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This course will transition you from working on a single computer to an entire fleet. Systems administration is the field of IT that’s responsible for maintaining reliable computers systems in a multi-user environment. In this course, you’ll learn about the infrastructure services that keep all organizations, big and small, up and running. We’ll deep dive on cloud so that you’ll understand everything from typical cloud infrastructure setups to how to manage cloud resources. You'll also learn how to manage and configure servers and how to use industry tools to manage computers, user information, and user productivity. Finally, you’ll learn how to recover your organization’s IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. By the end of this course you’ll be able to: ● utilize best practices for choosing hardware, vendors, and services for your organization ● understand how the most common infrastructure services that keep an organization running work, and how to manage infrastructure servers ● understand how to make the most of the cloud for your organization ● manage an organization’s computers and users using the directory services, Active Directory, and OpenLDAP ● choose and manage the tools that your organization will use ● backup your organization’s data and know how to recover your IT infrastructure in the case of a disaster ● utilize systems administration knowledge to plan and improve processes for IT environments...

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Aug 1, 2020

The best course so far. I feel like this course actually showed us things we would be doing day to day in the workplace. It's nice to problem solve since that will probably be a big chunk of the job.

Nov 22, 2021

Good course which gives as much details about administration and infrastructure services . A Big thank you for Google , Coursera and The instructor for giving a valuable knowledge to me. Thank you

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By TheDon S

Aug 25, 2020

So why not just tell people, go take a course on Active Directory ? The rest of of it is just useless, just clicked through an passed. I use to teach flying to students and I know these Google guys are smart but this is just an overview of what you need to go learn on your own. So I paid someone to tell me go actually study this.

By Juan A R

Sep 1, 2020

The course is fantastic, I've learnt a lot about things that I am really interested in but I just wish it would be more specific instead of just throwing commands around and not explaining them. More Qwiklabs would be great, that's where I learnt the most.

By Taneem U R

Apr 29, 2020

Course quiz has errors which must be resolved. It took me several days to get done with week 2 quiz "Networking Services". I even complete my whole course and wasn't able to pass that. Today I passed it with 100% and I have no idea how...

By Bradley C

Jul 31, 2020

Video text is often written wrong and doesn't match up with the timing of the audio, giving the course a scrambled feeling.

By Jacob D

May 25, 2020

Pretty good

By David D

Nov 30, 2020

The best things about this path were the first course and all of the labs. Even as somebody who has worked in IT, I was very engaged in the first course because of how it flowed and presented information in a slow enough manner to digest it. The labs were informative and facilitated hands-on learning. The absolute worst things were the "select all the right answers" style quizzes and asking people to write an essay at the end with no expectation of that at the beginning. I was tired of looking at why I got a question wrong on a practice quiz or graded assignment and seeing, "while this is true in some cases, [pedantic reason why it wasn't considered correct according to the Google course]." That leaves ample opportunity for industry professionals to discredit this certification because their real world experience conflicts with Google's subjective information. As for the design document, under no circumstances do you ask people to write something like that without a template. State testing, SATs, and English degrees don't do that so why would a free certification course where many people in it don't have English as their first language?

By Cynthia M

Aug 10, 2019

A very good course and overview of System Administration. I gave it 3 stars because the final project is peer-reviewed and it would be more beneficial to have input from the instructor or actual sysadmin especially since my classmate's background range from beginner to advanced. I had to submit my project twice and didn't update or change anything because there was miscommunication based on my peer's location. My peer did not understand that the term vendors mean supplies and thought I was trying to outsource my work. Very frustrating. My suggestion if you are truly thinking of becoming a sysadmin try to find one in your area to go over this last project with you regardless of your peers comments whether good of bad.

By Francis L

Nov 30, 2020

This was a great course but it ran some concepts that were closer to the realm of common knowledge and did not seem to give a lot of insight on the Sysadmin role. But then it went totally technical and would throw lots of working programs that you have to figure out in a frustrating manner. The hard part of this module was not in the difficulty of the assessments but the gap between the explanations on the videos and then doing the actual work. All in all the most difficult but still manageable. Do pay extra attention and take lots of notes on this one!

By Samuel A

Nov 22, 2019

You can learn more information about this course in the supplemental readings.

By Brian P

Nov 5, 2019

This particular course has been the hardest to get through of the bunch, and not because the material is difficult, but because I basically went to Wikipedia for all of the content. The videos simply mention items you then need to research or learn on your own in most cases. I'm fine with self-paced learning, but it made for a waste of time in watching videos, and Wikipedia articles do not give great examples of the services in action.

By Boruch S

Sep 2, 2020

The part about AD is very disorganised to anyone with basic knowledge and the labs are also too long and convoluted. On the whole the course is informative but being that there is so much info that many people will not have familiarity with it is too disorganised and complex. Perhaps a clearer textbook style text would help organise the new concepts in the mind

By Gerardo S

Aug 29, 2020

SO I pay to see a random guy talk almost all the course. ITs not interactive, no videos, no demonstrations., just talk bla bla bla. Please improve a LOT

By Rachel H

Feb 18, 2020

Most of the labs did not work. This was very disappointing. The tests also had wrong answers marked as right.

Even the link to the survey doesn't work

By Moises F

Aug 24, 2019

Many spelling errors, the videos don't show what they are talking about. The labs are sometimes very confusing.

By Aniket Z

Aug 1, 2020

lots of supllimental reading,else the course is ok

By Mikey B

Jul 28, 2020

This class needs a quality inspection review from Google. It feels like a rough draft of an assignment you turn in early without proof reading. There are multiple errors in the Qwiklab assignments. There are so many errors and problems with Qwiklab that they made them optional so you automatically get 100%. I found dead links presented, and a Qwiklab that covers something not covered till later in the course, the teacher is reading from a teleprompter without explaining certain terms or showing on the screen, and there is a supplemental reading that is for Windows 2000 which isn't used anymore. Also a lot of the lectures are "check out the supplemental reading." I've taken the previous 3 classes without a problem, and this is the first time I've had to put in multiple problem tickets. I expected more from Google.

By Salvador D

Dec 25, 2020

Lots to learn in such a short time, specially weeks 3 & 4. To make matters worse, there's little or non-existent hands-on practice to help really understand the overwhelming amount of rather abstract concepts thought through the course in a seemingly unorganized fashion. I am just glad is over.

By Joseph B

Jun 25, 2018

Sloppy, inconsistent content containing numerous technical mistakes. and for godsakes they link Wikipedia articles as their "Supplemental Reading" very disappointing, especially for a tech giant like google, but don't worry! every week they have a 2 minute video about diversity worship.

By Mohamed S G

Jun 3, 2020

I didn't enjoy this course, so boring. the only reason i finished it (Barely btw) is for the professional certificate. i even jumped into course 5 before finishing this and it was great

By Jonathan R

Apr 26, 2020

A good bit of repeating material from previous courses. Also, not requiring the labs makes this course very dense with lots of material and no actual application of the knowledge.

By Joshua R

Sep 9, 2020

out of the first four courses, this one was the most confusing, lost my interest, and needs to be recreated in my humble opinion.

By Nikea N

May 17, 2020

Quiz was given before material was taught. Please look at the order of the lessons and requirements.

By Pavel R

Mar 12, 2020
















































mental disabilities.

By N. J M

Apr 25, 2018

instructor talks way to fast, making it difficult to understand.

By sheri c

Jan 9, 2021

Not enough hands on tasks