Online Master of Computer Science

Arizona State University


Accredited diploma

Offered by Arizona State University

Taught in English

Engage in group discussions with professors and peers

18-36 months

10 courses total, 30 credit hours, 20 hours per week

100% online

Hands-on learning from anywhere, no travel required

$15,000 USD total cost


When you graduate from the Online Master of Computer Science, you’ll be able to:

• Design, build, and protect secure systems that contain private information
• Address problems in automated planning and scheduling, natural language processing, multi-agent systems, and the semantic web
• Leverage cloud platforms to increase productivity and effectiveness
• Perform accurate analysis of computers, computational processes, and information transfer systems
• Improve software reliability and network security
• Invent next-generation computer systems such as biomedical information systems, search engines, or package distribution systems

Degree projects include:

• Design a Visual Analytics System
Explore and reason with data by designing and building a visual analytics system for analyzing visitor data to a fictional theme park.

• Build a Deep Learning Architecture
Design and build a deep neural network of many layers, creating a network that can recognize image categories from a given dataset.

• Build a Movie Database
Demonstrate your ability to design and build a seven-table movie database from scratch; you’ll also create applications to work on top of the database.

• Implement a K-Means Algorithm and Its Variants
Create and build a clustering algorithm that can group the input collection of documents into a desired number of clusters.

For a complete overview of the degree program, including admission, degree requirements, and courses please see the MCS Handbook.

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Course information

To meet degree requirements, all online MCS students must take one foundations course, one systems course, one applications course, and any seven additional courses from the list below. Students must also submit a project portfolio.

CSE 551 Foundations of Algorithms
CSE 579 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

CSE 531 Distributed & Multiprocessor OS
CSE 539 Applied Cryptography
CSE 543 Information Assurance and Security
CSE 545 Software Security
CSE 548 Advanced Computer Network Security
CSE 565 Software Verification, Validation, and Testing
CSE 566 Software Project, Process, and Quality Management

CSE 511 Data Processing at Scale
CSE 539 Applied Cryptography
CSE 571 Artificial Intelligence
CSE 572 Data Mining
CSE 575 Statistical Machine Learning
CSE 578 Data Visualization

CSE 466 Computer Systems Security
CSE 598 Engineering Blockchain Applications
CSE 598 Intro to Deep Learning in Visual Computing
CSE 598 Advanced Software Analysis and Design

Course Briefs


Master of Computer Science in Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity concentration is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills and the advanced development capability in science and engineering for cybersecurity, including computer and network security, software security, data and information security, applied cryptography and computer forensics. Students who pursue the Cybersecurity concentration will be required to take a certain number of their credit hours from a list of courses focused on or relating to cybersecurity.
Learn more about the Cybersecurity concentration

Master of Computer Science in Big Data

The Big Data concentration is designed to provide students with the analytical expertise to generate insights from data and inform decision-making for organizations. Through project-based learning, students will learn to build scalable systems for capturing, processing, and interpreting large and complex data sets. Students who pursue the Big Data concentration will be required to take a certain number of their credit hours from a list of courses focused on or relating to big data.
Learn more about the Big Data concentration

Program Length

How long will it take to finish my degree?
18 - 36 months, though most working students complete the degree in 2 years. The school year is broken into five 7.5 week long “sessions.” Typically students will take 1 class per session, leading to a 2-year completion time for the degree. Expect to spend 15-20 hours/week per course.

How is tuition paid? Are there payment plans?
The total cost of the degree program is $15,000, or $1,500 per 3-credit course. You will take 10 courses, or 30 credit hours, to complete the degree. Tuition is paid as each course is taken - you will only be billed for the courses you are enrolled in.

There are no textbooks required for the courses, and no additional fees.

ASU offers a payment plan with the option to budget the payment of certain eligible university charges over several months within the semester.

Here is a sample schedule for 24 month completion (20 hours/week)

SessionCourses TakenTuition Due each session
Fall A - Year 11$1,500
Fall B - Year 11$1,500
Spring A - Year 11$1,500
Spring B - Year 11$1,500
Summer - Year 11$1,500
Fall A - Year 21$1,500
Fall B - Year 21$1,500
Spring A - Year 21$1,500
Spring B - Year 21$1,500
Summer - Year 21$1,500

*Hours are estimated. Tuition amounts shown are examples only - exact amounts may differ pending final established rates each year.


This degree program takes anywhere from 18 - 36 months to complete, though most working students complete the degree in 2 years.

Courses follow an accelerated format. As such, expect to spend 15 – 20 hours per week on each course.

The completion time is based on the number of courses enrolled in per semester. You must complete 30 credit hours to achieve a masters degree.

The MCS program has five sessions a year (Fall A, Fall B, Spring A, Spring B, Summer), with each session being 7.5 weeks. See the ASU academic calendar.

Coursera on Mobile

Students can access all course materials wherever they are with the mobile app, used by over 80% of degree students on Coursera. The app is available on iOS and Android.

The mobile app allows students to:

  • Save a week’s worth of content for offline access with one click
  • Save and submit quizzes offline
  • View text transcripts of lecture videos
  • Take notes directly in the app
  • Set reminder alerts to help you make progress

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Coursera does not grant credit, and does not represent that any institution other than the degree granting institution will recognize the credit or credential awarded by the institution; the decision to grant, accept, or transfer credit is subject to the sole and absolute discretion of an educational institution.

We encourage you to investigate whether this degree meets your academic and/or professional needs before applying.