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Seventy percent of kids drop out of sports before their high school graduation. Only 15% leave because they feel they are not good enough. Almost 70% leave because they were not having fun, or due to problems with the coach. Injuries cause 30% to give up sports. This course is packed full of practical sports science information that provide youth coaches and parents with the practical pediatric sports science insights to successfully retain young athletes and develop their sport potential while avoiding injury and overtraining. We begin by examining the multidimensional nature of coaching, the relevant sport motor performance abilities, the impact of growth and development on motor skills, the gene versus practice controversy, and briefly overview the body structures strengthened through training. Then we explore the athlete's energy supply, where this energy comes from, and how it matures along with the athlete. Finally, we examine the development of strength, power, anaerobic capacity, coordination and flexibility through the life span. The optional text manual for this course is available at:

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May 27, 2017

Great base to build on. Filled in my gaps with regards to physical/physiological development of young athletes. For me it is a great addition to the English FA Level 1 and 2 football coaching course.


Dec 7, 2020

This course was very helpful in how we can train our athletes and the factors that may hinder their performances especially when they transition from pre-teenage years to post-teenage years.

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By Bharath A

Aug 2, 2020

A very through and detailed approach. Putting the science behind athlete development from a young age. This is a must do for any coach or any person that is involved in physical education, literacy or training. Thank you Dr. Brooks for the time and effort put to create such invaluable content!

By Dr.Mamata R

May 15, 2021

good for beginners who are just getting introduced to coaching.excellent teaching by Dr.Chris,the style of teaching was engaging and interesting.Very well organised and a well structured course with use of latest articles and research to back teaching concepts.Cant wait to hop on to part 2.

By G A

Jul 16, 2020

If you don't know how the engine (body) works, how do you expect to modify it (to a sports specific body). An indispensable course if you work with kids through sports.

There is critical information without which we are probably causing some harm. Cause no harm! Take this course!

By Jhon S E

Jul 13, 2020

Excelente explicación de las fases de crecimiento y maduración en la pubertad y los periodos sensibles para la adquisición de habilidades para potenciar el techo genético de un atleta. Además de otros conceptos relevantes en el campo del entrenamiento de atletas jóvenes!

By Andr�s A V F

Sep 13, 2020

It is an excellent course, which contemplates in a very understandable way the most important topics within the sports training environment.

As for the Speaker, Dr. Chris Brooks, is a very capable person in her area, who transmits knowledge in a very practical way.

By Patrick D

May 26, 2020

Excellent course where the scientific background of the basic training methodologies is explained in a clear and consise way. I know understand the why's an how's of training young athletes much better and will incorporate this knowledge into my future training plans.

By Richard R D

Feb 9, 2019

I love this course. Very well explained and detailled. It also gives you a great insight of sport sciences.

Some of the modules really explaned the difference between genders. As a soccer of coach of young females athletes, it teaches more about females athletes too.

By Daequan J

Aug 17, 2020

This course was excellent, it taught me new information that will now help me to develop my skills and experience as a coach not just to young athletes but to any age group. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop their coaching skills

By Leigh S

May 7, 2020

I learned a lot from this course. I haven't had a physiology class in 30 years and a bit has changed. I appreciated the practical application of coaching knowledge backed up by the scientific research that has been concluded since I left the university environment.

By David R

Jul 4, 2022

Gem of a course. I took this course so that I might be able to more responsibly guide my young athlete children through the youth sports landscape. I sincerely believe thie knowledge I gained through this course will help me better do that. Priceless.

By kevin p g n

Mar 10, 2020

de verdad a mi pareces esta muy completo el curso, abarco muchos de los aspectos que los entrenadores debemos conocer en nuestro día a día, muchas gracias por dictar este tipo de cursos, aveces es difícil que esta información llegue a ciertos países.

By Joy A R

Jun 24, 2017

Great course. Dr. Brooks has covered the young athlete's physical, mental and emotional development in great detail and the course provides really good reference material to design and deliver the right coaching methods targeted toward the children.

By Tania M

Sep 15, 2020

The insights for course are incredible, highly recommended. The outcome is a great understanding of how young athletes develop, it will save you frustrations because you will have the facts. Thanks Dr. Chris Brooks and University of Florida.

By Dionifel D G

May 23, 2020

Excellent course! So many things you can learn. Even if you've already studied this in the university, it's still such good resource for additional and practical information. Syllabus is easy to follow. Contents are really educational.

By ishan s

Oct 23, 2021

This Course is excellent. I really enjoy this course and lectures! This was a great course to strengthen the need to approach problem with a coach's mentality. For those who wanted to learn manage, this is the best course for you!

By Erez G

Aug 1, 2019

Well done built. brought by a very professional way.

It was very clear. the subtitles were important in the beginning until I could understand or get used to the Australian accent. Looking forward to complete the advanced course.

By Vitor P d B

Apr 10, 2020

The course is very good and Dr. Brooks is a great teacher. If you're (or want to be) a coach, this course will help you a lot in understanding the science of training young athletes and developing your skills as a professional.

By Suzanne R

Aug 4, 2020

This is an excellent course. Teaching the appropriate amount of information to get new coaches started on the right path. Time to do the work and turn in assignments is well organized. I recommend it to anyone interested!

By Estefany G

Jun 23, 2020

I really enjoyed this course, it opened a new vision for me because I got a lot of useful information that I can use with my athletes and it also motivated me to keep learning. It showed me that I really love doing this job!

By Garfield R

Jun 18, 2020

This course helped me a lot in understanding the development stages of a young athlete and gave me a lot of knowledge and confidence going forward it was a great and very knowledgeable experience from which I've gained alot.


Apr 26, 2020

Thank you so much. I had learned alot about human body , and how to train them effectively on right time. once again thank you so much it was really good to understand , and implement in our training programe.

By Ricky J J

May 20, 2022

This course is one that I wish more youth coaches attend. Really important to have this information spread throughout the sports economy. The professor speaks with a great tone to keep the course intresting.

By mario g

Nov 30, 2020

this course gave me a lot of extra informations on how to deal with young athletes and gain their confidence and how to make them love what they are doing.

thank you Dr.Chris Brooks for your amazing help

By Pierre L

Jul 14, 2016

Very good course on the basics of coaching and training.

sometimes we wish to learn more but it is only an introduction.

The videos are really well made and the professor really knows her subject.

By Iskandar Y N

Mar 2, 2021

As a Physical Education student and sports coach, this course helped me to review some classes I've attended at university. Also, I've learned vocabulary in English related to my field of study.