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Ever wonder how major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo rank your website within their searches? Or how content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users? Welcome to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This course is the first within the SEO Specialization and it is intended to give you a taste of SEO with some fun practices to get seen in Google. You will be introduced to the foundational elements of how the most popular search engine, Google, works, how the SEO landscape is constantly changing and what you can expect in the future. You discuss core SEO strategies and tactics used to drive more organic search results to a specific website or set of websites, as well as tactics to avoid to prevent penalization from Google. We hope this taste of SEO, will entice you to continue through the Specialization!...

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Aug 9, 2016

Great course, very informative!! I can tell the classes are starting to be structured differently though. Not too much meat to this first course... reserving my opinion, until I go through a few more.

Jul 10, 2020

The way of explaining the terms is excellent and content is very good . I leant many new things from this course. Going to do all the courses of this specialization. Thanks for the wonderful content.

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By Akshaya D

May 28, 2021

none of the practical examples were given, it was all theory, it is easy to understand but remembering will be difficult, not worth it.

By Ken A

Oct 6, 2020

Useless course! Doesn't teach you anything apart from the history of SEO. They're practical courses available on youtube for free!

By Cristina G G

Nov 10, 2019

Too basic. I know the course is called Introduction to SEO, but it doesn't even get to how to start working with it.

By Maria D

Jan 11, 2021

I asked questions that noone responded.In greek translation many mistakes.difficult to understand some meanings

By Brooke L

Sep 17, 2017

Outdated links and content.


Jun 5, 2017

The course essentially did what it said - it introduced the concepts of Search Engine Optimization and provided an overview and history of Search Engines, and all the major players/companies related to the early web, search engines, and SEO.

Overall, the course was very well presented, excellent visuals and a great array of supplemental reading resources were provided by way of links to external sources that aid in rounding out information on a variety of sub-topics to SEO as presented in the course.

I would highly recommend this course to those who are interested in obtaining an introduction and grounding with respect to the concept(s) of SEO, its history, and formation up through current day.

By Sammy S

Sep 17, 2017

Given the time frame of 4 weeks, the course was well structured, detailed and clear. The goals were set early on to ensure students understand what the course is about. Explaining the job scene within the SEO environment allowed students to understand what they will be working towards should they choose to continue this specialization. Understanding the history and the development SEO had gone through over the years builds an idea of what can be expected in the future. As an introductory course, I believe that this is what many other universities can learn from in order to ensure students know what they have selected to learn.

By Crysta C

Sep 5, 2021

I loved this course so much! I was trying to do my own research with blog posts and youtube videos to learn SEO from scratch and it was overwhelming and confusing hearing all the terms without knowing what many yet, not to mention relearning certain things in multiple posts. This course does a wonderful job of walking you through what's important and in an organized manner so you understand what it all means from a basic level! Rebekah is a great teacher and does a really great job of explaining things thoroughly and simply so you really understand. Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in knowing more about SEO!

By Maris P

Dec 28, 2020

This course leads through SEO covering aspects from different perspectives: search engines development over time, user behavior, content building, web marketing, brand marketing, SEO practices are covered. Well organized lesson structure. List of materials for self studying is given. Perfect for those who are beginners or already have some knowledge and probably working in industry. Course widens understanding and deepens knowledge thus serving as a very good starting point for the next step would it be job in particular SEO field, own page optimization, content building, web marketing initiatives.

By Helee P

Jul 8, 2020

This course is very beneficial, especially for beginners. I came into this course, knowing nothing about SEO or even coding for that matter, but I have learnt a great deal on how one of the major parts of my life, search engines, really works and what do the people behind those sites really thrive to make us, consumers, see their content. It helped me a lot in understanding how I should view content creation for my own blog. Thank you so much Rebekah May, for such an insightful course, which introduced me to interesting and intriguing world of search engines and SEO.

By Maham F

Aug 11, 2020

The course was very well-structured and designed. I did digital marketing course before and then decided to dive deep into the concepts of SEO. I gained all the insightful knowledge on SEO from this course. Learned careers in SEO, Evolution of SEO, ranking factors, Algorithm updates, strengthening keyword strategy and entity association. Thank you Rebekah May for explaining every concept so clearly and UC Davis for giving this opportunity. Great course, highly recommended for people who have zero knowledge on SEO!

By amandip s

Dec 27, 2018

Thanks for the best wishes by the way. At the beginning I failed the first week and left the course for a couple of days. I started again and scored so much also learnt so much that in the 4th week I used a little nit of tactics on my website. The latest blog is now ranking on 4th position among 173000000 results. I have developed so much interest in this course and realized that SEO community is the most strongest and supportive community I have seen till day. Once again thanks for the amazing content.

By shanu c

May 5, 2020

The entire course was very informative and elaborate. I am a complete beginner to SEO and the information provided in the course was very practical. Rebekah May was efficient in describing all the terminologies in a realistic manner. The guest speaker's session was amazing too, he gave information based on his hands-on experience in the fieldI, as a beginner learned a great deal from the course. I also want to admire the fact that the course was very well structured so everything I learned was retained

By Efren J P

Jun 26, 2020

I learned a lot about SEO and how search engines work. I learned how search engines started and get developed and what it took to get them to how they are now. I also learned how important SEO is to search engines and users, and why it is very important for SEOs to use best practices in optimizing websites. Knowledge of what the updates are as well and how they impacted how search engines work as well as websites, helped me understand what a website needs to be, to search engines and users.

By Prakash R P

Sep 19, 2016

The course is excellent in many ways. The course material,video is very simple and understandable to a layman also. one need not be an expert.The presentation was superb, leaving no doubt at the end of each week.The course material and video is self sufficient. I am very happy to have joined the course. I would like to complete the rest of the course satisfactorily. I would love to have soft copies of the material which can be downloaded for study at convenient. Thank you, madam

By Nathan H

May 2, 2020

Outstanding introductory course for SEO! I have taken other intro to SEO courses, but this course provides the most relevant information on SEO best practices. I especially enjoyed how the course takes users through the history of how the internet was created, through the creation of search engines and their more recent updates. I now not only understand the most important ranking factors and SEO best practices, but also why those factors are important, and how they came to be.

By Amanda v

May 14, 2016

Course objectives are clear and concise. Course instructor's voice is upbeat and she articulates well. Visuals are simple and focus on key concepts. Course contents follows a logical progressive flow from easy to more complex concepts. Small chunks of information makes it easy to follow. This is an excellent course and definitely worth while the investment. For me, It has sparked a keen interest in the field of SEO and it has build my confidence to proceed to the next level.

By lovely A

Aug 7, 2021

Incredibly useful and very informative, also beginner friendly as well. Recommend anyone in e-commerce to take this course, it teaches and gives you tools that will take your business to the next level. I'm very happy with this first course and I'm already signed up for the specialization. You can totally pursue a successful career in SEO after this specialization, it is very complete and not something you'd learn in college or university. This is the stuff of the future!

By Daniel P S

Jun 28, 2017

A good overview of what to look forward to. I went into this knowing only that it is an important part of the new age of marketing, but I can now see that it is much more than that. It reminds you of why search engines like Google and Yahoo even got started in the first place; a way to catalog, store and retrieve useful information, from any where in the world, in a matter of seconds. It has reignited my interest in the endless possibilities, of what the future may hold.

By Utkarsh D

Apr 20, 2020

The course provided by UC Davis is just out of the world, I really wanna thank UC Davis to providing us this wonderful course for the student like me who have no technical background, I really liked the content they provide and a special thanks to our instructor Ms/Mrs. Rebekah mah who explains each and everything in a very easy way such that I didn't face any problem at all in understanding the technical terms, once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

By Hasari T A

Jun 8, 2016

A course offering the possibility to start practicing from the third week has providede me with a deep sense of purpose and increased my overall expectations of the Specialization.

Having professor Rebekah May is also a blessing. She has been in the industry for about 8 years (I don't remember the precise amount of time) and that provides the subjects with a deeper insight from her personal experience. A Specialization to complete, thank you Coursera.

By Akash R

Aug 30, 2020

This course will give you detail knowledge about how SEO started and how google uses algorithm to give rankings to sites according to their relevence and keyword.This course also give you knowledge about previous practices done by google and how they improved the search and their upgrades and how they penalize a site and how you can protect your site from being penalized.This course is really awesome,it will definitely enhance your knowledge on SEO.

By Amy R

Apr 28, 2018

It is a very comprehensive introductory course which makes clear the whole concept of 'Search Engine Optimization' from both a technical and industry angle. By touching on all the main areas of the SEO practice you actually come away with some useful understanding of how to do SEO even though it is still a simple introduction course. It answers all the main questions about and SEO and is definitely worth it to see if SEO is a good fit for you.

By Gaurav S

Feb 8, 2018

Week 1 is irrelevant for people who look SEO as an additional skill set rather than a profession. Content wise Week 2 and 3 are superb. Before doing this course I thought I know enough about SEO, but now I realize it was just the tip of the iceberg. Like other streams, SEO is also a science and this course has very well captured nitty-gritty of concept. Earlier I used to see the google result, now I analyze them. . Thanks again!

Gaurav Singh

By Deleted A

Nov 25, 2016

I signed up to audit the first 5 courses in this specialization. This review is for the first 3 of these courses taught by Rebekah May.

I don't know that SEO is truly simple and logical or if it just appears this way because of how clear and easy to listen to Ms. May is. I do feel she has supplied a lot of very useful information, pointed to a lot of great tools and websites., and am already making improvements as a result of her classes.