on Coursera.

By Mark W

May 26, 2020

All things considered, the course is well done. However, I have encountered two issues. Firstly, there is some disorganization involving updated datasets throughout the course. Secondly, most of the students do not actively engage in either the work or the peer-assessment, but that is likely more a Coursera-wide issue.

By Mary H Y J

Feb 14, 2018

Content and instruction was great. There were some issues with the way the videos were edited (some were extremely long and others very short, sometimes audio didn't match what was happening on screen) which made it sometimes difficult to go back if you wanted to review or re-watch something.

By michelle m

Mar 19, 2021

The explanations were good - but this grading system is really quite poor - some people don't know what they are grading - others are just not interested - seems rather random whether you get all the points or no points

By Jennifer L

Dec 2, 2022

Overall learned a lot from this course. There was an assignment that I felt was assigned prematurely because we had not learned some of the steps needed to complete the assignment until the next module.

By Eric B

Jun 2, 2021

Course was good overall but the sections on Tableau tool were sometimes hard to follow. More step-by-step detail needed. Sometimes the transcripts didn't match what the instructor was staying.

By Dennis M

Jul 16, 2017

Overall, great instruction on setting up dashboards and stories in Tableau. The theoretical instruction on story building was not as helpful as the actual practice Tableau lessons.


Oct 19, 2020

Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau was a nice course from UC Davis I liked the course structure and also the final week 4 project.

By Marcello B

Apr 9, 2019

Wide view of storytelling theme. Perhaps it could be more short in some points, but in summary a really useful course.

By Paul H

Feb 10, 2018

A great hands on course but also a course that challenges you to think about what makes a presentation memorable.

By Rochelle R

Jun 12, 2020

Overall it was a good course. The last week was very boring. But I enjoyed doing the PGA assignments.

By Hà D D

Oct 29, 2020

This is a good course. However, I think it need a lot of updates for the current version of Tableau

By Lara K

Dec 5, 2021

This course had an effective combination of lectures and hand-on demonstrations.

By Han X

Nov 22, 2017

Much better than Course 3 due to much more hands on learning and practice.

By Carlos P

Jul 15, 2017

I would have like to have seen a few more storytelling examples.

By Scott D

Jul 9, 2018

Great balance of theory, instruction, and reference material.