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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Corporate Sustainability. Understanding and Seizing the Strategic Opportunity by Università Bocconi

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The achievement of a balanced economic, social and environmental development - as expressed in the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development - is recognized as one of the major challenges humanity is facing today. What is less clear is whether and how organizations can generate business opportunities and value for their stakeholders while tackling such challenges. In this course, thought leaders in a wide variety of management and economics fields illustrate how to assess and seize the opportunities offered by these global emergencies. They will offer new ways to understand the purpose and the logic of success of the business enterprise in this new context, providing ideas and examples on how to manage the transition process to realize the value creation potential from corporate sustainability for all involved stakeholders. Learning objectives The course will allow you to: - Understand What the macroeconomic and microeconomic consequences of both climate changes, poverty, hunger, gender or race discriminations, lack of communication between the State, Civil Societies, and businesses, etc are. - Understand Why it is important for businesses to tackle sustainability issues in order to create more and better business opportunities; - Learn How each individual, organization and system can start to analyze its behaviors and change towards more sustainable practices and models....

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May 25, 2020

This is an extremely detailed and informative course, ideal for someone looking to expand their knowledge of sustainability issues and the strategy required to address them in a corporate context.


Aug 25, 2020

I enjoyed this course, it was very detailed in explaining what exactly Sustainability means and how it partners with a successful business. Great course and good information!

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By Nicola M

May 27, 2018

This is the most complete, interesting, straight to the point course on CSR i have ever seen. Not only you have many internationally accredited experts on this, but i was amaze on the clarity of each intervention, discussion, and how "fresh and clean" each topic was presented. It covered all different aspects of this subject, from the most technical to the most holistic ones, keeping an eye open for all relevant variables and elements that could have been mentioned, bringing in one course the whole world of CSR together. Finally the quality that really stood out and made a difference has been the ability to merge together top-ranked researches with enlightened human point of view, scanning a profound level of reality trough the light of deep-heart human wisdom. Thank you

By Cimberley C G

Oct 26, 2019

I would strongly suggest to include more native-english speaking professors and increase the level of video recordings. The sound was not always clear. The structure of this course was not really clear and most of the professors were more busy with reading off the text behind the cameras and speaking very monotone too. This made it hard to focus. But all in all interesting content and definitely applicable.

By Maria G d C

Nov 11, 2020

Very interesting course that anyone is able to follow even without knowledge, it is a great introduction to corporate sustainability. Thanks to the team and the efforts!

By Tinka S

May 5, 2020

Loved this course! As a person with a non-business background I was skeptical as to whether large organizations even care about sustainability and I was pleasantly surprised. This course teaches you about the challenges to corporate sustainability but also shows many success stories and initiatives that try to make the business world more sustainable. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about what's already being done and what could be done in the future!

By Charlene C

Jun 19, 2020

The Corporate Sustainability course was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to get a complete overview of the sustainable challenges we are facing nowadays from a business’ point of view and understand how to manage the transition process to deliver sustainable changes.

This course is a 6 weeks programme with very interesting experts and business cases. I have wrote about it and share 3 things I have learnt from the Course on my personal blog here:

By Marco R

Nov 16, 2020

Interesting course. Not all of it was news to me as I am involved in various CSR efforts in the workplace, so be warned that experienced people may be somewhat bored at times. But some of it was indeed unknown to me, In some cases very stimulating, I particularly recommend Frank Boek's classes and the conversation between Zollo and other specialists. I am satisfied to the extent that I advised people I taught in testimonial to a master class about CSR to enroll here. I think it unfair to say - as mentioned in another review - that the quality of English could be improved. It is perfectly understandable English, somewhat accented (with various European-like accents), but mostly actually high quality. Be warned that the 80% threshold for passing tests usually means all answers must be right bar one, and sometimes the questions are about something mentioned in passing so you may have to review the lecture. My advice is to search the text.

By Yohan H

May 13, 2020

The overall lecture contents are good but, the syllabus has to be more clearly presented. There are a number of unnecessary contents involved as mandatory.

First of all, the way Maurizio Zollo talks is not very clear and more importantly he talks away too slow. I would like to recommend everyone taking this course to speed up his part at least X1.5 faster than normal speed. Secondly, the final essay and peer review parts are totally worthless. I understand the purpose of it but, it does not help on my learning process. Third, the sounds and the introduction at each video clip were very annoying.

The learning opportunity for corporate sustainability was greatly appreciated and useful. However, the experience with Bocconi University was no good. I probably would not take any other course from Bocconi University again.

By Laura T

Apr 20, 2020

A very interesting course! Modules were well organized and there were many external people talking about their practical examples of corporate sustainability. I would highly suggest this course to anyone willing to improve his/her knowledge about sustainability at the business level.

By Veronika D

Jul 20, 2020

Great content and very structured course! It would be beneficial if some international companies may join and share their experience with UN-SG. Otherwise, I strongly recommend to join the course.

By Eleanor P

May 26, 2020

This is an extremely detailed and informative course, ideal for someone looking to expand their knowledge of sustainability issues and the strategy required to address them in a corporate context.

By Michele P

Dec 30, 2021

ottimo corso per comprendere meglio le sfide della sostenibilità da diversi punti di vista, aiutando anche a comprendere le prossime sfide delle aziende nei confronti dei diversi stakeholder

By Jose

Nov 1, 2022

Very interesting course! a 360º view of Corporte Sustainalbility, with this course I learnt and open my mind to a different ways to see sustainability and how to apply to the business.

By Cristal P L

Aug 26, 2020

I enjoyed this course, it was very detailed in explaining what exactly Sustainability means and how it partners with a successful business. Great course and good information!

By Sonolet C

Nov 7, 2020

Very interesting contend. however, it could be a little bit more interactive and the quiz are not always very easy to understand. yet, the course is great.

By Sadie W

Jun 29, 2020

The content was excellent and very in depth. Really excellent scope to receive for free. However, I think the quizzes at the end could be improved - the questions are a little abstract and do not always refer to the course content, which can trip you up. However, this does mean you do more research, so maybe not a bad thing! The essay title also could have been worded slightly better as when I was peer grading, I found quite a lot of variety in the understanding of the question. However, fantastic course where I really feel I have learnt a lot of value - and a lot which is applicable to my daily work life. Thanks!

By Gautami B

Oct 1, 2021

The course was really insightful in terms of understanding what parameters are important for companies to incorporate sustainability in their core principles. There were some really good examples of companies that achieved the status of a sustainable enterprise. Something I would have liked in the course is a more elaborated process to follow to make an enterprise sustainable (e.g., registration, laws and policies, hiring processes, etc.).

I'd definitely recommend this course to people who are keen on understanding sustainability in the corporate world!

By Carolina B

Dec 21, 2020

Overall the course included a wide range of very well put together content. It delved into Interesting topics with good speakers and definitely provided me with a lot of very interesting and useful knowledge. The only constructive criticism i would like to point out would be the fact that the quizzes could have focused more on understanding if the student understood the subject studied instead on the capacity to retain small details from a wide range of videos. Moreover, in my opinion, the essay directions were quite vague and confusing.

By Jonathan G

May 2, 2018

Interesting course, but I found the assignment pretty mundane and redundant. Wouldn't the very concept of corporate sustainability be reliant on how you treat your workers at how your business functions? I felt the final assignment had nothing to do with what was being taught.

By Cyrus M

Sep 23, 2022

This was a profoundly fulfilling learning experience. The depth of insights and the articulation of sustainability as an urgent moral obligation and a socio-economic imperative, made for an intellectually enganging interaction. Indeed the argument that sustainability calls for the re-identification of self where an individual must appreacite the effects of his/her action (or inaction) to the global ecosystem and futility of short-termism, was not only enlightening but also humbling. The discourse on the place of meditation in engendering long-term orientation was particularly interesting and quite confirmatory to me. This course comes out not only learning experience but also as a clarion call for inhabitants of this terrestrial ball (Earth)to mind about sustainability. Thank you Prof. Maurizio and Bocconi University Team. May God bless you for this great and timely work.

By Varun R

May 12, 2021

This course of corporate Sustainability raised such amazing awareness, which I would admit I was completely unaware of. The topic were brilliantly covered by Università Bocconi. It infused new knowledge plus case studies, interviews of Industry leaders and Academicians seamlessly within its modules; the lectures were apt, to the point, interesting and engaging. A double thumbs up to Coursera, Università Bocconi, all the professors involved in this course, and a special thanks to Professor Maurizio Zollo, the Dean’s Chaired Professor in Strategy and Sustainability, the main Instructor of this course. Overall it was a brilliant experience and as I would like to say a small step towards an amazing journey of Sustainability, which I would like to pursue as higher studies now. Thank you!!!

By Narine G

May 18, 2021

Thanks much for very wide spectrum and multi-dimensional presentations: very informative, and showing various aspects of sustainability, balanced approach, pros and cons. it was good to hear so many speakers and professionals on their views on the subject. It was also helpful to learn challenges in various industry sectors (light industry, etc.). I'm from mining industry which poses other types of challenges, some consistent with what was raised here, some of other nature. Would be very helpful to include mining sector in your other trainings. Thanks again.

By Tiziana M

Jan 20, 2020

Bocconi University is a a very serious University and this course represents very well the very hight level of the Professors and all the experts who are involved in the programe. The multidiscplines approach (from finance view to marketing until meditation) makes this course really complete. It gave me an full overview of the topics that are impacted by Sustainability, Always with a very pragmatic approach as it is requested by companies. I hope that there will be the opportunity to follow Professor Zollo a


May 12, 2020

I found the Corporate Sustainability Course - Understanding and Seizing the Strategic Opportunity, very good. Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi and its Professors demonstrated great knowledge. The difference was the capacity for critical vision in each class, I was impressed that in addition to the incredible didactics in relation to the method to teach the contents, the guests also demonstrated great scientific knowledge, which helped a lot to enrich the classes. I really appreciate the opportunity.

By David W

Apr 21, 2020

Having now completed a couple of Coursera courses I can say this is one of the better ones. I liked the professor and the mix of other people presenting in different settings. Also very enjoyable was the 'round-table' discussion listening to five peoples views. All in all a very enjoyable and relevant course to be studying at this time. There is a lot of additional (optional) reading which I did not complete. I learnt a lot about my company (which I used for subject material) and the competitors

By Alessandro M

May 25, 2020

The most complete MOOC on sustainability I've ever seen until now. So many insights of experts and academics from a wide range of disciplines. Even though (if you are a sustainability professional) you would have got in touch at least one time with the majority of topics covered during the course, this is a valuable chance to see them with an organic view and also to discover some new approaches to develop a sustainable mindset and to deploy a sustainability change in your organization.