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Taught by three of Wharton's top faculty in the marketing department, consistently ranked as the #1 marketing department in the world, this course covers three core topics in customer loyalty: branding, customer centricity, and practical, go-to-market strategies. You’ll learn key principles in - Branding: brand equity is one of the key elements of keeping customers in a dynamic world in which new startups are emerging constantly. - Customer centricity: not synonymous with customer service, customer centricity starts with customer focus and need-gathering. - Go-to-market strategies: understand the drivers that influence customers and see how these are implemented prior to making an investment. Complete this course as part of Wharton's Business Foundations Specialization, and you'll have the opportunity to take the Capstone Project and prepare a strategic analysis and proposed solution to a real business challenge from Wharton-governed companies like Shazam and SnapDeal or to a challenge faced by your own company or organization. Wharton-trained staff will evaluate the top submissions, and leadership teams at Shazam and SnapDeal will review the highest scoring projects prepared for their companies....

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Apr 29, 2021

Learnt a lot of concepts in marketing that were hiding in plain sight. I want to thank all the professors who were part of making this course and Wharton online for making this accessible to everyone.

Jun 8, 2017

This course enhanced my perspective, I took it parallel to my ongoing courese, the cases discussed in this module helped me to analyse the application of various marketing concepts. Thanks a lot...!

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By nora b

Feb 23, 2016

One of the best courses I have taken at Coursera (and I have done a few!), very well done.

I would like to offer a suggestion: The examples and cases presented are quite similar as the majority of them are products related. There are very few service related brands. It would be nice if a border range of examples were offered especially in the branding module.

Thank you for this course, it was very enjoyable


By Lilian W K

Apr 6, 2019

Great course content, made me think through the concepts in relation to the companies and products that I am familiar with. The content for the Go to Market Strategies was a bit difficult to follow especially the second half of it especially for someone who has no prior experience or interaction with quite a lot of those concepts. Maybe needs just a little bit more unpacking or additional examples.

By Mark M

Mar 4, 2018

Overall I enjoyed the course. It was not only a refresher but also an introduction to new ideas. The lectures were well presented. The only draw back was more often than not a slide was but shown in the blink of an eye without being able to fully appreciate it's content. Obligating to watch the entire video to access the slides and in my case copy them for future reference. Thank you.

By Bahram S D

Dec 1, 2015

I am only on the second week of work and already have been impressed by how the set up of this course has been implemented. I have learned a lot of information from this course even though I hold a business marketing diploma. this course serves as a refresher course if you will, and update to new concepts and lessons. keep up the good work, I hope this course gains a large following.

By Nick C

Oct 26, 2017

Overall the course was enlightening. However, I had a hard time following Professor Bell's series. The didn't seem nearly as organized as the others with graphics that re-inforced the narrative, and often there were subjects that were introduced in the beginning of the lecture that were never discussed again. As a result, I kept on looking for materials that never were addressed.

By João B S d S

Jul 5, 2021

Good overview of Marketing which covers "classic" and "new" ideas from this field.

Unfortunately, the only thing that doesn't let this course be great is week 3. I don't doubt the professor's knowledge on the matter, but the pacing and delivery just isn't great. I believe that the course would work much better either without that content or with a more "enthusiastic" take on it.

By Eric K F

Dec 26, 2015

Feedback for course instructors:

Final exam seemed like there were questions that were from other videos than those used for the course? Q #30 had one option that started with the words "incorrect option" - I believe you don't mean to show that! Q34 about Oldsmobile was not part of the lectures that I remember. Both questions 9 & 15 didn't seem to be discussed by the lectures.

By Ahmed G M

Oct 12, 2016

It's amazing course. It gives anyone a lot of marketing concepts it's really the window to enter the marketing world. Every section of each professor really may be a whole specialization of 4 courses at least. I've acquired a very helpful and academic knowledge could be applied in real market... I'm so grateful to all professors for their amazing efforts. Many thanks

By Pranjali K

Mar 24, 2020

A great way to understand the dynamics of Marketing and how to think from a customer perspective. Professor Kahn, Professor Fader and Professor Raju have kept the course lively with lots of relatable examples. Must do course for anyone who is planning to venture into Marketing or is looking to understand what thought process goes behind marketing a product/service.

By Vivek K S

Apr 6, 2020

One of the best course designed with pragmatic and realistic approach, a real primer to marketing professional to hone key concepts and be competitive. This course is complied well and touch upon not only key trends (Digital as well as traditional) but also explained the science behind to take hyper data and analytics drive decision to grow the company

By Louis S

Apr 27, 2016

My major is Marketing & I have read lots of books also interacted with variety of materials, but Mrsave . Barbara Kann from Wharton University gave me another view about Marketing for the way to approach problems and disolve it. We also have a chance to review knowledge through sudden multiple choice question. It's pretty useful & attracted.

By Daniele P

Jul 5, 2020

I am totally new to marketing. I enjoyed this course, I found it easy to follow, informative and interesting. I liked the pdf at the beginning with the course structure/ content. I think that pdfs of the slides (as they put in accounting and managing human resources courses of the business foundation specialization) would have been nice.

By Anderson K

Jan 4, 2017

My perspective, in the begining of this course, was of someone that had never been in touch with the marketing world. So, all the concepts were new. That's probably potentialized my fascination with the material I was exposed to. The course is great and the professors are really good in explaining all the new concepts. I recommend it!

By Darla J B M

Mar 23, 2016

I worked in Marketing a long time but still learned some new and interesting ideas. I liked the class very much. I wish there were flash cards or some type of study aid. With working full time and a family, making my own is time consuming and I would have liked the tools to get more out of this. Very insightful none the less.

By Yuri B

Aug 19, 2020

I think for an on-line course that people from various countries and nationalities can take, the teachers need to be more appealing. One in particular I had a hard time keeping because of the accent and the pacing, but his knowledge is undeniably good. I just think that for this kind of course he probably is not a good fit.

By Patrick Y

May 14, 2017

I thought it was a great introduction to the way that you have to think in order to build and develop your brand. I understand that it is part of the material, but a lot of it was very high level and not super actionable. That being said, the professors were great and I learned a ton listening to what they had to say.

By Aubrey B

May 8, 2018

This was a great review of fundamental marketing lessons. I was disappointed by the third lecture; while it covered engaging topics, it felt like it was a disorganized conglomeration of clips from other lectures slapped together. It was challenging to follow as there was no cohesive theme tying the lesson together.

By Natali M

Dec 18, 2015

Everything is very interesting and practical. One more thing that I would like to get - to have an explanation why my wrong answers in the quizes are wrong. Most of them I answered wrong because of misunderstanding the language itself, and I would like to know what the question was, and why did I answered it wrong.

By Siddharth D

Jun 2, 2020

The course and the lecturers were amazing in laying a good foundation. Because a lot had to be covered in a short span, it would have been useful if there was additional reading material to build on the concept introduced. A must for every beginner or for anyone who wants to think more structurally. KUDOS!

By Inés K

Jun 22, 2020

The lectures by Professor Kahn and Professor Fader were VERY good, extremely interesting and very well presented (5 stars). The third week was very long, not well presented and thus rather boring, though the material in itself was very interesting. (too many slides, no good summary, all in all 2 stars).

By Ajay S

Aug 17, 2020

Some key points discussed without getting caught in the weeds. Maybe it would have helped if we got to understand few more case studies as a whole and have some sort of a reflection module as assignments where people got to share thoughts based on the principles discussed and listen to other's ideas.

By Alok

Jun 9, 2017

Good insights gained. For a person from a non-marketing background it was great to understand the fundamentals and approaches to marketing along with great insights from each of the professors. Would definitely recommend this course to folks who want to understand marketing and pick it up as a skill.


May 14, 2016

Great Introductory course.

Only limitation i see is that the focus is on consumer goods companies.

For someone working in an Engineering Consulting Firm, it would be more beneficial if examples are focused on different kinds of businesses rather than just Consumer Goods companies and Big Box stores.

By Wilmire A

Jul 20, 2020

This course was so instructive. I got the chance to learn different concepts about Marketing. They are going to be useful for my personal business and for my professional career in the future. However, I had hoped that I could get all the information from the videos on a document for my record.

By Dibakar D

Jun 17, 2016

The first week provides basic and valuable insights into the World of Marketing... I found the virtual classroom lessons by Ms. Kahn as fascinating... I really appreciate the way the tough concepts were explained through day to day examples.As such grasping the concepts became an easy task.