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This course will transition you from working on a single computer to an entire fleet. Systems administration is the field of IT that’s responsible for maintaining reliable computers systems in a multi-user environment. In this course, you’ll learn about the infrastructure services that keep all organizations, big and small, up and running. We’ll deep dive on cloud so that you’ll understand everything from typical cloud infrastructure setups to how to manage cloud resources. You'll also learn how to manage and configure servers and how to use industry tools to manage computers, user information, and user productivity. Finally, you’ll learn how to recover your organization’s IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. By the end of this course you’ll be able to: ● utilize best practices for choosing hardware, vendors, and services for your organization ● understand how the most common infrastructure services that keep an organization running work, and how to manage infrastructure servers ● understand how to make the most of the cloud for your organization ● manage an organization’s computers and users using the directory services, Active Directory, and OpenLDAP ● choose and manage the tools that your organization will use ● backup your organization’s data and know how to recover your IT infrastructure in the case of a disaster ● utilize systems administration knowledge to plan and improve processes for IT environments...

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Feb 12, 2022

This is a course which I enjoyed. It gave a good insight of the learning methodologies which we have often heard of but not given due importance. Also, the brain facts is cool :) My 5/5 to this course


Mar 7, 2022

Great and helped to do the course succesfully and it was intresting the process and the way the course is designed to meet the capability to understand anyone has a basic knowledge in AD,DNS and DHCP

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By Linda L

Mar 17, 2022

Lots of information here... I was often feeling lost, but got through it. I don't think I could fully understand the material unless I was actually using it every day. It's not as easy as I thought it would be!

By Octavian G

May 20, 2021

The course gives good examples of tasks and problems that occur during the work as a System Administrator as well as showing some good ways of using the needed tools to work around, overcome and prevent issues.

By Shubham T

Apr 30, 2022

System Administartor and IT Infrastrcture Services course is greatly design. this course has helped me to understand the different concepts like- windows AD, different back up systems and planning for things.

By Karen T

Feb 7, 2023

Hay, my name is Karen, maybe two hours later I did not have a purpose, and enrolled in System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services course. Can you send my money back if it is possible Thanks a lot.

By Silvio M F

Nov 2, 2020

Too many hours of video, could have been better distributed on hands on exercises instead of quizzes. AD sections and linux server adm were excellent but, like I said, less quizzes and more hands on please!

By Zachary E

Oct 6, 2019

Active Directory / Group Policy portion was deathly boring. I realize it isn't for everyone but beyond that it was a fairly well laid out course course that covered a wide variety of topics worth knowing.

By Chandan S

Nov 2, 2019

It's been an amazing experience, I learned many interesting and valuable things from this course like what's actually the role of IT administrator, how he/she can solve the problems. Thank you so much :)


Sep 15, 2020

Oops, this course was so far hard for me because I was never exposed to system administration and I have learned a lot of things through it.

Yes, I am excited for the last course to take of this program.

By Ł T

Jan 15, 2019

Interesting course - I have learned a lot.

However I have noticed that many Supplemental reading was referring to solutions that are out dated - it would be useful to add latest software information.

By Cory W

Jan 14, 2023

The course was good, but I think there should be more hands on work. Watching videos and reading only does so much. Learning while doing things really cements the info in one's mind in my opinion.

By illestegram

Dec 26, 2021

Good course which gives as much details about administration and infrastructure services . A Big thank you for Google , Coursera and The instructor for giving a valuable knowledge to me. Thank you

By Serg

Sep 7, 2021

Good course. I could only suggest that all videos be more attractive and interactive, with more multimedia and visual explanations. Not just seeing one person repeating a text reading on a screen.

By Jackie D

Aug 21, 2021

It was great information but it was kind of hard to keep interest in the material. Also, quite a bit of the other reading portions did not contain information that I felt was necessary to know.

By Rachel R R

Jun 4, 2018

It's harder for me to understand some things in this course because Active directly seems so abstract, I wish I could play around with it to fully grasp it. More visuals would be helpful as well

By Ian M

Sep 29, 2019

Well done, there were points that i had issues with but that is due to my learning style. However very well done, i can't wait to practice the new skills until i know them by rote. Thank a gain

By Pap I

Feb 11, 2021

Devan is a great teacher, but I think that short lessons aren't the best fit for him. Slightly longer lessons and more practical examples in the video lessons would make this course perfect.


Mar 10, 2021

i need my certificate of this course because i have finish it

i need my certificate of this course because i have finish it

i need my certificate of this course because i have finish it

By Desirae L B

Aug 29, 2022

Need to check links. Several are no longer updated by microsoft. While the article on server selection was good, being that it was written in 2002, you can no longer get those servers.

By Fahmim M S

Sep 24, 2020

I'm learning lots of things about system administration and IT Infrastructure Services in this course. although the quiz was a little bit difficult it helped me for better understanding.

By Steven D S

Mar 13, 2019

Excellent course. The only improvements I'd like to see are more difficult homework assignments and quizzes, and more hands-on homework. Otherwise, it's a great course, thanks so much!

By Ana P R C

Jan 15, 2022

It was a very long journey, it took me a few weeks longer than others, the material was dense and very interconnected. But I learned a lot and hope to be able to use this new knowledge.

By Robert M

Oct 14, 2020

This is probably the most difficult course in the series so far. It would really help the learner to have a couple of virtualized servers to work with while they listen to each lecture.

By Keith B

Jul 28, 2020

Great course overall. Just a few misspelled words in the written dialogue. But I truly learn and I have a better understanding with System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services.

By Jones, D L

Nov 29, 2019

I would like more hands on. More virtual machine. A better method of asking questions in the virtual machine labs. More time to work on theories learned in the videos would help.

By Julio F

Aug 7, 2018

Great course I just wish we had lab material on this one (dealing with active directory). It would have been amazing to actually get our hands on projects. Hopefully in the future!