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Fossil fuels have been the primary energy source for society since the Industrial Revolution. They provide the raw material for the manufacture of many everyday products that we take for granted, including pharmaceuticals, food and drink, materials, plastics and personal care. As the 21st century progresses we need solutions for the manufacture of chemicals that are smarter, more predictable and more sustainable. Industrial biotechnology is changing how we manufacture chemicals and materials, as well as providing us with a source of renewable energy. It is at the core of sustainable manufacturing processes and an attractive alternative to traditional manufacturing technologies to commercially advance and transform priority industrial sectors yielding more and more viable solutions for our environment in the form of new chemicals, new materials and bioenergy. This course will cover the key enabling technologies that underpin biotechnology research including enzyme discovery and engineering, systems and synthetic biology and biochemical and process engineering. Much of this material will be delivered through lectures to ensure that you have a solid foundation in these key areas. We will also consider the wider issues involved in sustainable manufacturing including responsible research innovation and bioethics. In the second part of the course we will look at how these technologies translate into real world applications which benefit society and impact our everyday lives. This will include input from our industry stakeholders and collaborators working in the pharmaceutical, chemicals and biofuels industries. By the end of this course you will be able to: 1. Understand enzymatic function and catalysis. 2. Explain the technologies and methodologies underpinning systems and synthetic biology. 3. Explain the diversity of synthetic biology application and discuss the different ethical and regulatory/governance challenges involved in this research. 4. Understand the principles and role of bioprocessing and biochemical engineering in industrial biotechnology. 5. Have an informed discussion of the key enabling technologies underpinning research in industrial biotechnology 6. Give examples of industrial biotechnology products and processes and their application in healthcare, agriculture, fine chemicals, energy and the environment....

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Mar 5, 2021

Great course. Im a chemical engineering, applying for master's in Chemical Biotechnology. This course really helped in understanding the basics of this amazing field. Thanks guys. Humans are awesome.


Apr 28, 2020

Very informative and very well organised course and it really helped me provide a good insight into the world of Biotechnology, the applications in the health sector and its potential in the future.

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By Cerelia C

Jul 9, 2020

Interesting and engaging course although does not go as in depth as I had expected; would have liked to learn more and to look more into the biochemistry behind the technology


Dec 19, 2022

I am Surya , this course is very very beneficial for my future and i hope it is useful to every student who want to make their career in biotech field


By Dr. P K A 2

Jun 23, 2020

It was usefull. The course gave a very clear idea of the use of enzymes in industry, bioenergy, bio pharmaceuticals. thanks to all Professor who could take these lectures

By louis c

May 8, 2022

This is a good overview of the use of biotech for lower production costs. But it does not go in depth into the details. Would be good to have follow up courses for this.

By Md. M

May 13, 2020

I really enjoyed completing the industrial biotechnology course. Very informative course for me. I learned many important thing about industrial biotechnology. Thank you

By Cesar R C R

Dec 2, 2020

I enjoyed the course, though there were some subjects where I felt that everything was only read by the instructor and it made it a bit boring due to the speaker tone.

By Markus D

Apr 11, 2020

Good overview of the topics for industrial Biotechnology. One more chapter for industrial production of glycoscience or tissue production would be benefical.

By Snehal K

Apr 16, 2020

Very great initiative to aware students of knowledge from home itself...and helpful to add up in future opportunities..if provided with certificate.

By Álvaro L A

Nov 4, 2019

Quizás demasiado básico en algunos aspectos, y por otro lado también ofrece demasiado ejemplos concretos...Lo mejor la cantidad de temas que abarca

By jack k

Jan 12, 2021

Maybe a few too many Power Point slides. I'd like to see the instructor's face every so often. I especially enjoyed Week 6 - Glycoscience

By Rahul S

Apr 23, 2020

it's an amazing course which highlights every essential part involved in industrial biotechnology while suggesting advancements for future.

By Sharavanakkumar S K

Jul 8, 2020

If the course is more interactive, it will one of the best course for bio-technologist. But the course materials are at good standard.

By Omar V P R

Dec 1, 2020

Un curso muy informativo y detallado sobre la biotecnología industrial. Sin embargo, puede ser mas didáctico en las explicaciones

By Biel M

Apr 6, 2020

I got introduced to a variety of interesting topics. The course helped me to improve some knowledge I already had. Very useful!

By Elena M B

Mar 4, 2020

Very interesting and complete course. However, this is from 4 years ago now and it would be nice to know how is it nowadays.

By Dinesh C

May 26, 2021

It was really highly informative and well articulated course designed by highly competitive faculty. Congratulations to all

By Jianteng J H

Jan 28, 2020

I have learnt a lot out of what I expected. Working in a pharmaceutical sector, week 3 and week 6 lessons are my favorite.

By Ajharul I A

Jul 15, 2020

It is a great course for beginners to learn the different aspects of biotechnology, especially industrial biotechnology.

By Raman G

Dec 24, 2021

I found this course very informative and it helped me gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of my major.

By Darwin P D C

Jun 22, 2021

Fue sumamente informativo el curso sin embargo en la parte practica o el la didáctica falta mejorar un poco .

By Gareth B

May 7, 2020

Very enjoyable and insightful course. I will be using this as a springboard in my future research projects.

By Yang K

Jul 4, 2021

covered a wide range of content regarding biotechnology, mainly on the manufacturing of biological drugs.

By 1392051

Jul 27, 2017

Hello sir,

it will be more better if you add more examples in the sessions. overall it is very good part .

By sonia y

May 7, 2021

The course content is good. I completed it but didnt received the certificate as i opted for free one.

By dmitry l

Jun 27, 2021

lectures are great, reading materials are spotty. quizzes have many errors (poorly worded questions).