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Medical Cannabis for Pain Control , Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

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About this Course

Cannabis is a group of flowering plants that has been long used for industrial, recreational and medical purposes. When relating to its medical use, the terms "Medical Cannabis" or "Medical marijuana" has become prevalent. In this course we will use the term "Medical Cannabis". Nowadays, Medical Cannabis involves multiple medical disciplines such as neuroscience, pain, pharmacology, oncology, psychiatry and more. Moreover, it has cultural, agricultural and social, legal and political implications. This course will give you a solid ground to understand the whole picture. By completing this course, you will gain a broad understanding and knowledge base related to medical use of cannabis for pain control. You will be exposed to a wide range of topics such as historical use of cannabis in ancient times, botanic aspects of the plants, and potential benefits and risks associated with its medical use to both individuals and society....
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4 Reviews

By Liam

Jan 15, 2019

This course requires you to PAY in order to submit any quiz and therefore you cannot complete the course without paying the fee. This is not in line with the ideals of a MOOC and I find it highly offensive that this is the only option of completion. This course had a lot of potential to benefit myself and my practice. Such as shame

By Anton Cipriani

Jan 02, 2019

This is a pretty good class with interesting and informative lectures. The only drawback is that the quizzes have a few issues because of language barrier, causing some questions to be hard to answer with certainty.

By Fabian Marin

Sep 07, 2018

So far it has been a fascinating course and I really like the calm voice and assuredness with which the professor explains things.

By venus vineeth pais

Jul 19, 2018

the course is not reached expectations videos are fast and slides should be given as it very very diffult to write notes as it runs fast

and no submissions to review