After obtaining a DPhil in Experimental Psychology in 2008 at the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Prof Catherine Harmer, I was College Lecturer in Psychology at Lady Margaret Hall and Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford. After that, I held two postdoctoral research positions, first at the Institute of Psychiatry and then the University of Cambridge. In 2012, I was qualified as a Clinical Psychologist and started my new appointment as a Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. As a broad outline, my research interests lie in the risk and resilience of depression. I am interested in both experimental work exploring the underlying psychological and neural-cognitive processes, as well as clinical studies investigating the evidence base for preventative measures or early interventions for adolescents. I am also an honorary Clinical Psychologist at the NHS Lothian Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. I strongly believe that sharing our knowledge with the general public is an essential part of academic life, and am therefore extremely excited about the MOOCs. Outside work I enjoy hill walking and visiting historical places.