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Ever wonder how major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo rank your website within their searches? Or how content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users? Welcome to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This course is the first within the SEO Specialization and it is intended to give you a taste of SEO with some fun practices to get seen in Google. You will be introduced to the foundational elements of how the most popular search engine, Google, works, how the SEO landscape is constantly changing and what you can expect in the future. You discuss core SEO strategies and tactics used to drive more organic search results to a specific website or set of websites, as well as tactics to avoid to prevent penalization from Google. We hope this taste of SEO, will entice you to continue through the Specialization!...

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Aug 9, 2016

Great course, very informative!! I can tell the classes are starting to be structured differently though. Not too much meat to this first course... reserving my opinion, until I go through a few more.

Jul 10, 2020

The way of explaining the terms is excellent and content is very good . I leant many new things from this course. Going to do all the courses of this specialization. Thanks for the wonderful content.

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By Nikki B

Jun 28, 2019

This was a really helpful course, I felt I left with great foundational knowledge that will help me immediately. One improvement: the course suggested that I would be able to perform an audit of my site based on the materials provided and I think I needed a bit more hand-holding to do that after completing the material. Still a very useful course.

By Alfonsus G

Aug 19, 2020

the digital world is vast and growing. SEO is an important aspect in the development of the digital world. This class will provide knowledge about SEO, its history, and its future. Many important, interesting, and unique information will be learned in this class. I became interested in exploring the world of SEO and I highly recommend this class.

By Arul N

Mar 28, 2021

I just loved this course from the beginning. It was an amazing experience for me. It provided me with great knowledge about "Search engine optimization" materials. My sincere thanks and appreciation to all of the professors and the coursera community who contributed to this course. I look forward to more courses from the Thank you.

By Kyla P

Oct 8, 2020

The course is carefully outlined and comprehensive for beginners. It provides step-by-step introductions to the basic concepts and elements of SEO, and I finished the course confident with the newly-acquired knowledge I learned from it. Also, maybe an unrelated note, but the instructor's voice was so soothing and no lesson sounded boring to me.

By Jannat E J

Sep 24, 2020

For an introductory course, this has started successfully with basic functions and historic backgrounds. For someone who is not interested in historical intri, you can skip it, but I liked it all along. The course is, however, not pretty easy. You've to concentrate, take notes, and sometimes review your lessons to get passed through the tests.

By Christopher P

May 26, 2020

Helpful and informative, but I don't feel I am ready to become a SEO. But I think this course is not designed for that, but to give basic and informational knowledge about being an SEO, for which it did amazing. The first week consisted of how to apply for professional SEO jobs and what to expect from those jobs, which was a great additional.

By prashanna k

Dec 22, 2017

This very introduction to SEO has cleared out a lot of misconceptions i had regarding how websites were ranked accordingly and im pretty sure i would go on to taking the next lesson for SEO and learn something out of the box .

Thankyou Coursera and the hard working staff members for giving me this great opportunity to enhance my skills .

By beatriz

Jan 30, 2017

This course is very clear, interesting and helpfull. It made me want to learn more about SEO. I understood the basics and had access to real life examples and other revelant materials. Even if you don't plan on working with SEO, this course is still interesting for anyone who is interested in how search engines work. Thank you so much!

By Nausherwan N B

Apr 13, 2021

The course was really great and touched threadbare each and every aspect of what an SEO Introductory course should have in it . Highly recommended to anyone looking to gain some foundational insights in SEO .

The course content , quizzes and the Reading Materials along with Ms. Rebekah unique style of delivery was really exceptional .

By Alan M

Jul 7, 2017

This course has provided resources that aided in my general knowledge of the internet, SEO concepts and career paths, Google algorithms with corresponding best practices utilized in optimizing a site, as well as a spark in my interest to delve further in my education path towards be a Search Engine Optimizer. Keep up the great work!

By Anil K

Mar 6, 2018

Excellent starting point for SEO. Clear, concise, and relevant information. The graphics were really really good. My favorite part were the links provided for more info, they really made the course comprehensive. The field is changing fast, so some info might start to get outdated, but course is very helpful as a starting point.

By Charith P

Jun 1, 2021

This is one of the greatest courses I ever learned. And it has great content. Most of all it changes the way I think about SEO. And It makes me think what is the future of SEO and what to do to adapt to the future. Finally, if you want to start your professional carrier in SEO this is the best course to start. 100% recommended

By Tyler J

Jan 10, 2019

I learned so much in this course that can help me with my personal branded website. I plan to get more versed in HTML so I can make my current sit more aesthetically pleasing, as well as deploying the SEO tactics I've learned in this course to better focus my pages and create better content and keywords. Thanks Rebecca!

By Eric O D

Nov 5, 2016

Great course. One of the bests I've seen in Coursera in giving a deep content and trying to be clear. I would suggest a review of the texts givens. Sometimes the texts give some specific concept that wasn't discussed in previews classes. Having to search for it takes sometime. A Glossary for those would be very welcome.

By Andrea B

Aug 21, 2020

This course was very easy to understand for a complete beginner to the field. Rebekah made the content interesting. She is a great teacher and presenter: her slides were concise and relevant, and her organization was spot-on. She did not talk too fast, and articulated her words clearly. Great course! Thank you so much!

By Clarence A

Nov 21, 2020

Very good overview and introduction to SEO. This course is great to determine whether you want to learn more about SEO and if you want to employ someone to do SEO for your site / brand. I think that everyone who goes online and has their own website or domain should look into this to improve the quality of their work.


Mar 24, 2016

This course was a great structure introduction to SEO! In it they explain careers in SEO, the current landscape of SEO, and some SEO basics. It really helped give a concise and clear overview of what initially appears to be a large and sprawling field. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the lessons. Thank you!

By rohit b

Sep 15, 2017

Great Course to start SEO. To learn about how search engine works, which SEO experts in industry to follow and many more useful information about algorithms which affects on ranking. Everyone who is interested to make career in digital marketing start learning from here. Thanks coursera for creating this course.

By Petra K

Nov 22, 2020

Rebekah knows how to approach and explain every theme. She is a great story teller and I enjoyed listening to her. This course is a little unique and gives attention to some topic I didn't expect to find here, but they are of great value, when it comes to understanding the key concepts on which SEO is based.

By Robert A C

Jan 23, 2020

Very well built, gives the full picture of search engines over time and why they behave the way they do and what we can expect to come next. If you are in the web business you should do this course, even if you don't work SEO directly. Its an important eye opener and a valid strategic knowledge resource.

By Laura J R

Sep 20, 2019

It really is necessary to do this course before you learn the actual SEO optimization. I found it very interesting and despite having knowledge of what SEO is, it gave me knowledge I would not have otherwise known which will increase my chances of being able to properly optimize a website in the future.

By vraj M

Jul 23, 2020

i Learn so much like what should i do to rank website good not only that but also what affects ranking of website and how can i improve ranking also what i must not do while making website i understand many things from history. Really appreciate Davis for great work. Going for next 4 remaining courses.


Jun 24, 2020

I learned about the basic principals of how Search Engines works for determining the relevancy of search quires made by the searchers and how to provide them the results that are intended by them. Also learned that what steps can be taken as an SEO to make your website filled with the great contents.

By Jessica L

Apr 15, 2017

I've really enjoyed this course! I have learn a lot of things in the field of SEO that I didn't know at all. And for the first course of the specialization, I think it is already a lot. So, I guess that the whole will be very practical and proper to make me become a real SEO. Really eager to continue !

By Vibeke S

May 21, 2017

The area of SEO is vast and complicated and ever changing. This course make you understand that, without intimidating you. Instead it inspires you and make you feel intrigued by how some of the aspects of SEO touch upon what it is to be a human being in constant search for knowledge and great stories.