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In this first course of the specialization Excel Skills for Business, you will learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel. Within six weeks, you will be able to expertly navigate the Excel user interface, perform basic calculations with formulas and functions, professionally format spreadsheets, and create visualizations of data through charts and graphs. Whether you are self-taught and want to fill in the gaps for better efficiency and productivity, or whether you have never used Excel before, this course will set you up with a solid foundation to become a confident user and develop more advanced skills in later courses. The best way to learn Excel is to use Excel. In this course, learners will solve a broad range of business problems as they apply the Excel skills and techniques they learn along the way. This course uses downloadable Excel workbooks and full data sets with applied examples and practical challenge exercises. This provides learners with countless opportunities to practice their Excel skills while discovering new and useful productivity features of Excel for a variety of business contexts. Spreadsheet software is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software used in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently operate this software means adding a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio. At a time when digital skills jobs are growing much faster than non-digital jobs, make sure to position yourself ahead of the rest by adding Excel skills to your employment portfolio....

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Jun 29, 2020

This is an amazing course for learners. I am having a lot of fun completing this course from the starting point. It is very much enjoyable and the way the course teachers deliver every lecture superb.


Nov 10, 2020

With this course you learn how to use Excel in your daily life. I recommend it to everyone that starts using excel and the ones that want to become better in understanding how it works and be quicker.

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By Antonio A R J

Dec 2, 2020

I think this is an excellent course to learn the basics of Excel with the best set of activities and work to improve your abilities with this spreadsheet table software. I'm fully convinced that practice makes a master in whatever area or software you are building skills in. So keep going, try to achieve the best and highest practical knowledge with the next courses, and improve your work time by managing shortcuts and automation processes. Take the next two courses to inquire with Excel SQL data and VBA for macros and next level functions that Excel could offer you.

By Stella C

Feb 7, 2023

Was looking for a course that taught business-relevant skills. Many courses online spend a lot of time on things that are not so important for businesses, or teach in a more academic less hands-on way, or take a lot of time on basics like data entry. Of all the courses I researched, this was the most practical course with just the right amount of time on basic topics. Also very much appreciated that every topic was taught in the context of when this might be needed in business. Recommended this course to my company and we used it for our internal Excel training.

By Valérie M

Feb 5, 2018

This is the first time I get excited about Excel! The two teachers have succeeded in presenting the materials in a very effective way. This dynamic pair brought the fun back in a course which, at the first glance, don't really seem quite amusing.

I actually learnt much more than I expected with an Essentials training, and I now feel more confident with my pratice. And eager to follow the next courses of this specialization!

Tip: Don't skip the Essentials course even if you think you are not a beginner, you will still learn and re-start with a solid foundation!

By Deleted A

Dec 19, 2020

Just wow! Best course on MS Excel not just on Coursera, but on all the E-learning platforms. I never imagined one can teach how to use a software without sucking the life out of the learner. 20 on 10 for the efforts the team made while designing this course. No matter what part of the course it is (videos, practice exercises or quizzes), you will always be engaged and that surely would help in better assimilation of concepts.

Didn't know till now that Excel really has so many features to facilitate working with large chunk of data. A must do course. Loved it!

By Ganesh B

Apr 19, 2020

Although I am familiar with the basics of Excel, thanks to this course, I was able to learn some things which I wasn't familiar with (conditional formatting, charts, shortcuts etc). I like the practical assessment tests given after each concept so we get to practice it almost instantly and then the assessment after each week which sort of summarises the week's learning. I intend to take up the next module as well. Thank you so much to McQ University, the faculty who set up this beautiful course and to Coursera for giving us a platform to learn it as well.

By Kannappan J

Sep 7, 2020

Great course materials from Macquarie University with detailed video presentation. Thanks to professor Ms.Nicky and Professor Mr. Prashan for the perfect explanations of the module. Each tools and their usage has been described perfectly throughout the course. This course definitely will help me to improve my skills at work place and use my time efficiently and in an organized manner of providing accurate data. Practice quizzes after each video helps a lot and main advantage of this course is all assessment includes mostly actual worksheet workout.


Dec 30, 2022

I am finishing an aerospace degree and I had used Excel to make some projects at university. However, I never attended an Excel course before, so I didn't have a solid basic base of the different buttons and basic operations of Excel. Mos of the times, I just searched for them on the internet, or tried guessing how what I wanted to do could be made. With this course, I know I gained a solid background and now I feel more confident wirth Excel. No matter what your level is, if you never attended an Excel course before, it is worth to try this one!


May 6, 2022

An excellent course all around! This is the third specialization program I have enrolled in...and by far the best. Other coourses should use this methodogy as a model on how to properly teach a course on line. The material is great...a perfect mix of challeging, yet enjoyable. More importantly, the instructors know how to teach. I cannot stress enough, just because one is an "expert" in their field, that does not make them inherently a good instructor.

Please offer other courses in different subject matters...SQL, Tableau, UX for starters.

By Aaron A

Apr 18, 2019

Even though I've been using Excel since high school and throughout my first several years of working full-time, I knew very little about all the amazing features and tools. Honestly, I was intimidated by people who seemed to know Excel like the back of their hand. I didn't think I'd be able to ever learn things that I did during Course 1. Learning about printing from Excel, creating charts, and tools like Flash Fill and Freeze Pane was quite amazing and fun! I'm looking forward to continue practicing and learning to become an Excel power user!

By Niranjan b

Jun 21, 2022

The course was amazing, the way it was structured was very helpful to cope with, especially quizzes after every practise video made me hold on to whatever was taught very well, the two course professors were also very nice, and the way the course was taken did not bore me at any point, which is great.

One thing I'd like to point out is that in some quizzes, the questions were from the next topic practise video, which obviously I hadn't watched before giving the quiz, so I had to answer them by learning that concept from an external source.

By Kathy L A

Oct 27, 2020

This course is very well-designed. The quality of the videos are great and the length of each video was just right for a learner's attention span. The quizzes after each video also helps in reinforcing the concepts learned. The practice challenges are great and the instructions are well-written. The teachers, Prashan and Nicky have great diction so the videos are pleasant to listen to. I've used excel for years, however, there are still new things that I've learned from this course. I recommend this course to all the beginners out there!

By Teresa C F A

Nov 9, 2020

This basic excel course designed by Macquarie University is very well-crafted and responsive to the needs of somebody who does not have or have little background about the subject matter. I consider myself an average excel user, but after enrolling in this course, I can now honestly say that I have become an expert and am more confident in presenting my financial report using this platform. I am very excited to take on the next step, which is the intermediate course.

Thank you, Macquarie University and coursera for this course.

By Kellie C

Sep 28, 2021

I have participated in several Excel Skills courses in the past. Coursera Excel Skills for Business: Essentials is by far the BEST skill development course available. The learning modules allow you to develop skill with short lessons and plenty of self-directed practice. Being able to move at my own pace and practice until I mastered the skill is a GAME CHANGER for performance in life and the workplace. I highly recommend this training platform if you want to retain the material and build upon your knowledge in the future!

By Atisheya M

Jun 24, 2020

I have completed the “Excel Skill for Business” specialization by Macquarie University after 90+ hours of resilient learning and growth. After completing this specialization, I can confidently say that I have gained deep insights into one of the most powerful spreadsheets and analytics tools i.e. Microsoft excel. The Specialization entails of four courses which covers all the concepts of Excel (Basics to Advanced). I would like to thank Nicky Bull, Prashan Karunaratne and coursera for providing me such a wholesome experience.

By Aleksandra R

Feb 29, 2020

This course has been very helpful in teaching me the basic of Excel. It is very well structured; the instructors have excellent diction, examples and explanations; the practice quizes and assessments have been very well assembled; the additional readings provided have been interesting, fun and informative; the workbooks provided are easy to download and have been place in very sensible segments of the Course.

Thank you, Macquarie University, Instructors and Coursera, I appreciate the opportunity to study with you.


By Victor w

Aug 8, 2020

I am very appreciative of the video presentations showing the various techniques which assist to build confidence in navigating an excel work sheet. I have gained knowledge and experience in the practice sessions as I made it my duty to stay the course. The course is very exciting and rewarding for your self-development. This is one course that I will highly recommend to my work colleagues at the Barbados Revenue Authority. Once again thanks to the presenters and remember, “Practice makes permanent”.

Victor Waterman


By Claire O

Jan 8, 2021

This course was absolutely fantastic. I've been working with Excel for more than 15 years but knew I had gaps to fill - this course could not have been more perfect to help me identify and learn how to fill those gaps. The course was professional, the presenters were engaging and clear, the materials were easy to understand and well structured, and the practice tests and challenges were the perfect balance of difficult but encouraging. Well worth taking this course, I am now looking to move onto the second in the series.

By Betsy W

Aug 14, 2020

Excellent course! I have been a self-taught Excel user for many year, yet I didn't know the basics. I was completely impressed by the small baby steps to work through Excel, and the practice quizes. Nicki and Preshan make it very easy to learn, and I feel very confident to move forward with Excel in future career opportunities. I feel accomplished, energized, and ready for new challenges. I also thank McQuarie for offering this class through the MN DEED. It was an extremly useful class, and I appreciate the opportunity!

By Anthony G

Sep 29, 2022

Wow this course was awesome! I thought I knew like 50% of the course work (Self-Taught) but after completing this beginners course, i found out I was more like around 25% knowledgable. There were so much more I learned just from the basics. I was always intimidated by learning formulas, but after scoring 100% of the final assessment (With a big emphasis on formulas!) this course gave me the confidence in not being afraid to tackle the challenges of calculating formulas. I highly recommend this course for all beginners!

By Fiona R

Nov 16, 2018

Wow. The professors teaching this course are so right - most of us are self-taught in Excel, and there are basics we can learn to do better. My utmost respect was earned by how they broke down the overviews and exercises into manageable chunks. I wouldn't know where to start to show someone how to use Excel as there are so many places to look! Expertly done with user experience in mind. I would recommend this course to both new users and experienced users. Thank you for the effort you put into making this course.

By Josh A

Nov 13, 2021

This was a wonderfully designed course that shows you how to navigate Excel step-by-step. I feel as though everything learned here sticks with the user as long as they use the materials properly. And go on and adventure into Excel on their own. You can't break Excel. Practice makes permanent. #everybodysaywow However, there is an issue with one of the final assessment questions. Hint: You have to clear your filters before you use conditional formatting or the filters and that isn't explained to you between the steps.

By Chan T W

May 19, 2021

This course showcases the most basic and most frequently-used functions of the MS Excel with very clear explanation on most frequently-used functions.

This course is recommended for beginners and good as a refresher course for those who have not been using Excel for some time.

This is not a course for those who are actually looking for more advance courses on Excel, but is a required course for "Excel Skills for Business Specialization" and might have some practical tips that we have probably ignored most of the time.

By Lily H

Jul 16, 2020

As someone who has used Excel for many years but never received proper training or taken any courses, this was absolutely life-changing. I realized how little I knew of Excel even in its basic usage! This course is very easy to follow, engaging and the ability to practice alongside each video and with the practice assignments are key to solidifying the concepts. I found myself excited to learn and looking forward to the next module. I will be taking the next level and hope to finish all four levels in this series.

By Gurjeet K

Mar 29, 2022

Excel skills for Business :Essentials is excellent course to uplevel prcatical skills that required in corporate world. There are vast range of videos along with quizzes to check progress. I really loved every single part of this course whether its videos ,discusssion ,quizzesor ninja tips. It not only improve theoretical knowledge about subject but it also provides hand on experience through practice excel spreadsheets. Everone who wants to get in depth knowledge of excel should definately give it a try.



Jan 27, 2022

Explanations were great and the course work was quite excellent. I personally don't practice alot but the course work kept me engaged and had me put in the necessary efforts to make my knowledge of excel permanent. The guidance team was also great and so were the course videos. My only recommendation would be to reduce the amount of workbooks we got to download during intermediate quizzes. Its a hassle. Instead screenshots would work especially if we need to only tell cell value , formulas or cell reference.