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This course is the first in a series of six to equip you with the skills you need to apply to introductory-level roles in project management. Project managers play a key role in leading, planning and implementing critical projects to help their organizations succeed. In this course, you’ll discover foundational project management terminology and gain a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities of a project manager. We’ll also introduce you to the kinds of jobs you might pursue after completing this program. Throughout the program, you’ll learn from current Google project managers, who can provide you with a multi-dimensional educational experience that will help you build your skills for on-the-job application. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Define project management and describe what constitutes a project. - Explore project management roles and responsibilities across a variety of industries. - Detail the core skills that help a project manager be successful. - Describe the life cycle of a project and explain the significance of each phase. - Compare different program management methodologies and approaches and determine which is most effective for a given project. - Define organizational structure and culture and explain how it impacts project management. - Define change management and describe the role of the project manager in the process....

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Jan 18, 2022

Very informative and thorough! I've finished this course with so much knowledge that can be applied to the workforce. Everything is laid out in easy to follow and efficient steps. Couldn't be happier!


Oct 5, 2021

Very informative and thorough! I've finished this course with so much knowledge that can be applied to the workforce. Everything is laid out in easy to follow and efficient steps. Couldn't be happier!

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By Terje S

Feb 22, 2022

This gave a really nice introduction to the terminology and concepts. I love that it was very encouraging and also had a lot of focus on how existing skills can be transferable to this new career path. As someone who is studying this later on in my career it was encouraging to hear that all of my past work will be applicable.

By Deleted A

Aug 10, 2021

The way this course is structured is really good. Videos and reading materials are not too lengthy (10 minutes max). Interactive Web Interface is what I liked the most about this course. Not to mention the graphics within each video and the video quality itself is up to the mark.

I'm going for the second course. See you there.


Jul 27, 2021

I thought that I would just get this over with quickly and maybe just keep and earn a certificate but truly this course is Intuitive and interactive and one has to actually pay attention and learn some things before they can get the certificate. I Wish all the best for the upcoming people who will participate in this program.

By Paige L

Mar 24, 2021

Great overview and just the right amount of content. Did a great job of demonstrating how all kinds of life skills can translate to a new, entry-level career in project management. Appreciated the insights from real project management professionals who followed a non-traditional path to start their project management careers.

By Dr a y

Sep 10, 2021

Really its too important topic with great motivation factors. nowadays we have sudden changes in technology, internal and external environmental changes, global competition, new customized requirements on products & services, new expectations of now more educated customers & users than before,so thanks a lot for this course.

By Luis C C

May 17, 2021

Excellent and extremely useful information, delivered in a clear way and with realistic examples to better understand the topics and subjects. Emilio has a good way to provide the information without it sounding boring or overwhelming.

I would like to hear more examples of the topics within Google and/or other organizations.

By Khristine G S

Apr 25, 2021

I loved the depth of information and the encouraging way the presenters delivered new concepts and principles. I also like the way the learning platform makes it easy to take notes and the fact that I can go back and review video content as much as I need to. After finishing Course 1 I feel very confident that I can do this.

By Aaron A

Jul 21, 2022

Very informative and intuive course. I think the little details like stopping the video to ask about content that was just reviewed helps keep the student focused and keeps them focused on the material. I love all the little touches that make the course more hands on like the organzing activities or the interactive demos.

By M D

Jun 30, 2022

Great way to resume studies. The course designed to easily navigate the learning curve especially after a dry spell.

The course is broken down into video as texts of small duration which makes it easy to break and then resume.

Highly Reccommended, if you are in for a PMP role or even to try online education for first time.

By Ande M

Apr 18, 2022

Brilliant eye-opener, lays a great foundation for in-depth learning in project mangement. The course is presented in a manner that is easy to understand, very practical with loads of relatable real-life examples. I cannot wait for the other courses. This is literally all I did throughout the Easter holidays. Very reviting.

By Japheth R Y

Apr 3, 2022

I am just thankful and overwhelmed about the course. I have learned so much during this four (4) weeks. I am looking forward to discover more with the courses yet to be covered. This is AWESOME.....really appreciated and grateful for the opportunity to be part of the learning team so far. Thank you Google and Coursera Team

By Prabhat S

Aug 31, 2022

This course is really amazing. In this everything has been explained in detail and with 100% clarity. I'm elated for this course curriculam provided and all of the instructors efforts to make each and every details so much easy to understand. Thank you to all of the dear instructors and Coursera for this wonderful course.

By Gabriel G

Feb 26, 2022

Un curso bastante bueno que permite integrar conceptos básicos acerca de la gestión de proyectos. El material entregado es de calidad, las actividades interactivas están muy bien para reforzar aprendizajes. El profesor explica bien y la duración de los videos permite 'engancharse' con el contenido del curso. Recomendable.

By Bilge B

Jan 26, 2022

It has a very simple explanation with daily examples. You learn easily or update your existing knowledge. I took PMI's trainings before, but I can say that this training is more effective. When it is thought to be associated with daily life and explained in the simplest language, more information passes to the other side.

By Olakunle A

Jul 18, 2021

This course did justice to understanding the fundamentals of project management. This introductory content prepared any prospective project manager with what's required of them and really stirs up interest to want to keep learning the course. It's an eye opener for anyone intending to start a career in project management.

By Kavya K

Jul 7, 2021

It's a very thorough and extensive course. If you think you can sleep between classes and still earn a certificate, this surely won't be your cup of tea. I loved how example oriented the course was, even if you felt lost due to new concepts, the examples and experiences really helped in understanding the concepts better.

By Walufu E

Feb 24, 2022

I found this course more practical than I expected, the modules are clearly explained, and sample studies give more understanding of the project concepts. Testimonies from the project managers at Google make the course more exciting and understandable. Thank you, Google, for putting the materials in this course together.

By Gulnoza R

Aug 20, 2021

As a person who had a rough idea of project management, this course met my expectations. During the 4 weeks that I have passed in 4 days, certain aspects of management are revealed quite well. The desire to take other courses in this program has increased significantly. Thanks to Google and Coursera for this opportunity!

By James E O

Nov 13, 2022

I must say that this is the best online course I have enrolled in. the courses, tasks, and tips are cool. the tutors are amazing, sharing professional work and practical experience makes the course more like a mentorship and coaching class and I like it. Coursera, Google you guys are doing a great job. I LOVE YOU ALL>

By Urooj K

Nov 11, 2022

The course is set up in a most convenient, organized way. It gave me the insight in the basics of the project management . It increased me knowledge. It had the important knowledge in each n every video and reading yet it wasn't burdening. The flexibility in due dates and the amount of material per week was convenient.

By Lucrezia A

Nov 11, 2022

Interesting and comprehensive overview of project management. I found this course very useful for me, as I knew little about project management except for some basic notions. This course gives a comprehensive overview and allows you to understand the basic skills, structures, and dynamics involved in project management.


Aug 27, 2022

This is the third course in the Google Project Management Certificate program. This course will explore how to map out a project in the second phase of the project life cycle: the project planning phase. You will examine the key components of a project plan, how to make accurate time estimates, and how to set milestones

By Mhd M A

Dec 9, 2022

This course is an eye-opener and unlocks our ability to explore out inner ability to be a great Project Manager.

Many complex topics are explained in a way to easily understand and use.

Would be better if few topics have been given with some examples and illustrative example scenerios which would be better to understand.

By Nirmala B

Sep 7, 2022

This was my first time doing a Google learning module using Coursera. I enjoyed the ease of information sharing and how easy it was to understand. I apprecaited the testing and ability to go back and review the matrial. I like the program design and I think I was able to absorb a great deal. Thank you very much Google.

By Mildred A

Sep 5, 2022

This was really an insightful course, i learnt a lot about a project, project management, methodologies, organizational structure and culture, change management and more. It was such a beautiful experience, i look forward to taking the remaining 5 levels.

I strongly recommend it.

Thank you Coursera, thank you Google.