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This introduction to Python will kickstart your learning of Python for data science, as well as programming in general. This beginner-friendly Python course will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours. Module 1 - Python Basics o Your first program o Types o Expressions and Variables o String Operations Module 2 - Python Data Structures o Lists and Tuples o Sets o Dictionaries Module 3 - Python Programming Fundamentals o Conditions and Branching o Loops o Functions o Objects and Classes Module 4 - Working with Data in Python o Reading files with open o Writing files with open o Loading data with Pandas o Numpy Finally, you will create a project to test your skills....

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Nov 18, 2019

it becomes easier wand clearer when one gets to complete the assignments as to how to utilize what has been learned. Practical work is a great way to learn, which was a fundamental part of the course.


Mar 14, 2019

Every course has offered something interesting, challenging, and surprising. I am glad I have spent the time with this class. I would strongly recommend it to others with an interest in data science.

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Jun 30, 2019

While I learned a lot in this course, it could have been a more enjoyable process. The videos and labs basically had the same content. However, the labs are a better learning experience (can run code and see results) but come later, making them less valuable and boring. Please consider having the lab content be more unique, as it was in the previous course. Also, please update the materials as Watson Studio changes.

By Adrien

Nov 19, 2019

Good content overall but weird level requirements; the course covers too many basics for somebody who already programs but also assumes a lot and therefore is not adapted to someone who has never programmed.

It relies on external platforms that will not always work.

Instructional and useful nevertheless, recommend if you're already familiar with data analysis (in R for instance) and want further knowledge.

By Vincent Z

Jan 20, 2019

An adequate python crash course. The level is good for complete beginners. People with computer science background will find this slow. Also, the labs and the lectures are completely redundant, they almost match 1:1, except that the labs often fix a few mistakes in the slides. Don't expect a great numpy intro: you will basically get array creation, indexing and slicing and basic vector/matrix operations.

By Varun V

Nov 23, 2018

I would have given this course a 4 star rating if they had created the final assignment which would have make some better sense in terms of what this course content and course it about.

The assignment had no concept which was explained and in the course and it gets very difficult to understand the assignment. Never been through such a poor one in my entire 15 years career. One of the worst course.

By Adam S C

Apr 09, 2019

The course itself was good but the final assignment seemed inappropriate for this entry level course. Specifically, the final assignment relied too much on pre-prepared code that was not introduced in this course and did not test very much of the knowledge of the course. Overall, the learning materials are good but the assignment wasn't a great end to the course.

By Marwa A E K M A Z

Nov 28, 2019

This course is comprehensive, but so easy. I haven't found any challenge during studying it! The concepts are delivered in a good way, yet the labs are just repetition of the videos. There's not enough hands on exercises. Everything is with the answers and you got not to try by yourself enough. It would be much better if more challenging exercises were added.

By Neal D

Jan 18, 2020

As a first time learner, I definitely got a fair amount of info from the course, for which I'm grateful. However, I found the production and editing of the course material extremely sloppy. In the videos, the material is presented at a breakneck pace and the slides are rife with typos, not a great thing for course focused on learning/memorizing syntax.

By John J

Dec 20, 2019

There are a lot of errors in the Notebooks in this course. Some grammar is so bad I can't understand what they mean, lots of typos and spelling errors. The notebooks also did not have quiz sections to apply my learning. Working out new problems using skills I learned is an important part of my learning process and was useful in previous courses.

By Mar G A

Jan 30, 2019

The course content is great but the peer review exam is confusing. You really have to bring a lot of patience and determination in answering the final quiz. The resources are not in the content, and you need to research outside. Which I think was the intention (?). So bring a lot patience and just focus on breaking down the steps and instructions.

By Marilyn C

Dec 01, 2019

You learn how to do a lot of functional stuff in Python, but without the context as to "why" you would want to do these things in this language, I often found myself a bit confused. The lectures were a bit fast paced sometimes. It was not well explained how to actually do the work in the labs, and it was often the same material as in the lecture.

By pranav v

Jun 01, 2019

please give proper directions on how to use watson studio.

give proper directions on how to display he dashboard and URL in the assignment

give proper directions on how to get the url

explain the steps for the same

ps: there are people with no prior coding knowledge do consider them and do provide proper directions for the same

By Michael

Nov 07, 2018

The project at the end is super confusing and is a huge leap from the hand holding tutorials. I would rather have more exercises building up my skills than one big project where 99% of the code is already done and I am just inserting 5 lines of code that I have to scour the internet to find what they are asking for.

By Markus K

Sep 15, 2019

For non native speaker the videos were a bit too fast. it would be great if the interface allows to place the translation on the left or right hand side of the video. Also for my self the introduction of the week 5 exercise where not quite clear. much more self coding in the weeks 1 - 4 where also very welcome

By Kean T K

Mar 17, 2019

The content is well organised and presented in simple manner. The lab helps to enhance the understanding. However, the final peer review assignment is a disconnect from the course content, which requires students to google and look for the solution which is totally not related to the content of the course.

By François J

Sep 24, 2019

Interesting introduction into Python, tools and some libraries. It's pretty easy though and i feel like once we reach the files management, Pandas and Numpy we should get some real exercice to practice and get confortable with those since they are super important for what are you aiming for.

By Chris L

Oct 15, 2019

it is a baby class for coding while it is not very challenging and practical. the code is sometimes outdated and is done in a time-wasting manner. one of the biggest problems is that the course refrains itself from using other libraries which are frequently used or common in practice.

By Florian P

Dec 06, 2018

This course does a good job of introducing the basics of python. However, the slides in the lecture videos are so atrociously formatted (and riddled with typos), that they have an annoying and distracting effect. Even in a high school presentation these slides would be embarrassing.

By Marcus P

Dec 21, 2019

OK overall, but many links to external resources were not working and how-to screenshots often out-of-date for those services. The analysis side was a little light as too much time was spent on the intro to Python. It would have been better with Python knowledge as a prerequisite.

By paul t

Sep 07, 2018

the material and movies were good, response from teachers to questions was terrible (takes a long time or no answers at all). the gap between the items learned and the week 5 project was too big. A lot of new things that were not mentioned or discussed in the first 4 weeks

By Don G M

Jun 07, 2019

The course itself explains well the content, but the final assignment is a nightmare, because proper and clear instructions aren't given on how to submit it/make it visible online. The assignment submission coding section is much tougher than the course material.

By Kristen P

Jun 29, 2019

I found the course incredibly interesting. However, the chronic mismatch of instruction to assessments can not be overlooked nor can the outdated course materials that are incredibly difficult to translate into updated software versions at the beginner level.

By Gabor P

Apr 17, 2019

The videos and readings are great but the final assignment is a bit sloppy. It cant be solved by just following the guidelines, workarounds are needed that deviate from the suggested ways (selecting the correct endpoint, makedashboard command not working).

By In W C

Oct 03, 2019

Overall, the course taught the basics of Python but instructions regarding IBM Watson can be extremely unclear since the notes haven't been updated. Also, the final assignment is kind of a joke since it seems more focused on Watson than material learned.

By Fernando C

Aug 02, 2019

This is a great course, really useful to get the idea of numpy and pandas, maybe the exercises are easy. I need to say to all the people that we use the watson studio of ibm, using the software may be a headache for many people, read the forums carefully

By Roger S

Dec 11, 2018

Good basic introduction to the syntax of Python and its core capabilities. The online coding modules contain a number of errors in syntax. These are small enough that even a student can catch them and make the corrections to make the code run properly.