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About the Course

If you are a software developer who wants to build scalable AI-powered algorithms, you need to understand how to use the tools to build them. This course is part of the upcoming Machine Learning in Tensorflow Specialization and will teach you best practices for using TensorFlow, a popular open-source framework for machine learning. The Machine Learning course and Deep Learning Specialization from Andrew Ng teach the most important and foundational principles of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This new TensorFlow Specialization teaches you how to use TensorFlow to implement those principles so that you can start building and applying scalable models to real-world problems. To develop a deeper understanding of how neural networks work, we recommend that you take the Deep Learning Specialization....

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Mar 8, 2019

Good intro course, but google colab assignments need to be improved. And submitting a jupyter notebook was much more easier, why would I want to login to my google account to be a part of this course?

Aug 13, 2019

Great course to get started with building Convolutional Neural Networks in Keras for building Image Classifiers. This is probably the best way to get beginners into Deep Learning for Computer Vision.

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By Siddhesh D

May 22, 2020

nice Content

By Masoud V

Aug 19, 2019

Just good

By Javier P

Jul 21, 2019

too basic

By Thomas A

Jan 21, 2020

Too easy

By jiwon c

Nov 18, 2019


By Madeline C

May 5, 2021

The content was pretty good, although I didn't feel like it added much that I didn't learn through's Deep Learning courses taught by Andrew Ng. There were a few interesting details specific to Tensorflow, but overall I felt the course was just information that could be found on Tensorflow's documentation--I did not feel guided through the process (but I realize that's more of a personal opinion).

The reason I am giving only 2 stars is that some of the homework assignments were poorly explained, leaving me confused about how to complete them (especially the very first assignment). Some of them were not updated, and other students had issues with this as well, because they wrote about it in the forum. Some of these issues raised in the forum were never addressed, but have just been sitting in the forum for months and even years. I think this is very unprofessional if you are going to take someone's money for a course. There should be more of an effort to update the assignments, clarify them--or, if you aren't going to offer guidance in the assignments themselves, then you should have someone actually responding to people's questions in the forum on a regular basis.

By p.w.ouwehand

Apr 2, 2021

2.5 stars. While the Andrew Ng’s Deep Learning Specialization was a great introduction, this TF Developer Professional Certificate was not on par, and I’m afraid I persisted mainly for the not-very-good reason of getting the certificate...Not a complete waste of time, however, as it does provide extra exposure to tf, though almost exclusively through the keras Sequential api. To pass, you need merely pass the quizzes, and those are really poorly structured. There are no graded coding assignments. There does not seem to be must mentor-activity in the forums, and a number of people have noticed possible coding errors and inconsistencies which remain unresolved.

Added later: I really recommend having a look at Coursera's "Tensorflow 2 for Deep Learning" specialization, which is offered by Kevin Webster at Imperial College. In my opinion, this course has a much, much higher standard.

By Cordula G

Jul 19, 2019

I took the Deep Learning Specialization before (which admittedly set a very high standard) and expected this specialization to be similar, just more focused on Tensorflow. I couldn't have been more disappointed. Explanations are very shallow, and I totally missed the well-thought-out programming exercises. Here there are just notebooks with some missing parts that you have to fill in, without any explanation. You just copy over the code from the lectures, and it works, and you have not learned anything. A sneak peek at the next course shows that this seems to be organized in the same way. Luckily I finished this course within the 7-days trial...

By patrick o

May 12, 2020

I can't believe I paid $49 for this and knocked it out in <2 days. I now know how to copy-paste lines of tensorflow to do some very specific things. It's fine to not go in-depth on the math and everything behind the scenes if you instead focus on practical application, but this course does neither.

For a glorified tensorflow/keras tutorial, I would hope that after the course I would be able to build my own models, but I honestly know how to do nothing outside of the 6 lines of code I copied from the videos, and I don't even know how those lines work.

By Aleksander W

Feb 6, 2021

Disappointing course. It is an introduction to high-level Keras API and better be called this way. For anything else it is not useful. An introduction to AI, ML - really? :) It does not explain how do neural networks actually work and what is going on when fit() is called, etc. How about about gradients, optimizers, activations, etc? Only convolutional networks are properly explained. Labs are copy-paste from slides and zero thinking. I would better not comment on the quizzes.

By Roberto E M C

Apr 23, 2020

The course does not goes deep (not even close) into explanation, and many topics/methods are just mention. Per se, that is not bad if you could use the forum to get the answers of the questions that arises. However, that is not the case for this course, where most of the questions are unanswered.

Moreover, there are many bugs/typos/mistakes in the given code. And because the staff does not answer the forum's questions, you are not sure if they are really bugs or not.

By Filipe J G d S

Mar 19, 2021

Very very very superficial course, both on the theoretical part and on the practical part.

The theoretical part is almost none. Each week you will have like 2 minute video explaining the NN that you will use.

The practical part is also very superficial because the only thing that you do is calling functions from Keras.

Don't recommend this course to people that already have some (very little) experience with tensorflow/keras. Recomend it to newcommers

By Utkarsh S

Feb 11, 2020

Jupyter notebooks and video explanations have many issues (for example: - where fundamental terms like "accuracy" and "loss" are mixed up). Considering that many people who will be taking this course may be beginners, such mix-up can really affect what they learn and how they approach Deep Learning.

By Aman G

Jul 7, 2020

Many in the course were just taught superficially. No in depth clarification of things was given according to me. Rather I would recommend to check out Imperial College London's course "Getting started with Tensorflow 2" course which is awesome. There are 2 courses in the specialization, I have mentioned first one of them check out other(s) on your own. Happy learning.


By Philippe R

Jun 6, 2020

Course is interesting.

But programming assignments are not described enough. Leaving students with difficulties to understand exactly what is expected to get the grades. Even with a working solution, multiple assignments must be send to try to "fine-tune" the programming assignments to get a grading without knowing why it does not work.

By Vladyslav P

Sep 3, 2020

It should not be called like it is called. This is not even close being "an Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning". At most this is like "10 minutes into TensorFlow". You have to be at the absolute beginning to get out something from this course. Better read the docs and take A. Karpatny course on youtube

By Ashish P

Oct 5, 2020

Honestly, this course doesn't meet my expectations. The instructor's way of explaining the code was okay .This was really a very easy course. The topics covered in this course can be studied from any youtube channel with free of cost. If you are wishing to get a deeper understanding of tensorflow then don't buy this course.

By Dmitriy S

Nov 6, 2020

The lections were good enough, but the assignments are awful. In the first week, they say we can use TF 2.0, the Google Colab uses TF 2.3, the grading script accept only TF 1.14. I spent a lot of time only to figure out which version syntaxis should be used in order to pass the grader. That was awful.

By Kenny H

Jun 14, 2020

Not going to lie, I'm pretty disappointed after finishing Andrew Ng's course and coming here for the next step. I feel like maybe Andrew raised my standards too high, but this course was extremely not begineer-friendly as an intro course, and I don't think I was able to pick up anything worthwhile.

By Oliverio J S J

Sep 21, 2021

My feeling is that this is not a whole course but just one or two weeks that have been taken from a course. The contents are really basic, the quizzes are mostly trivial, and the exercises are mainly about rewriting fragments of code that they have already given to you in the labs.

By Shahar M

Apr 1, 2020

The professional content is very poor - it cover very little and only the very basic meaning is taught . I have expected a much more in depth technical learning and a little more theory. All the course taught is how to write 20-30 lines of code... disappointing.

By Jonas H

Jul 26, 2020

Good course content 5/5 for it. However, the last exercise is prone to errors due to the system. There are many posts in the forum and none of them have a response by the staff. Considering this is paid content I'd expect staff to address the problems.

By Mojgan M

Mar 28, 2019

The code in googlecolab was not organized well and the course content was so basic. I expected more from this course when I started as I took course of ML with Andrew Ng and expected the same level of quality but got disappointed.

By Katerina M

Dec 2, 2020

Amazing lecturers and good structure thus 2* but the content would be 1* because it is far too basic and this certificate is unusable to show anywhere because of that. The tasks one up to 3 hours to accomplish it? 5 min max...

By Lukas S

Jan 26, 2020

Introduction to Keras would have been a more appropriate title. A bit disappointed, that the course just scratched the surface of tf.keras instead of explaining more concepts of the (much bigger) tf library.