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Learner Reviews & Feedback for High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation by Northwestern University

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Are leaders born or made? Learn the essential skills to develop and expand your leadership repertoire, design teams for collaboration, and craft win-win negotiation strategies. High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation focuses on leadership, teamwork, and negotiation. Students will engage in self-assessments to analyze their leadership style, develop team charters to optimize their groups, and develop a game plan for effective negotiation. Recurring course sessions repeat every 2 weeks on Monday with an enrollment period of 5 days....

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Apr 13, 2020

Very good experience and in this course I have got an opportunity to learn many things person as well as professional from prof Thompson and this learning will help me everyday ...Thank You so much...

Dec 7, 2016

I audited this course and read the books. I can truly say that it has not only changed my professional interactions and management style, but I use the techniques and ideas in much of my daily life.

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By Babalola F O

Jun 4, 2016


By Stefano C

Mar 25, 2016

very good

By Jaime O M

Dec 14, 2015


By Ashley W

May 18, 2017

Loved it

By Aleksandrina I G

Jan 28, 2016


By Max V

Oct 8, 2017


By Wilson S C

Nov 8, 2016


By Mona A A

Jun 4, 2020


By Juan C p

Dec 27, 2019


By Sara A I A

Dec 6, 2016


By Ravikumar S

Nov 21, 2020


By Justin B

Oct 10, 2020


By Syed T H

May 25, 2020



May 10, 2020


By venkatasubramanian.t

Mar 15, 2019


By Celso J d S

Apr 2, 2017


By Tuan M T

Dec 19, 2016


By Tad S

Nov 28, 2019

Overall, it was a great course. I enjoyed the class materials put together. It would be better if the optional reading materials were included as part of course materials instead of us purchasing or renting the book. Those books, if purchased, were fairly pricey, and there were like 4 different suggested books. Rentals were also available for ~$40 US for 6 months.

One disappointing issue that I had was with the peer grading for assignments. Some learners didn't seem to understand clearly about the review criteria. My assignment was once even graded based on the review criteria for the assignment from a different week. Other learners submitted the wrong assignment as well for me to review (e.g. submitting week 1 assignment for week 2). The assignment feedback wasn't very helpful for the most part. After all I was taking the course to learn and improve my skill sets, so, the constructive feedback would've been beneficial.

By Lianna C

Apr 27, 2020

For me it was an excellent refresher while I still learned new things! Negotiation was particularly excellent. The only constructive feedback I have is related to the optional materials. There are 4 optional books, a few of which that are exorbitantly expensive, probably because they are textbooks. I bought older editions and used copies which helped me save quite a bit of money. The problem is that the chapters referenced didn’t line up. I did my own research for the recommended material, it was just very time consuming. Additionally, this course is built off the professors own books. The work is outstanding, but I felt a little taken advantage of.

By Jason E

May 10, 2018

I really enjoyed the course lectures and felt the peer-graded assignments were insightful. However, I did not feel like I was bringing too much in from the lectures into peer-graded assignments. I did not purchase the companion texts so could not complete the majority of optional readings but may have appreciated one or two featured readings per week without the need of additional purchase to supplement the lecturer's insights through materials written by others. The self-reflection in the first peer graded assignment and practical tools used in the second and third are things that I think I will carry with me beyond the course.

By Jodi P

Jun 30, 2020

I rate the substance of the content at 4, however, I was disappointed that the additional readings lacked diversity and were primarily based on the teacher's own authored works (which you have to pay for).

The delivery also lacked diversity with the instructor talking straight to camera for all the videos. I would have appreciated hearing from some of the companies Leigh has worked with on the successful negotiations they experienced, rather than hearing it from only one perspective.

I have enrolled in the Specialisation. I really hope the styles of delivery are more diverse!

By Shailesh S

Apr 11, 2016

Loved the course. Content is great and presentation is great too. For first 5 seconds of 1st video I thought maybe I didn't choose the right course but after that, I was impressed by the passionate and effective presentation style of the professor. Lot of concepts covered in 3 week course, so it's more like a quick overview type. Quizzes were decent. Only reason I withheld 5th star in rating because I wish we had access to download material (slides) but still I'd recommend others to take this course.

As always, I appreciate the people who produced and delivered the course.

By M B

May 3, 2020

Through High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation courses, the assignment provided has made to realize my potential skills. Especially the last two Part of this course 1) Strength and Weakness has helped to know the action plan to improve the weakness and sustain the Strength and 2) Negotiation module assignment has given basic idea to face the same scenario in future.

By prasunchayan

Apr 25, 2019

The course clear me many managerial things and approaches. It clear about that leaders are not born always but it is a adapting of certain characteristics. The negotiation skill, about BATNA. The brain writing session, etc. The type of X and Y leaders. How to prepare a negotiation deal. A very nice and helpful course

By Ashish J

Jan 6, 2021


Thank you for helping me learn a lot about High performance team and leadership course. I enjoyed this course as it is simple to understand and apply my learnings in my present organization. Thanks to course creator for sharing his/her practical experience.