Jeff Loux, Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Science, Agriculture and Natural Resources & Associate Adjunct Professor


    Jeff Loux, Ph.D., is chair of the Science, Agriculture and Natural Resources Department at UC Davis Extension and Associate Adjunct Professor in Environmental Design at UC Davis. He is director of UC Davis Extension's Land Use and Natural Resources program and is responsible for more than 150 short courses, seminars, symposia and conferences each year, in the classroom and online, for working professionals in a variety of fields. Loux has authored several books, including Water and Land Use, and numerous articles, book chapters and papers on sustainable urban design, water resources, public participation and environmental and land use policy, and has lectured and presented in Europe, southeast Asia, Australia, Chile and throughout the U.S. Loux has developed complex mapping and plan-based analyses for hundreds of projects, typically in water resources management, land use planning and environmental impact assessment. His role in this GIS course will be in the capstone project.