Dr Chulhee Choi is a professor and chair of Optical Bioimaging Center at KAIST, Daejeon, Republic of Korea. Dr Choi's present researches are focused on developing novel in vivo imaging technique and discovering potential drugable targets of malignant cancers using in vivo-mimetic tumor models. And using bio-medical information technology and nanotechnology, identification of cancer specific markers or agents which is able to be used either for diagnosis or treatment is also ongoing. More recently, he is delineating the cellular and molecular mechanisms of the tissue-photon interaction induced by ultra-short pulsed lasers as a novel tool for biophotonic modulation of multiple cellular functions.

Dr Choi pursues freely active discussion and creative thinking. Besides academic and scientific activities, he also does every effort to foster the younger generation. Due to his pursuit of mentoring, he achieved 'Best Lecturer Award' of the department, multiple times.