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Learner Reviews & Feedback for The Modern World, Part One: Global History from 1760 to 1910 by University of Virginia

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About the Course

This is a survey of modern history from a global perspective. Part One begins with the political and economic revolutions of the late 1700s and tracks the transformation of the world during the 1800s. Part One concludes as these bewildering changes seem to be running beyond the capacity of older institutions to handle them. Throughout the course we try to grasp what is happening and ask: Why? And the answers often turn on very human choices....

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Nov 5, 2018

Dear Professor,\n\nI am fascinated with week one, even though I work in the scientific side, also like history, nothing more rewarding than visiting and ancient place and know what happened... Thanks

Jan 24, 2021

Very interesting and fun course\n\nDr. Zelikow really captivates the attention of the students and brilliantly explains complex situations to the layman audience.\n\nLook forward to Part II !\n\n:)

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By Mike O

Jul 17, 2020

Hi! Welcome back! Make yourself comfortable...

Nothing beats this guy. Amazing course.

By Brian B

Mar 14, 2021

Very intriguing, in-depth analysis on world history, shaping today's world and more.

By Paul K

Mar 9, 2017

An outstanding series of presentations. It was a truly fascinating course to follow.

By Hong C H

Nov 16, 2015

Excellent gripping delivery of what otherwise could be simply a bunch of dull facts.

By shahreyar

Jun 22, 2020

Pretty amazing coursework, thoroughly enjoyed the content, It gave useful insights.

By Shanelle T

Oct 10, 2017

good course but sometimes the video gets blocky ): other then that very good lesson

By Christian C F

Apr 23, 2016

An awesome course, great lectures, neat presentation. I actually binged through it!


Mar 31, 2016

The classes are very good and objective. It helps a lot undestand the present world

By Lafayette

Mar 6, 2020

Very helpful for high school seniors to study and prepare for the AP history exam!

By Michal F

Sep 4, 2017

Very good course, presented in a very informative, attractive and interesting way.

By Madeleine W

Feb 13, 2017

The lecturer is amazing and explains history in very easily understandable chunks.

By Goran P

Dec 8, 2015

Interesting and well presented.

Why questions are so much more important than what.

By Claudia B V

Nov 7, 2015

I love what I'm learning and the way the teacher carries himself while explaining.

By Jose A V B

Oct 4, 2015

Amazing content and the professor makes the lecture very friendly and interesting.

By Thomas H R L

Feb 19, 2021

Absolutely loved it, I'm thinking of the modern era in a way I never have before!

By 李博文

Jan 20, 2016

I think the class gives me a new perspective of the history. The professor offers

By Manjula g

Feb 20, 2019

The course is very informative and useful , and easy to understand the concepts.

By Kiran. S

Jul 20, 2017

Excellent material with an informative approach to the presentation of the same.

By Aakash C

Oct 12, 2016

Excellent course material, friendly instructor, and a great way to read history!

By Mary L R

Jan 14, 2016

good refresher, events of the period pulled together well, pleasant to listen to

By Andrea A M C

Apr 9, 2021

Excellent professor! A very good way to see History from another perspectives.


Nov 7, 2020

Your course is very informative and easy to follow. I learned a lot. Thank you

By Fernando H U

Feb 24, 2019

This is a very good course with one of the greatest teachers I have ever seen.

By Neil H

Feb 22, 2016

Excellent course on the broad sweep of history for the 150 years up to the WW1

By Michał K

Dec 13, 2015

Deep, thorough, complex analysis. Clear explanation of quite difficult topics.