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About the Course

This course introduces you to the concept of conflict transformation and how it differs from conflict resolution, management, and prevention. We’ll see how conflict offers opportunities for constructive change, and we'll explore different tools and methods for engaging conflict constructively. Regardless of your familiarity with the topic, you'll get insightful tips, portable handouts, lively demonstrations, and personalized assignments to bridge and enhance your own knowledge and history within the conflict narrative. In any area of your life, you'll benefit from the practical techniques and transferable information offered throughout this five-week journey....

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Jan 17, 2019

I love this course, which gave me many nice instructions on how to maintain relationships with others. The assignments were very interesting to finish, and provided a lot of insights while doing it.


Aug 2, 2017

I have definitely learned a lot with this course! What is my style, how to address conflict more efficiently, what tools do we have, and many more useful skills for my personal and work life.

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By Timo C

Jun 11, 2018

What I liked about this course was that the readings were relevant and challenging, but not impossible to get through. The lecturer is knowledgeable, clear and easy to listen to. There was a good balance of video material, activities and reading materials. The assignments were quite well-balanced, in that you had to have done the reading to understand and complete the tasks successfully. Negatives are that the time indications given for the readings were often far too low - it often took me more than double the time indicated to read and annotate the texts - and the forum feels a little dead; messages about a broken link were not responded too, and there is no moderator interaction with student responses. It is important for students to feel like someone is aware there is a discussion going on, otherwise a course like this can feel a bit like a ghost town. Overall, I would recommend this course.

By Nellie A

Jun 9, 2020

This is an amazing course, one of its kind. It helped me to look inside myself and re-evaluate many steps I have taken. It helped me to look at others in my life and understand them better. And I do hope it will help me to handle conflicts on my life path, when I meet them next time, in a much smarter and wiser way than previously. Ellen is a wonderful person and a very dedicated and inspiring teacher. She makes the course truly enjoyable without being light-weight and entertaining. I am very grateful to her for lifting up the barriers of my thinking.

By P.P. E

Oct 3, 2019

This is an interesting course that let's you think systematically about dimensions of a conflict and how to get something better out of it. It is not only about 'managing' a conflict, or 'resolving' a conflict - it is about transform to something better. This requires insight in conflict dynamics and underlying causes. There are some simple but useful tools to create insight or help change the way parties view a conflict. I like the broad application -- from bloody wars to small family irritations. The learning applies everywhere.

By Brenda J G

Jun 14, 2020

First, I am truly grateful to Coursera for providing me with the opportunity to take this course! Second, this course offered by Emory University and facilitated by Professor Ellen Ott Marshall was more than I expected. The readings were very comprehensive in nature and I appreciated the “ponder the past” questions. But most importantly, the peer-graded writing assignments allowed me the opportunity to apply the learned skills “in the moment”…..overall, it was a great learning process.

By Timotheüs B W

Apr 23, 2020

Very informative course about the opportunity to see conflict as a catalyst for change. It's a joy to listen to the teacher and the materials were intersting and adequate. One tip: when you want to read and study all the materials you need more time than what is indicated. A weekly load of two hours doesn't do justice to what you really need.

By Sarah T

Feb 23, 2018

This is a great introductory course in conflict transformation. I gained practical knowledge that I could immediately put to use in my personal and professional relationships. Concepts are broken down making them digestible and easy to understand.

By Dragos D

Jul 8, 2018

Really great presentation mood. The teacher has a great presence. And this is backed up by very useful concepts. I feel that the need for this kind of working tool is an every day one.

By Stephen D

Sep 22, 2020

Ellen Ott Marshall is an amazing speaker and teacher. She is captivating and concise. Her presentations highlighted and clarified all of the course material and created a great learning experience.

The course has been very enlightening. There is definitely a great deal of knowledge that I can now carry forward both in my career and personal life. Learning that conflict is normal and part of everyday life, but has the ability to truly create positive change, was uplifting...conflict just always seems destructive. Now I can see it's all about getting to the core problem and working together to create harmony.

I thank you greatly for the opportunity and look forward to other courses offered.

Stephen DeVenne

By Deleted A

Apr 20, 2020

This course has been of great benefit to me, you visualize the concepts very well and it is well developed, it also makes you review and reflect on the conflicts you have had or have and when you analyze them you realize that you had not done anything to change them or transform them into something positive so that they are not harmful throughout your life. thanks to the whole team, it's been a big help.


By Raul T

Nov 18, 2017

I was looking for a course on turning upset ppl into happy ppl. This course analyses conflict from insider, by stender and mediator stand points. I like the part on what to say and what not to say when mediating a conflict.

By Anna

Jul 2, 2020

My favorite course on coursera! Great presenter, really engaging and knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to anybody as conflict transformation is a very useful skill/tool.

I would only add that I wish the course were longer! Weeks 1 and 5 were especially interesting and an expansion of those topics would have been nice. Also would appreciate a section on how to address conflicts that cannot be resolved and dealing with people who refuse to cooperate (eg stuff on mediation and circles was based on voluntary participation; but what if they aren't willing to participate or even talk about the issue?)

By E C

May 11, 2020

This course gave me tools to deal with conflict in a way I never thought was possible. And not just dealing with the symptoms, but getting to the root of the conflict so we can deal with it so it does not keep reappearing again and again in different forms. The reading material was always relevant to the topic and the lectures were well presented.

Thank you, Dr. Ellen Ott Marshall and Chandler School of Theology at Emory University.

By Kimberly M

Jul 7, 2020

A great course that offers a start to understanding more about conflict. Even though I have finished it I will definitely come back to view some of the methods the professor suggests to use for possibly coming to a solution because of conflict. I would highly recommend to other people who are looking for ways to deal with conflict in their own lives. It is a short course with a lot of juicy material packed in it.

By Silas A

Apr 14, 2020

Great course, a lot of content and material. Students might have a great introduction to the conflict transformation studies. The professor was very clear and friendly and the exercises were pretty helpful. In future opportunities, I would suggest that more specialists could participate, so as the students could gain from different perspectives. But, all in all, the quality of the course was very high.

By Natalia H

Jun 22, 2020

I'm really happy that I took a Conflict Transformation course. It's very practical and I could apply new knowledge in my working place. Ms. Marshall guided very well all along the course and explained the key questions and highlight the most important information together with real examples that was really helpful. Thank you very much for the opportunity to update my knowledge and grow in my carrer.

By Michael L

Oct 24, 2017

Thank you for the course offered. It helps me to understand in details what I used to take for granted on conflict resolution method. Now that there are structure ways of handling conflict, it gives me more confident in dealing with it when encountered.

May I know, if there is a certificate given? And do I need to buy it? How how much will it cost if any?

Thank you.

Warmest Regards

Michael Lam

By Isaac R

May 11, 2020

A very interesting and complete course about diverse thematics and perspectives of conflict, for me a lot of contents were new and wide my vision about the ways that I could have to improve my response to the conflicts in diverse scenarios. Congratulations to the teacher-instructor, she inspires confidence and reflects energy and happiness.

By Joumana H

Aug 8, 2017

This course changed my way of thinking. It is challenging, well documented, very informative. Professor Ott Marshall is very skilled. She is one of the few professors I had the privilege to attend, that are able to communicate their passion and interest on a given subject. I enjoyed every minute and recommend this course to all.

By Yingzhu C

Jun 14, 2020

I do love how this course is managed and the speaker's clear and academic expression. Thank you for producing such an effective and well-designed course on conflict transformation that will definitely open my new insight on how to face and engage the conflicts in my daily life and other affairs from different levels.

By Mar�a d P

Jun 23, 2020

I really enjoyed this journey with Ellen Ott Marshall, she masters the elements needed to understand the techniques as tools, but she does it with such grace that you KNOW her intentions on helping people transform from diffcult moments comes from heart. Thank you!

By Tanya H

Jun 14, 2020

I very much enjoyed this course. This course required me to take a deeper look at myself and how I handle conflicts in both personal and professional settings. I hope that I can continue to use the methods I learned to change how I view and approach conflict.

By Tonya H

Sep 20, 2020

Excellent course. Any student can complete the course and be able to apply the knowledge and techniques of Conflict Transformation. A must for those individuals interested in learning about conflict for personal or professional reasons.

By sarah q

Sep 15, 2020

This is a great course that helps with conflict not just in the workplace but all areas of our lives. It's a really nice taster for this kind of work and way of thinking. I've already been putting some of the tools into practise.

By Thilina R

May 1, 2020

Really important key concepts of conflict transformation were well taught. The syllabus is well arranged and Interesting. I’m more than happy I followed the course. A must taken course by everyone else and you won’t regret a bit.

By Daniel S

Dec 6, 2017

Great MOOC. Ellen Ott Marshall is presenting the basics of conflict transformation. From theory to skills, in this course you can practice to become a conflict transformer. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us Ellen :-)