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This course teaches scientists to become more effective writers, using practical examples and exercises. Topics include: principles of good writing, tricks for writing faster and with less anxiety, the format of a scientific manuscript, peer review, grant writing, ethical issues in scientific publication, and writing for general audiences....

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Aug 25, 2020

A very helpful course. My writing has improved significantly in these 8 weeks. I highly recommend this course to everyone. Thank you Dr. Kristin Sainani and Coursera for bringing this course together.


Feb 25, 2020

Respected Dr.kristiani sainani madam and coursera.

I thank you for the wonderful classes and presentations, it really didn't made me feel that i was learning online course but as in class learning.

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By Hina

Nov 22, 2022

It was an excellent course and it really helped me alot in learning how to write a scientific manuscript. I am hopeful that my future manuscripts will be much better than the previous ones, thanks to this course. I am grateful to the course modulator for helping me in this learning process.

By Devin M

Aug 17, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. The modules were broken up into bite-sized pieces that made the material easy to digest. The optional demo videos were excellent--it was great to see the skills we were learning in action. I thought the examples were all fantastic. Thank you for a great course!

By Jessica W

Jul 7, 2020

The Writing in the Sciences course has been very informative and interesting! The 8 week course was just the right length to be useful but not take up a lot of time. I would definitely recommend this course for those who are writing journal articles, thesis chapters and articles on science.

By Brandy M

Dec 11, 2020

This is a wonderful course from Stanford and it's full of very useful and concise information! I love the interactive "quizlets" and forum discussions. The instructor, Dr. Kristin Sainani is very organized with the slides and presents in a way you can easily understand. HIGHLY recommend!

By Patrick D

Mar 28, 2022

As a starting PhD student, it has absolutely opened my eyes to what effective writing entails! Without being hyperbolic, it has transformed the way I look at communication and I have seen the changes in my own writing (I am now in the process of writing several pieces for lay audience).

By Saintus Z

Mar 23, 2021

The course is very useful, but the fact that all the topics was focused on medical science which I'm not used to, it was very difficult to me to understand some homework due to the lack of medicine-related vocabularies. You may take it into account. Thank you i learned a lot by the way.

By King C

Jan 6, 2021

Being someone who has always loved stem and had a bit of an internalised hatred towards being forced to write, this course was surprisingly pleasant. Very good and helped clear up some skills that I already had and new ones I didn't as well as helping me with application of said skills.

By Panagiotis P

Nov 21, 2019

Totally worth-attending. It is much better than good. From week 5 you will obtain a different perspective on scientific paper. You always knew deep inside that something isn't exactly right with the way you write your papers. Dr. Sianani has done an amazing job putting things in order .

By Satoh M

Mar 26, 2020

This course helps you to understand the key point for writing science documents. When you follow all the module, you can learn the key point about how to write the article, review comments, and social media. I recommend the people involved in the science filed should take this course.

By Dushyant M

Aug 7, 2020

Writing in Science- a course by Coursera and Stanford- is one of the best. The course engages the student with the logical and simple flow, material, and excellent explanation by Dr. Kristin Sainani. It has helped me to understand better the thought process of writing and peer review.

By Erica L A L

Jul 8, 2020

It was a pleasure to participate on this curse! The classes were great and the teacher is amazing. The things I learned about writing in the sciences are already being usefull for me as a Med Student who wants to be in academics. i recommend it to everyone who wants to write better!

By George P

Mar 22, 2018

Very nice material and the presentations were excellent. I believe, i greatly improved my writing but also my reading skills. But, it covers a lot of topics and unfortunately sometimes the approach seems superficial. After you get passed the first 2 weeks it gets really interesting.

By Linh H N

Dec 25, 2019

This course totally opened my point of view on how a medical paper was written. The module curriculum is logical, the materials are brief, the instructor is humorous! Everything is perfect! Thank you so much, Stanford Online, for bringing such an amazing and essential course to us!

By Ana V

Aug 20, 2019

Great content! Amazing teacher! it really helped me to clearly understand how all aspects of writing in the sciences work, very helpful topics. Thank you for sharing this kind of content with us. I am from Brazil and was able to do it from here. One of the best courses I ever took.

By Adina M

Mar 19, 2018

Excellent course! I enjoyed listening to the teacher she is absolutely fantastic and the course is really well presented. I feel like I've learned a lot and I took notes most of the time so I can go back and revise if required. I recommend this to anyone who wants to write/publish.

By Carola S

Apr 10, 2022

Amazing! Excellent Teacher, good examples, very useful hands-on tipps! Just like others said, it's like being in a real class and not online! I am not a scientist or student, nevertheless it was worth a lot for me! Only deception: the social media section could have been better.

By Beyza Ö

Jul 14, 2021

If you are in the process of writing a scientific -especially a medical- article, you will benefit a lot from this course. It was challenging for me because English is not my native language but if you are in the field, this course also gives you a chance to improve your English.

By Rupesh B

Mar 17, 2020

Thanks to coursera for this wonderful course. This is very helpful for every scholars no matter from what field he/she is coming. From this course one can learn a to z of scientific writing, from how to write a paper to how to edit one. All the credit goes to Dr.kristiani sainani.


May 14, 2018

The course was useful. I liked the structuring of the course, and also the brief introduction to the various forms of writing in sciences. It is very well thought of by the instructor, and I appreciate the effort she has taken for setting up the structure of the course. Thank you.

By Paul B

Apr 26, 2020

I have completed a few writing courses and this is by far the stand-out. It is very comprehensive and provides lots of real examples and opportunities to practice.

I highly recommended this for project managers - as often effective writing proves the main barrier to their career.


Oct 27, 2021

Excelente curso. Irei recomendar a todos os que estão interessados em se tornar profissionais em escrita científica.

Parabéns à Prof. Kristin Sainani, pela excelente forma como consuziu todo este curso, e pela forma brilhante com que conseguiu passar a mensagem.

Muito obrigado.

By Reham M

Aug 19, 2020

This is an intensive and useful course. The information is good and the practice will improve or fine-tune your skills and you can learn some tips too.

Highly recommend the course for individuals at all stages of their scientific writing, as there is something for everyone here.

By Shilpy B

Aug 28, 2022

The creator of the course has touched every aspect of writing. The content is well-organized and Dr. Kristin has explained each and every concept so interestingly. I am glad that I finished this course with good grades and this is definitely going to improve my writing skills.