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This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course. This course will cover Chapters 1-5 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. Once a student completes this course, they will be ready to take more advanced programming courses. This course covers Python 3....
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Oct 20, 2017

Dr. Chuck has a special ability to teach programming to people who doesn't necessarily have programming background. This is rare among programming teachers, and shows that he is an excellent educator.


Jun 23, 2016

Extremely basic but Dr. Chuck is so interesting that you never get bored. You can pass the course in a few days with minimum or even no programming knowledge. It's a good starting point for beginners.

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Nov 12, 2018

Very nicely designed starter for Python learners! I'm in finance and only got little programming background in Matlab and VBA, and this course helps me to know the basic structure of this programming language. Professor Chuck not only knows programming, but also knows how to teach the methodologies clearly to ordinary people. This Getting Started with Python gives me the confidence to deal with the future Python questions and I will continue with the next courses. Thank you, Dr. Chuck!

By Ella W

May 31, 2018

Honestly, this course is great for beginners. The instruction is explicit and clear and very structured. The textbook is very useful to understand the basics of programming language. I also like the assessment combining quizzes and hands-on exercise to get familiar with the coding process. Plus, the bonus part enhanced the connected learning and informal learning practice, and also increases the instructor presence. The pace is just right and the workload is perfect. Love this course!!

By Eleanor S

Feb 12, 2018

What a fantastic course! Every element is explained from the perspective of the way python processes the code, so you get a solid set of 'first principles' to work with.

The videos use excellent simple examples, which are then extended as the topics become more complex, so you get the sense of really building from the ground up. Chuck Severance is clearly a pedagogical master. How lucky we are to have access to his teaching from all over the world (Australia specifically, in my case)!

By Mike F

Jan 11, 2017

This is a fantastic course that takes people from a whole spectrum of experience, at their own pace, from introduction to computing and programming through to writing basic Python programmes. I believe that I could work with my 9 year old daughter to get through this course. If you have never programmed before, you will be amazed by what you will achieve on this course through the lectures, self study reading and community support. YOU CAN DO IT!! I'm enrolling for the next module!

By Jeff N

Feb 07, 2016

Outstanding Course for a newby. All about programming. Lectures and problems are clear and relate directly to the subject not related topics like statistics and other disciplines which add nothing to the Python and Python programming focus. Dr. Severance has built a great specialization here. Problems can be challenging but doable within the time frame represented by the course description (give or take a couple hours on some of the more challenging ones. I've learned alot! Thanks

By Barrie C

Apr 01, 2019

Excellent engaged and engaging instructor! Dr. Chuck is entertaining and informative at the same time, highly recommend. I've learned so much already--I had some prior programming experience so watched "Getting started" on 1.5x speed but still learned things I didn't know. He really starts from the beginning and fills in any gaps you may not realize you have even if you've already coded before, and gives a great foundation to anyone who doesn't have previous coding experience.

By 黄昱森

Jan 30, 2018

very interesting course by Dr.Chuck. It took me a week to master the basic of Python as I have experience in Java and C++. Still, I recommend this course to those who are new to computer programming. The course explains the core of computer programming language clearly and class assignments are all well designed. I especially enjoy the video of Dr.Chuck talking with all those successful developer in computer science industry. What they share in the video is genuine and inspiring.

By Amanda K

Oct 20, 2017

Fantastic course! Dr Chuck is great at explaining things simply and efficiently. His examples and way of seeing programming and computers really helped me to understand concepts. The exercises build on the lessons but don't always mirror them, which is a great way to learn. I found it easy at first, then by the last lesson slightly difficult - this is my first programming language and I am a complete neophyte. I really appreciated this course and look forward to the next one!

By Natawan P

May 07, 2016

I have tried a few basic programming courses before, but failed to go beyond the first lecture. I found them difficult to comprehend and felt discouraged to learn programming. But then, I came across this course and it got me excited to learn programming again. From the first lecture to the last, the instructor covers different important concepts in the way that anyone can understand. The book is also easy to read. I strongly recommend programming newbies to check this one out.

By gary g

Jan 07, 2018

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python). This is the first programming course I have done where right from the beginning I have been getting those feelings of "I get it". Normally I am thinking you do not necessarily have to understand all this, just remember it. I hope I can remember all this syntax. Obviously the equanimity and ken of the distinguished teacher has a lot to do with the level of . understanding. So thank you sir, I highly recommend this course

By Shai S

Jan 24, 2016

I joined this course to start learning Python. Although I know how to write code in other script languages (Not a full time programmer) I decided to start from the beginning so I won't miss syntax differences.

I'm really glad I did take this course because although the main subjects were familiar to me I learned a lot about how to approach Python and some of the syntax differences it has compared to other languages I know.

I'm now going to start the next course in this series!

By David M

Feb 15, 2020

Excellent introductory course to programming using Python. Basic programming constructs like control flow, definite/indefinite loops and exception handling are covered. The instructor does a good job of highlighting some common errors which beginning programmers may make. The course also includes some general info on how computers work.

Note that this is very much a beginner's course (as stated); somebody with any programming background will find this course highly trivial.

By Andrew S

Jan 18, 2018

It was a good initial course to review overall functions of python, I would have preferred a much more full time visual based course. Watching lectures might be helpful for some and they are in college, those of us whose learning is hindered by lecture and instead we love watching the teacher type as he teaches those are higher quality interactions for me mentally.

Thank you professor for having lots of well edited videos and hand stylus lectures.

This is very helpful for me.

By Bob W S B

Feb 15, 2017

Thank you Dr Chunk, it's a definite course for Everybody. Your ability to put complex knowledge in easy to understand manner is simply amazing. Learned a great deal from you. Complete all the first 3 parts, except not able to submit the quizzes and now half-way through the 4th: Using Databases with Python.

I have even get my teenage boy to enroll into this course and highly recommend it to my girl who is in the uni.

Thank you once again, greatly appreciated!

Bob 20170215-SGT

By Ezequiel K

Oct 30, 2015

A great course to get started with programming in general and with Python in particular.

As stated in the abstract, this course is addressed to those who have no experience in programming. However, even if you have some experience but are not familiar with Python (as it was my case), you can take this course quickly (speed x1.50) in order to learn the basic sintax of Python and catch up for the following courses in the specialization.

Really clear teacher. Highly recommended!

By Christopher R

Jul 24, 2016

I started taking a for-credit online course on Python through the UC Berkeley Extension, but found both that it didn't explain the basics, and that the actual content was sparse. I was very grateful to find this specialization, with the wonderful Charles Severance as the instructor! He's a very clear teacher, and charming besides.

I loved course #1 of the specialization, and look forward to course #2, which lines up with the UC Berkeley course. Let's learn Python, shall we?

By Mohd A A

Jul 25, 2018

At the very outset let me thank Coursera for providing me this opportunity. The course was very interesting and enjoyed so much that I sat down for the course continuously for 6 hours daily. I look forward to participate in more such courses or a degree course, if given an opportunity with financial help as given for this course. I wish to remain a part of Coursera.

Once again thank you very much to the entire team of Coursera and Professors.



Mohd Asim Ali

By Jian Z

Jun 12, 2018

This course provides a basic introduction to the Python language and its usage. Besides that all course materials are online and easily accessible, I very much appreciate the instructor's enthusiasm about the field and clarity about the application of this language. Last, it is indeed a great idea to have interviews with many interesting figures in the Data science and Python community. Glad to know that this course has a global network through the office hours as well!

By Gowtham B

Nov 12, 2016

Helps in understanding the basic concepts of programming with the help of more general beginner specific programming language python. Gives a deeper insight about how the functionality of logical and mathematical statements interpretation by a machine and expands out thinking about various control structures. Increases ones interest in programming and developing self skills like self thinking, optimizing and testing of different working models in a programming language.

By Ced W

Apr 22, 2016

Dr. Severance is great. He introduces you to coding in a way that is non-intimidating and feels completely natural within a couple of weeks. Instead of dreading class I found myself excited about attending everyday and was able to progress faster than the course outline due to his extremely clear and supportive teaching method. I'm already reading data from files and it isn't even covered until the next course. If you take this class, read the book and you will do well.

By Christopher M

Aug 07, 2017

Programming is made truly accessible for everyone in this course! I'm not a computer scientist by formal education, so I was a bit hesitant about taking a foreign language (Python). To my delight, the videos are engaging and make you want to progress further into the material. I want to write scripts and am proud to say that I can run Python from my command prompt :D! Thank you Coursera; Thank you University of Michigan; and last but certainly not least -- Thank you D

By Frank A

Oct 28, 2018

At 46, learning programming has been difficult and often find myself discouraged (grumpy). I've bought books and considered gambling thousands of dollars on local courses. I'm so glad I went with Coursera. I chose this course after watching a video. Wow, Thank you to Charles Severance and the University of Michigan for an truly amazing, and well put together program. I've been at this for a few years and I'm finally making progress thanks to this course. Amazing.

By Sun W

May 27, 2018

The very first course is well organized so that you won't have much problems if you follow the instructions strictly and can learn well and thus form a solid foundation about Python.

Besides, Dr. Chuck is very humorous and teaches well. What's more, he gives students like me who has none program experience before a lot of encouragement which is very vital for us to build confidence in learning program. I guess it is my favorite point about this introductory course.

By jesse s

Oct 20, 2018

I audit this course. As I am a student studying computer science already, this course is too easy for me.

Mr.Charles shows a great understanding of the programming and he exactly knows how to lead a new learner to understand the concept of programming.

Step by step, I still got a lot of things learned.

I definitely would support this course but I am in lack of money because I am just a poor student.

In short, this is a very nice course for new guys step to programming.

By Denise F

Feb 01, 2018

Great course for beginners, well structured and really well presented by Charles Severance! I loved how he presented the logics of programming in python, pretty straight forward and applied (not wandering much around stuff you don't need to understand if your aim is just to get started). Great job and thanks a lot, Charles! I'll surely recommend it to friends, also thinking about helping out with translation to Portuguese. Worthy the time, don't wait to take it. ;)