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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Supply Chain Management: A Learning Perspective by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST)

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As a human being, we all consume products and/or services all the time. This morning you got up and ate your breakfast, e.g., eggs, milk, bread, fresh fruits, and the like. After the breakfast, you drove your car to work or school. At your office, you used your computer, perhaps equipped with 27” LCD monitor. During your break, you drank a cup of coffee and played with your iPhone. So on and so forth. You probably take it for granted that you can enjoy all of these products. But if you take a closer look at how each of these products can be made and eventually delivered to you, you will realize that each one of these is no short of miracle. For example, which fruit do you like? Consider fresh strawberries. In order for the strawberries to be on your breakfast table, there must be numerous functions, activities, transactions, and people involved in planting, cultivating, delivering, and consuming strawberries. Moreover, all of these functions, activities, transactions, and people are connected as an integral chain, through which physical products like strawberries themselves and virtual elements such as information and communication flow back and forth constantly. By grouping related functions or activities, we have a supply chain, comprised of four primary functions such as supplier, manufacturer, distributor, and finally consumer. A supply chain is essentially a value chain. For the society or economy as a whole, the goal is to maximize value, i.e., to create satisfactory value without spending too much. In order to create the maximum value for the strawberry supply chain, every participant in the chain must carry out its function efficiently. In addition, all of the members must coordinate with each other effectively in order to ensure value maximization. We have to face the same issues for almost all the products and services we take for granted in our everyday life, e.g., cars, hamburgers, haircuts, surgeries, movies, banks, restaurants, and you name it! In this course, we want to understand fundamental principles of value creation for the consumers or the market. We try to answer questions like how the product or service is made, how the value-creating activities or functions are coordinated, who should play what leadership roles in realizing all these, and so on. As our course title hints, we approach all of these issues from a learning perspective, which is dynamic in nature and emphasizes long-term capability building rather than short-term symptomatic problem solving....

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Apr 04, 2017

Thank you for giving me excellent information on supply chain management.It is very helpful course for me. Thank you Korea advanced institute of science and technology and coursera.


Aug 01, 2016

I was really an honor to have certification under KAIST and professor Bowon Kim, it was really a great experience to have this certification under your guidance. Thank you.

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By Quinn E

Mar 29, 2019

Great course, very informative.

By Debojit S

Jan 19, 2019

This course beautifully lays out major concepts involved in Supply Chain Management. It is great foundation course for a beginner who is interested in taking up this subject.

By Nwosu A C

Aug 25, 2018

I loved the course and i was able to learn more about SCM . The only issue i had was that i never got any response for the questions i asked

By Manik B

Sep 03, 2018

The course relate me to reality based system, structural and unstructured way of making decision to create real value and responsiveness to customer.

By Khurram A

Nov 22, 2018

Its a great course for anyone interested to learn basics of supply chain management. The course deals mostly with philosophical and managerial areas and does not include much analytical problem solving.

By Julio S

Jun 02, 2017

I enjoyed a lot the possibilite to know about others perspectives around SCM.

The instructor gave me a real opportunity to understand topics that I had difficult to understand before.

I hope to do more courses in Kaist.

By Himanshu S

Aug 13, 2017

Gives you a basic insight on the subject. If you're a beginner in Management related area give this course a try.

By vivek r g

Apr 24, 2018

could have been more practical than theoretical.

By Julian G

Jun 19, 2017

The content is fresh and provides a very good ISC framework, undesrtand foudations, how the system works and the strategic positioning. I enjoyed the training and encourage you if you need to gain deep knowledge.

By César P G

Sep 11, 2016

This course has given a new and original point of view on how to design, track and improve our operations in the supply chain.

It has really been a surprise!

Thank you Mr Kim.

By Ria H

Oct 18, 2016

Great insight for those who are keen in pursuing supply chain management

By Euler S O

Jun 03, 2018

Amazing course, but Dr Kim never answered my questions!

By Amar K J

Oct 16, 2016

Very nice Course, highly recommended for beginners like me, who want to understand fundamentals of how supply - chain works.

By raushan p

Sep 03, 2016

very useful insights into the subject.A huge kudos to Prof. Bowon Kim.

By Mahendranath R

Apr 02, 2017

Fantastic course. Gives a bird's eye view of Supply Chain Management and the various strategic aspects of global business. Prof. Kim's lectures are very good. The quizzes are bit on the easier side, though. They could be made somewhat more challenging. Also, the discussion forums... they were silent as the grave. Wish people participated actively participated in conversations. Maybe the course administrators could do something to encourage and promote discussions on the forum in the future offerings of the course.

By Faisal S

May 07, 2017

Really enjoyed the course and there are a lot of new things I learned in this course. It really helped me to understand SCM in broader perspective. Thank you.

By Pishenbay U

Sep 18, 2017

Great course~!

By Mohammed S K

Aug 03, 2019

This course really very helpful for students like me to gain knowledge in SCM and its functions and for the organisation perspective it will play a major role for the functions in which myself will be acting as a mediator to resolve these kind of operations whenever there is any problem occurs

By FSC L 9

Sep 12, 2019

Good course

By Iván C

Oct 03, 2019

Los subtíitulos en ocasiones no concuerdan con el sentido de lo que el maestro expone.

By Michelle P T H

Jul 23, 2017

The course material could be leaner and more focused. At times I lost myself in between the lectures as the material was too confusing.

By David S

Jul 26, 2017

At first, this was interesting. However, I already have some background knowledge on SCM and started to find the lectures uninteresting. So I went ahead and completed the last 4 quizzes; I easily passed each one on the first try. I was hoping I would learn more from this.

By Hyeong-bae K

Nov 07, 2016

it is good lecture to learn SCM in other concepts

By Jonathan G

Jan 25, 2018

Good course, A lot of what was being taught is self-explanatory. A lot of the modules were redundant. You don't need 10 weeks to explain something that can take a much shorter period of time.

By Sheila

Mar 21, 2017