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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Evaluating User Interfaces by University of Minnesota

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About the Course

In this course you will learn and practice several techniques for user interface evaluation. First we start with techniques that can be applied alone or in a design team, including action analysis, walkthroughs, and heuristic evaluation. Then we move on to user testing, including learning from a series of usability tests carried out in a real usability lab, and techniques to carry out your own tests even without a lab. Finally, we wrap up the discussion of evaluation--and of UI Design in the specialization as a whole--by looking at the question of how to set and measure usability goals, and in turn, when a design is usable enough to release it....

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Dec 3, 2017

Wonder courses for novice and advance users. The courses are not only theory based, at the end of every week there are assignment & quiz, which helps a lot.


Jan 10, 2018

Designing and Development team will realize the impact of usability and be able to fine tune in their products.

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By Kris M

Sep 6, 2019

The course (the set of 4 courses) started out SO good. The pace was quick, content and format engaging, and it showed you from the perspective of "hey, this is what we are looking at in real life, here are the pros and cons to look for, etc". It was great!

By course 3 it was getting so bogged down with BLAH BLAH BLAH that I could hardly see straight. Suddenly we went from engaging content to mind-numbing boredom. The kind where keeping your eyes open, or even clicking that 'next video' link, was enough to set your whole body into a rigor mortis of NOOOOOOOOOOO. : ( Which is really disappointing because UI/UX is interesting!! Basically this went from hands on tech-vocational training to the doldrums of a standard school format (which is proven ineffective and doesn't give you the skills you need - you have to learn those AFTER you complete the schooling)

The videos just seemed to go on and on in this way. I lost all concept of gaining knowledge and it became a marathon of trying to inch my way forward and to hit the finish line. I don't understand how we went from such a strong start to what came after. Course 1 was the best. I was really excited about everything. Then over time it's like the content just sort of got left to drift and fall flat and not just be TO-THE-POINT.

Overall some of the content was still A+ but just lost in the way content was approached/delivered. I truly believe this could be fixed and the course could be stellar throughout.

By Brenda L B

Nov 12, 2020

This course is great, but the specialization is not. When you get to the last course, the Capstone, it is designed in a way that you can not complete it. You have to use another website and you can't work without fellow students, but the students do not show up. Worse yet, the teacher assistants do not answer any of the requests for help.

This specialization is designed so that students can not finish.

By Andrew R

Mar 14, 2021

Very detailed course. Lots of great information, would recommend to those starting out learning about UX or those that may have an initial background in UX (as I do) as there is material and concepts I hadn't been exposed to. Overall great course!

By Anthony A

Jun 1, 2017

This course was very thorough and covered A LOT of material. The course is very challenging, in epth and comprehensive. The only think lacking is more opportunities to create portfolio projects.

By Sujit K

Dec 4, 2017

Wonder courses for novice and advance users. The courses are not only theory based, at the end of every week there are assignment & quiz, which helps a lot.

By Kamalanathan A

Jan 10, 2018

Designing and Development team will realize the impact of usability and be able to fine tune in their products.

By Nurfer Ç

Mar 25, 2022

I am working as market researcher for more than 15+ years and wanted to get expertise on UI domain but was not sure if an online course would really help! But it was really helpful and assignments were fun to complete.

Thank you very very much!

By Gisela

Sep 15, 2020

Muy interesante y recomendable.

Hay vídeos de las clases con muy buenos profesores. Parte práctica con entregas. Y varios test de evaluación. Y ejemplos prácticos de cada tipo de test de usuario.

By Александр Р

Jun 21, 2018

Awesome course, that teaches about whole bunch of usability tests for UI. You will learn how to make your own personal usability inspection and how to conduct usability tests with users

By Stefano M

Jun 21, 2022

I gave my best and I finally received this certificate, I am very happy and I thank everyone from the University of Minnesota

By vivek s

Oct 24, 2017

This was a nice learning experience for me. Knowing about various and complicated design evaluation

By Gabriel T

Jul 2, 2017

I can can tell a lot of work and time was put into this course. It was very insightful! Thank you.

By Irina M

Apr 8, 2019

Minnesota University team! You are doing great job! Thanks a lot! Very good courses

By Thais X G

Nov 5, 2020

excellent, it provides a whole view on all the aspects of interface design!


Mar 4, 2023

The assignment is top notch, it makes me understand the course well.

By Toni Z

Nov 10, 2018

Very useful. But took me so long to get peer grade and finish.

By Isabel R

May 26, 2017

Very useful, very good examples and well explained, very fun.


Nov 7, 2020

Me ayudó mucho este curso para mi desarrollo académico.

By Uziel C

Nov 4, 2020

todo muy bien detallado y excelente explicasion

By Imangaliyeva M

Jul 17, 2019

useful, informative! a good one course!

By Sam B

Jun 20, 2017

Good courses, great instructors

By Tasneem E

Oct 14, 2017

Hard work but totally worth it

By Bugaiova O

Jan 25, 2018

It really great course!

By Zahedul I

Sep 23, 2017

Excellent Course

By Lahiru K

Nov 10, 2023

Great Course