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This course focuses on women’s health and human rights issues from infancy through old age, including information about positive interventions relating to those issues. Learners are encouraged to interact with each other through interactive discussions. It is important to us that this course be available to all learners. We encourage you to apply for Coursera's financial aid (see link to left) if the cost of the course certificate is difficult for you to afford. Please note that you may view all materials in this course, and participate in it, without purchasing a certificate. The course was co-created by Consulting Professor Anne Firth Murray and Kevin Hsu. Anne Firth Murray is the Content Director of the course; Kevin Hsu is the Design Director of the course....

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Oct 14, 2020

A wonderfully insightful course, with many real-life case studies that reveal the ingrained and systemic abuse that so many women face. The course had the right balance of videos and reading material.


Mar 2, 2019

This course is very complete, professors and collaborators can provide extremely important information to your learning regarding women Human Rights.

I also appreciated all the resources available.

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By Laura P

Aug 22, 2020

Absolutely wonderful! I am so grateful to have taken this course, it has taught me so much about women's health that I didn't already know. This course has made me want to take on a new career path towards supporting women's rights. Anne Firth Murray was a fantastic lecturer and the content she used was fresh and insightful. I couldn't recommend this course enough!

By Denise N

Jul 6, 2022

This is a very informative course.  It opens my eyes to the various challenges’ women around the world experience including their health and violation of their human rights. It also exposes me to numerous women, organizations, agencies and other groups that have made it their business to expose and minimize the issues.  Overall, this course is very enlightening.  

By Sujin C

Oct 16, 2018

This is the third course I've taken on coursera and it is by far the most comprehensive in terms of both content and structure. It requires more effort than the other courses because of the variety of assignments but it is worth it! The readings, the videos, and even the quizzes and assignments are interesting and engaging. I highly, highly recommend this course.

By Amy R

Apr 2, 2018

This is a very informative course, with issues that I think everyone should learn about. It is important to know about these things, and also learn about the ways that we can try and change them in the future. It is quite heavy on readings so you need to be prepared for that and have the time to do them if you want to get the most out of this great course.

By Zarghona Y

Apr 12, 2021

It was an extremely well planned course enlightening about issues women all over the world face . Awareness to these issues can only be brought by spreading word out. Excellent course ,well written material and extremely informative lectures ,thought provoking assignments.excellent reference materials . Loved every minute of studying. Thank you coursera

By Konul A

Dec 3, 2021

The problems of women right and solution of women problems mainly actual quetion for me.I look for course in many online courses. But this course can answer all my quetion. It shows me ways to gender equailty. Many thanks Anne Firth Murray for her book from where I get a lot of information. And thank you very much for this course!!!

By sharon c

Mar 28, 2022

This course was remarkable! I have learned so much about the hardships that many women go through in their life, and eventhough they have gone through many difficult dilemmas, it has been amazing to learn about the women who have forgiven and kept moving forward in helping others and saving millions of women's lives. - Sharon Chaux

By isha s

Jul 24, 2020

The course is well-designed and provides a detailed insight on the condition of women and girls around the world. It is quite interactive and the interviews with experts and people at the forefront of working for gender equality is very inspiring. The assignments and quizzes help a lot in better understanding of the course material.

By Keara D

Jul 19, 2020

I really enjoyed doing this course and it was very eye-opening. I learnt a lot more about women in the world and the fact that I was able to put my views across weekly made me feel happy and satisfied. I will not stop here though, I am wanting to pursue work with voluntary work like this as this has inspired me to do much more.

By Rebecca L D

Oct 12, 2019

I've absolutely enjoyed this course. It provided me with a wealth of material from highly esteemed people in their fields, and it covered a variety of topics. It was always great to read other peoples work and see how I could help them as well. I would honestly take this course again if I could. Could not recommend it enough.

By Harish K

May 18, 2021

To me, the course was an eye-opener to many hitherto unexplored aspects of women's rights. However, I would like to see in future a module on "Women's Rights and Religion" included in the course, which throws light on how religious dogma is robbing women their rights in religion-obsessed countries like India and Saudi Arabia

By Marta F

Jun 20, 2020


By luz m p

Jul 20, 2020

Este curso es increible!!! Recomiendo muchísimo que lo hagan, especialmente las mujeres. Refleja la injusticia de género en todos los ámbitos a nivel mundial. La coordinadora sabe muchísimo y ofrece material de todo tipo, textos, videos, entrevistas, fuentes de ONG. Muy completo. Aprendí mucho, super didáctico.

By Nina O

Sep 25, 2017

This course has a great insight on all topics that raise issues on women's rights and human rights at this time in age. If you are not sure on which topic you would like to focus on with women's issues then this class would be great for you to visit every topic and see which topic your most interested in. Real

By Sharae A I

Jul 22, 2020

GREAT COURSE!!! It is very informative. The content is truly rich in quality. From the first week I was hooked. It was fun to take this course, because it was teaching about unjust things that are happening around me, and I can do simple things to encourage the progression of women.

By Andressa S

Aug 26, 2020

It's definitely an amazing course! I've learned so much about which barriers women have to face in order to have their rights fulfilled. Moreover, I've learned about women worldwide who are tackling these issues in order to help other women to have a better and equitable life .

By Alicia Z

Jun 22, 2020

Very comprehensive course! This course has allowed me to learn and research about many of the issues related to gender inequality in my own country. I highly recommend this course for committed learners. Thank you Anne Murray & your team for this very well put together course.

By Anita k

Mar 26, 2019

I never thought I would be so engaged in online learning. This course is wonderful for the busy modern day woman. The deadlines are flexible, there are lots of engagement opportunities and the material (some of which is a bit long) is very interesting and easy to grasp.

By North M

Aug 20, 2021

very exciting topic and contents for anyone who is interested in human rights and women's health. it is super helpful in helping me realize how hurtful the world is for women, and what do we need to do to improve the situation. I think this is the couse for everyone!

By Orsolya C

Jun 23, 2020

Loved this course, great teaching and amazing range of resources available and good to have peer-reviewed assessments, providing insights from different countries and cultures. Would absolutely recommend, quite a lot of work but I've hugely enjoyed and learnt a lot

By Bryant S

Jan 6, 2018

A great course to learn about issues that affects females world wide and how you can be an ally. Simply treat others the same no matter gender, race, religion and etc as we can make the world both Diverse and Inclusive and letting them having the seat at the table.

By Marina A

Jan 25, 2021

This course is magnificent!

It is extremely interesting, with really important topics regarding women´s health and rights. Also, it has featured guests.

I have been into this topic for years, and I learned so much here.

I genuinely recommend it to you.

Thank you!

By Esra E

Jul 30, 2020

I reaaally loved this course and I am so honored that I got the chance to learn about these topics. Every women and men should be tought about the topics mentioned in the course in order to have a better understanding of the life around the World for women.

By Rukayat O

Nov 18, 2020

The course was very enjoyable, encouraging and eye-opening. I was motivated by the women interviewed by Anne every week. The course was more than an educative experience. A huge thnk you to Anne Firth and all the amazing women who took part in the course.