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In order to be successful in Data Science, you need to be skilled with using tools that Data Science professionals employ as part of their jobs. This course teaches you about the popular tools in Data Science and how to use them. You will become familiar with the Data Scientist’s tool kit which includes: Libraries & Packages, Data Sets, Machine Learning Models, Kernels, as well as the various Open source, commercial, Big Data and Cloud-based tools. Work with Jupyter Notebooks, JupyterLab, RStudio IDE, Git, GitHub, and Watson Studio. You will understand what each tool is used for, what programming languages they can execute, their features and limitations. This course gives plenty of hands-on experience in order to develop skills for working with these Data Science Tools. With the tools hosted in the cloud on Skills Network Labs, you will be able to test each tool and follow instructions to run simple code in Python, R, or Scala. Towards the end the course, you will create a final project with a Jupyter Notebook. You will demonstrate your proficiency preparing a notebook, writing Markdown, and sharing your work with your peers....

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Aug 14, 2022

I love the detailing of every aspect of this course. The Labs, the free subscriptions and free trials provided by IBM Skills Network, everything has been so amazing. Thank you Coursera, thank you IBM.


Apr 12, 2020

It serves perfecty its aim that is giving a first glance of the open course tools for data science. Of course each tool is briefly touched and it hands over the student the duty to deepen each tool.

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By yelamanchili v r

Jun 16, 2020


By Farah R

May 17, 2020


By Kausar A

Sep 28, 2022


By Md. M R K

May 30, 2020


By Lizeth C

Apr 28, 2022


By dharshini t

Jul 18, 2021


By Gundlapally V S S R

Feb 26, 2021


By Muhammad S A

Sep 22, 2020


By Taner Ö

Aug 16, 2020


By Chukwuemeka O

Aug 11, 2020



Jun 25, 2020


By Prashant H P

Mar 29, 2020



Feb 20, 2020


By Krishna K

Aug 31, 2019


By lokesh s

Jul 8, 2019


By Aswanth

May 9, 2019


By Nigel D

May 27, 2020


By Justin E

Nov 6, 2022

Week one and two were not bad, one complaint I have with week one on two were the overwhelming amount of tools mentioned in the videos which are quizzed on. It feels more like being tested on memory. I don't think my memory is bad or anything, but I just feel like it is irrelevant, but I do understand why they're mentioned in the videos, it's just the quizzes. Other than that, week one and two were not bad.

As for week 3, wow. Week 3 was convoluted. Major problem I had with week three is that the videos are outdated. I do think Watson Studio is a great resource to use, especially if you want to work for IBM, but it was confusing to figuring out how to sign up for IBM cloud for free unless you looked at the forums beforehand. There should be a disclaimer or something to give learners a heads up to read the forums before doing anything; however I don't know if you can do that currently on Coursera, would not fault the staffs or moderators if it isn't possible to do on the platform. I've seen some learners stressed regarding to signing up and using IBM Cloud. Not only signing up on IBM Cloud was an issue, it was also the interface change that is confusing to navigate for me and others. Other than that I've got everything out of the way and managed to complete week 3 and this course without being stressed out over these problems.

Anyways, continuing on the next courses and acquire the goal to get the certificate despite the problems I had with this course.

By Karen J M

Aug 7, 2019

The basic content was helpful, especially for a beginner. However, it is imperative that the videos be updated to match the current version of Watson. They now show a defunct DSX environment that is very different from the Watson environment being used. One of the videos that the course analytics labeled in a "helping" pop-up comment "Was the most visited and considered important by learners" was the confusing outdated doubt this was the actual reason learners played it over and over trying to make sense of it, not because it was especially valuable for learning. Another suggestion: many of the videos or reading material used a lot of jargon and DS terms as if they assumed that learners already knew these terms. It would be helpful to have an online glossary for each course with short definitions of the terms that are thrown around casually in the early videos, and sometimes defined later in the course (or maybe will be in later courses in the certificate), but that many learners are not familiar with at this point.

By Christopher D

Apr 10, 2020

The actual course content was fine, but the link they used for accessing the software rarely if ever worked. It continuously showed essential software required for the course as "coming soon". Literally hundreds of students were reporting this problem in the discussion forums, but the only instructor feedback was "clear your cache and try again". Which was a not only a solution that had no bearing on the server side cloud environment features, but in many instances made the situation worse.

My only feedback is to PLEASE PLEASE make sure the software environment is working, and to PLEASE take student comments that they cannot access the environment seriously and propose real solutions. In the event that the environment is simply not usable, please suggest other methods of working through the material- IE, how to install Jupyter and Zeppelin on our local workstations.

By Lynn L

May 23, 2022

This course was helpful, but was too reliant on IBM tools. I realize this is an IBM course, but lots of students were unable to create a Watson account, including myself. Because of that, it was difficult to do any labs or assignments involving Watson. I requested help from the tech support e-mail and never got any help. From incomplete instructions, I had to figure out how to do my final assignment in Jupyter notebooks in Anaconda and submit through Git Hub. It took lots of extra time and I was worried I didn't do something correctly with Ananconda and Git Hub and wouldn't finish the course on time. Also, too many tools were presented in this course. Although it's helpful to know of the existence of these tools, simply describing the most common ones and letting us do a Google search to learn about others would have sufficed.

By Kaung H H

Nov 30, 2022

It was a pretty great course. I have learnt a lot about data science tools. However, the pacing is a little bit too fast. I feel like I am in rush, so many things to absorb for a small course. It would be better if you guys extend the course a bit longer with in depth explanation about the tools with practical labs and exercies instead of breifly explaining things within a video. Another reason i gave this a 3 stars was due to some out of date instructions & screenshots in lab exercies, especially in week 3, IBM watson studio exercies. The instructions are not clear and screenshots do not match with the current version of the studio. It took me a while to understand what the instructions want me to do. Other than that it was a great course. Hope you read my review and improve the course in future. Best of Luck....

By Carl-Michael E

Feb 24, 2021

This course is "information overload". Personally I think that the structure can do with some tweaking. The reason for this is because the information lacks context.

Week 1 and 2 were a bit daunting, but if you stick with it it does get better.

It would help if there was a resources tab with summaries of the content discussed in the videos. Also, when introducing the programming languages, they should say whether these languages are required. I spent a lot of time downloading, installing, and trying to load the required libraries to do the assignments. It was only later that I discovered that it is not necessary, and it is far quicker and more reliable to do these assignments in the free resources provided.

Overall, not as bad as the other students make out in the comments, reviews and discussions.

By Roxana C

Jan 9, 2022

The course is not bad at all, on the contrary, it is very rich in information. However, a lot of the IBM additional Tools were presented very briefly, with no practical examples / labs, so I believe all that info will be forgotten very fast. The quizzes are often about memorization, while they could be more about understanding the principles behind what we're learning. For instance, a few pieces of code to be interpreted could be given, instead of the same old generic knowledge. Course is a bit too heavy on the theoretical side, but manageable nonetheless. Adding a few additional practical labs could make it more balanced.

Also, the interface has changed compared to the videos, so I used a lot the forum to help me find a workaround. I am very thankful and happy with the responsiveness on the forum.

By Thurman M

Dec 17, 2022

The most frustrating part was accessing IBM Watson Studio. It was difficult. That could be streamlined and made clearer. The instructions were clear, but getting into Watson Studio took a lot of time and research as the sign-on procedure has changed. If I work with Watson long enough, I'll be familiar with how it operates. Watson Studios kept opening new tabs, so it made it hard to know where I was. Additionally, since it had bounced my credit cards, I had opened several emails in an attempt to gain access. When I did get in, I had to open a couple to see which one I was granted access to. GitHub was intuitive and much more user friendly.

I wish it had gone smoother. I was very interested in learning Watson Studio. .