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Colossal pyramids, imposing temples, golden treasures, enigmatic hieroglyphs, powerful pharaohs, strange gods, and mysterious mummies are features of Ancient Egyptian culture that have fascinated people over the millennia. The Bible refers to its gods, rulers, and pyramids. Neighboring cultures in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean wrote about its god-like kings and its seemingly endless supply of gold. The Greeks and Romans describe aspects of Egypt's culture and history. As the 19th century began, the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt highlighted the wonders of this ancient land, and public interest soared. Not long after, Champollion deciphered Egypt's hieroglyphs and paved the way for other scholars to reveal that Egyptian texts dealt with medicine, dentistry, veterinary practices, mathematics, literature, and accounting, and many other topics. Then, early in the 20th century, Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun and its fabulous contents. Exhibitions of this treasure a few decades later resulted in the world's first blockbuster, and its revival in the 21st century has kept interest alive. Join Dr. David Silverman, Professor of Egyptology at Penn, Curator in Charge of the Egyptian Section of the Penn Museum, and curator of the Tutankhamun exhibitions on a guided tour of the mysteries and wonders of this ancient land. He has developed this online course and set it in the galleries of the world famous Penn Museum. He uses many original Egyptian artifacts to illustrate his lectures as he guides students as they make their own discovery of this fascinating culture....

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Oct 6, 2022

This was an excellent course in the history of ancient Egypt. I have always been fascinated by their culture & this course taught me many things that i was not aware of. I really enjoyed this course.


Oct 17, 2022

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to Ancient Egypt and its civilization. By taking this course, you gain a understanding of basic concepts of the Anicent Egyptian life and afterlife.

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By Ramon o c

Apr 16, 2020

Es interesante como introduccion . Seguro que motivará a los estudiantes a buscar más informacion sobre el fascinante mundo de la civilización antigua en Egipto

By Michal A

May 25, 2017

Very pleasant narrative, although a bit arbitrary choice of topics. At some points it got too detailed in relation to the general overall nature of the course.

By Emily A

Nov 15, 2016

Definitely recommend if you need a crash-course on Ancient Egypt! In-depth, concise, and well explained; suitable for all those interested in ancient history

By Aahan R

May 1, 2020

An essay type question paper would also be quite useful since that will enable the person to go through the material and write proper essay type answers.

By Alpana R

May 24, 2019

Week 2 ----History and Chronology Quiz is very tough. But the later onces are good enough. I have learnt a lot with this course. It fulfills my dream.

By Ira P

Jan 8, 2018

This was a really good course. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is genuinely interested in learning more about Egyptian myths and history.

By Carlos A A B

Dec 9, 2016

Very interesting course. I was looking forward to at least a week dedicated to studying ancient hieroglyphs but they were only mentioned in passing.

By Jeffrey S P

Apr 17, 2022

It was fine. David needs to look into the camera or the camera person need a bad job. Also the instruction needs to be smoother less mechanical.

By Thomas P

Sep 20, 2019

Fascinating course, great content. Lecturer seemed uncomfortable with presenting to camera at first, but seemed to improve as course went on

By Meredith J M

Dec 5, 2020

The information was great. However please go through the transcripts and correct it's to its.

I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot.

By Mary S

Apr 30, 2020

While Dr. Silverman is not an animated speaker, he is clear, direct and to the point. I enjoyed learning new things about ancient Egypt.


May 7, 2019

Great cours, learn a lot in it. Bacis about Acient Egypt Civilization, history, deities, writing systems etc.... Thanks Pr. Silverman.

By Naopa S

Nov 1, 2021

Excellent course. Thank you Professor Silverman!

Particularly liked the discipline of immediate course assessments.

Naopa Strode

By Elsa R

May 8, 2020

Very interesting course, the only thing I missed was a bit more order within each weekly session, with subparts clearly define.

By Kira S

Mar 10, 2017

I liked it, but I've expected more videos. For example, on the cult of Aton, on daily life of ancient Egyptians and their art.

By Heather S

Mar 18, 2021

very informative and interesting even if the professor is a little dry lol. also contains lots of great source to learn from

By Lisa B

May 23, 2020

Good overview of Ancient Egypt. Please not that I was unable to open any of the reading material that was linked to Penn.

By Ilse H

Jul 30, 2019

El tema está muy bien estructurado y la información es interesante, me gustaría que hubiese sido un poco más interactivo.

By Varsha C

Apr 5, 2020

Very informative and resourceful. However, the instructor could have been a little more energetic during the lectures.

By Laurent G

Dec 1, 2020

Many thanks to Professor Silverman and University of Pennsylvania for all the lectures. I have enjoyed this course.

By Tammi D

Jan 5, 2018

Very informative course. The instructor uses a lot of beautiful images of ancient Egyptian art and architecture.

By Deborah L

Dec 19, 2020

A ton of information and photos. Love learning about Ancient Egypt, and would like more courses like this.

By Menna t M

Mar 12, 2019

slightly boring way of explaining the history behind every statue by the tutor with a monotonous voice tone

By Jessica I S G

Jun 11, 2017

Muy básico para mi gusto pero es una buena introducción para aquellos que desconocen la cultura egipcia.

By kouassi n c

Aug 5, 2017

très bon cours dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de sous-titres en français j'ai appris beaucoup sur ce pays