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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Digital Marketing Analytics in Theory by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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About the Course

Successfully marketing brands today requires a well-balanced blend of art and science. This course introduces students to the science of web analytics while casting a keen eye toward the artful use of numbers found in the digital space. The goal is to provide the foundation needed to apply data analytics to real-world challenges marketers confront daily. Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory is the first in a two-part series of complementary courses and focuses on the background information and frameworks analysts need to be successful in today's digital business world. You will be able to: - Identify the web analytic tool right for your specific needs - Understand valid and reliable ways to collect, analyze, and visualize data from the web - Utilize data in decision making for agencies, organizations, or clients This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into these programs and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at

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Apr 16, 2018

Well, this is great course since I did it online, but the material well covered and the lecturer give clear and interesting material through video. I will take another course after this. Thank you.

Feb 29, 2016

I really enjoyed this course. I liked the professor's teaching style as well as the materials the course provided. All the knowledge I've got from the course helps me when I do research online.

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By Tariq Z N H

Aug 19, 2015

This course added to me many important things about the E- consumer decision making and what data I need to improve any website and from where can I find this data and what is the fit analysis for every website depends on the company size which will help every marketer to understand how to improve any website after data analysis.

Tariq Husban

By Yevgeniy Z

Jan 19, 2018

Very valuable course.

Watched videos on x1.5 speed, read articles from 2016 only (older ones are not that relevant today, in 2018, unless I am really interested in the article's subject), performed no assignments (this course is rather simple one, I will tighten up my new skills during my everyday work). Recommend the same to everyone.

By Sushmita A

Jul 17, 2020

The course has been designed very well and the thought through modules given have been explained thoroughly. Mr. Kevin Hartman is an excellent professor. The learning outcome was really good. Helped me gain a huge amount of knowledge and insights. I recommend this to course to everyone interested in marketing or data analytics.

By Luis

Jan 14, 2016

Best course ever !! very interesting and eye opening. Although there are no practical knowledge here it is very interesting as an starting point in the world of today and tomorrow. The teacher is fun and engaging and the students community is very active. I really enjoyed doing this!! Thanks Coursera, U. Illinois and teacher!

By Rana S

Oct 5, 2021

I really loved this course and learned a lot about Analytics. It helped me get the best idea of how a talented analyst thinks and that is something that is not easily taught. I'm very thankful to our instructor Kevin for providing us with quality lectures and great reading material. Of course, thank you to Coursera as well!

By C.A T

Aug 7, 2015

The course was great but its taking a bit long to get a grade due to the peer assessments. I think I completed this course more than a month ago and I still have not received a grade. Enjoyed it though and I am presently taking the other courses in the specialisation. I am way behind but I like what I have learnt so far

By Rose A

Jul 16, 2018

This is a good course for those who want to better understand the various ways to gather data/information about their customers. The course notes the questions to ask at various areas of the consumer decision cycle and then the data needed to answer those questions; this course offers potential tools to get that data.

By Gustavo A P

Oct 4, 2020

Very interesting course, indeed. Although it could go a little bit deeper on the examples given during the course. I learned new concepts and the clarity of the subjects is just perfect for beginners like me. I really enjoy it! Thanks for all the effort Coursera put on it, so people like me can learn effectively.

By Leandro J

Feb 22, 2021

I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking to understand the evolution of data visualization in Marketing and how to make the best use of the tools available. I also recommend this course for marketing and communications professionals who need a refresher course on the pillars of marketing analytics.

By Aditya V

Sep 8, 2020

Kevin Hartman is a very knowledgeable person. He is amongst the best brains in the industry. He has tried to explain the Marketing Analytics in very simple terms and good examples. Being a little old course, lot of changes have already taken place in the industry. But it is a worth pursuing course.

By Diego P

Feb 11, 2016

Excelente Curso, contiene los conceptos y herramientas del marketing analytics, entiendo bien mejor la influencia de los datos en el Marketing y tengo un nuevo set de historias, conceptos e herramientas para crear, distribuir, promover e seleccionar el precio de los productos y servicios digitales.

By Ricky R

Aug 27, 2017

Definitely a very interesting course. The instructor made learning the basics of marketing analytics very easy to consume and understand. The pdf book that's in this course also packs a lot of good information that can be used as a reference later through your entire marketing campaign.

By Eduardo d G O V

Jul 28, 2020

I found the Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory course very interesting because I learned new things. It seems to me that it is necessary to update it since it contains information until 2017 and the digital world is constantly changing.

By Oriol N A

Oct 19, 2016

First of all I was surprised because of the teacher, he is from the Google Staff. In Spain is mostly impossible to have a teacher like this even if you pay 15,000 €. In the other hand this course is "simple", you don't have to expend much time on it". It is what it says it is.

By Alvaro G

Aug 15, 2020

Many thanks to professor Kartman and all the staff members from GIES.I was able to finally understand what Digital Marketing is and now looking forward to moving into the learning phase by implementing and practicing the different concepts and tools.


Alvaro Gonzalez

By Annkatrin W

Feb 5, 2021

It was a very interesting course by Kevin and he explained everything in a way where everyone can understand the importance of Digital Marketing Analytics. IF you concidering to learn more about DMA then this course is a nice base! Can't wait to start the DMA in practice! :)

By Majo A

Oct 28, 2020

This course opened my eyes to new ways on analyzing data. I used to monitor and conclude our data in a shallow way, but with the new models and tools that I learned from this course, I can now go farther in analyzing and i wouldn't feel intimidated in constructing my goals.

By Hristina B

Dec 10, 2017

Excellent course! Very practical, useful and up to date. Kevin Hartman is an outstanding professional who knows how to "translate" his practical experience into valuable working knowledge and to convey it to the students in the most understandable form. Highly recommended!

By Camila F

Dec 7, 2020

As a creative person that always worked with the content creation aspect of Marketing, this course really helped me to deep down my knowledge about all the strategic data behind a campaign and to understand the crucious role the analyst plays on a Digital Marketing team.

By Amir M M L

Nov 28, 2019

Great Course ! Helped me a lot to understand analytics tools and how to choose the suitable tool for every situation or firm's size , also I gained better knowledge about the CDJ , I hoped there was a hands on project so we can test these tools in real time. Thank You

By Madhushree D

Jun 2, 2020

Great learning experience. This course will really help me in my current job profile and I would recommend this course to get an insight into digital analytics and it's importance in today's marketing world. Thanks to Prof Kevin Hartman for explaining it so well

By Denisa F

May 6, 2020

This course helps you to understand which data to collect and what analytic tools and techniques to use. It also gives you an overview what kind of information you can get in consumer decision journey. It´s a good starting point for every marketing professional.


Jun 27, 2018

This is a five-star course. It brings out the Marketing Analytics in Theory to be in vogue with the present-day marketing New Media realities. The course is well structured. The notes are handy when offline. Listening to the video lectures enlivens the concept.

By Helen A

Mar 18, 2018

I enjoyed this course very much. It has helped me get valuable insight in the mind of the marketer and how to achieve marketing goals. I have already started recommending Coursera to several friends and colleagues.

Thank you for all the valuable information.

By Jing L (

Sep 3, 2018

Good course. I like that they structured each section with 5 key takeaways from the start and a recap at the end. It reinforces the learning. In terms of content, analytics in theory can be a bit dry. Would love to get more hands-on work in other modules. :)