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Creativity & Entrepreneurship will help you tap into your inner creativity and learn how to leverage it for career development or business innovation. Presented by Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship founder Panos Panay, this course features interviews with world renown entrepreneurs, innovators, songwriters, producers, creative directors, educators, performers, visual artists and chefs as they discuss parallels between the creative and entrepreneurial journeys. The course approaches entrepreneurship as a creative process, a fundamental human instinct that we all possess and can unlock. Creativity & Entrepreneurship applies concepts from the creative and musical creation process, such as observing, prototyping, iterating and embracing failure, as a means of guiding you through the concept of thinking like a startup. You will develop the basic mindset, knowledge, and insights required to pursue an entrepreneurial career, whether as the steward of your own career or as the founder of a new business in any field. Creativity & Entrepreneurship is about the side of entrepreneurship you won’t learn at a business school but, instead, in the music studio. What you'll learn: How to approach your career or startup as if learning a musical instrument Why entrepreneurship, like creativity, is something we all possess How to apply “the musician mindset” as means to collaboration and creative problem solving Why songwriting is a perfect parallel to career and product development Why there’s more to entrepreneurship than business plans and spreadsheets much like there’s more to music than scales and lead sheets...

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Jun 28, 2020

It really helped analyze myself, and come up with solutions which I never knew I had! It has also give a great mindset and a headstart for anything i do next or anytime in life!



May 10, 2020

Excellent Course with lots of Great learnings !! Great Value Additions obtained while traversing this course . Excellent!! Attitude of Gratitude for the makers of this course !!

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By Javier G J

Dec 26, 2019

Sorry but this is not a course. I learned a lot about copyright law, promoters, agencies and labels with John P. Kellogg and E. Michael Harrington. They teach many of the basics when you are starting in the music industry. Leah Waldo show us the creation of your image as an artists, social media and some other stuff. But this last course in the Music Business specialization is not other thing but a motivational speech. About subjects that you learn probably in high school or university: "you can learn from failure", "you have to keep trying", "you have to found something that makes you special", etc. More than a course is a TED Talk about entrepreneurship and a very basic one.

By Andrejs V

Oct 19, 2018

Introduction of general idea of internal obstacles and dealing with failure are ok, but in this case not to many words about solutions, about big failures and any kind of repercussions afterwards, such as dealing with depression and long stuck. The course is interesting as a very introductory point, but I would love to see some interviews with psychologists and with some entrepreneurs who experienced great failure and they coped with it afterwards. What gave them the power to go further.

By Dr. K R

May 3, 2020

Dear All,

First of all I sincerely thank the course organizer and Berklee University for preparing the course and coursera for adding this course in the catalog. This course has given me the real essence of creativity and entrepreneurship and the feel after taking up this course is wonderful. So I would also recommend many to take up this course and get this wonderful feel which I am having now.

Thank you all and warm regards,

Dr. K. Renganathan, Professor and Head, Dept of EIE, Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

By Anirudh K

Jun 22, 2020

Lot of Insights from this course. An Eye-opening course. Literally one of the best. Those who are reading this i will suggest just go and take this course. you'll love it.

By henry j c g

Sep 5, 2019


By Heather V

Feb 23, 2022

Excellent course! It gives you all sorts of tips on creativity and "life skills" that you can apply with whatever you are working on. They interview some amazing people and give you a lot of fantastic, actionable advice. One of the really nice things about this course in particular compared with other Berklee options, is that you can complete the course assignments regardless of what your job is. Some of the other courses (both on Coursera and Berklee Online) can't be completed unless you are in a band or a performing musician, because the assignments require you to provide information about your band. If you've had that issue with completion of some of the other courses, don't worry, this one doesn't require you to have a band.

By Evan B M

May 2, 2022

Panos Panay, the Course Author for Berklee Online, has put together a incredibly insightful course with an amazing line-up of 'Entrepreneurial Guests' from diverse fields, giving real-world accounts and advice based on their successes and failures. Their resumes alone (including Panos') can fill a whole page; "...a can of 'wow, I am truly impressed' that they are part of the course!" "Thanks Panos! Thank you to the guest speakers, Berklee, Cousera and everyone that worked on this to bring it together!" - Evan McNeeley (New Certificate Holder - Berklee's Music Business Specialization, four courses completed) The Specialization is a true journey in the world of the Music Industry!

By Johanna M

Mar 28, 2018

This course is great for developing better focus and attention in what one wants to create and for who. It has helped me ask myself questions to better brand my product. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to taking their career to the next step.

By Arthur M

Aug 13, 2019

I love it. The videos were short but full of really informative content and not boring at all.

I love the peer assessment.

And all in all I loved the feeling of pursuing something to fruition and this one was definitely one of them

By Anuj K

Sep 24, 2020

I've learnt a lot about the skills, team, how to cope with the failures, how to understand our customers and so many other important points which will defeneitly help me in making good and efficient decisions in the future.

By Betty D V G

Dec 4, 2020

I enjoyed this course a lot, it is profound, it shows the creativity in different contexts. It gave me useful tools that I will implement to keep growing in my projects and in my general quality of lifestyle.

By Alysa D P

Sep 29, 2020

Very insightful. I already have a bit of background on entrepreneurship but it was interesting to have it be compared to the arts, especially music and performance. The teachers & speakers were amazing!

By Manav P

Jun 29, 2020

It really helped analyze myself, and come up with solutions which I never knew I had! It has also give a great mindset and a headstart for anything i do next or anytime in life!


By Deleted A

May 11, 2020

Excellent Course with lots of Great learnings !! Great Value Additions obtained while traversing this course . Excellent!! Attitude of Gratitude for the makers of this course !!

By José N C

Dec 29, 2020

El curso abarca muchas áreas interesantes para el emprendimiento musical.

Lo recomiendo encarecidamente si quieres comenzar tu carrera profesional en la industria de la música.

By Muhammad S T

Dec 17, 2022

This was a well though-out course that added the professional opinions from professionals.

I was able to see similarities between Creativity And Entrepreneurship.

By Deleted A

Mar 30, 2018

I just loved it! The way professor conducts the similarities between a musician, like me that play guitar, and the entrepreneur mind was absolutely incredible.

By Alejandro B D

Aug 2, 2020

This course provide me a new perspective of Creativity process and entrepreneurship. Panos Panay gives a lot of recommendations in these topics.

By Dan C

Aug 12, 2018

This is a great course that describes the parallels of being a en entrepreneur and a musician. Panos is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker.

By Jorge M A A R

Nov 21, 2020

Excelente curso, vídeos muy claros y entretenidos, los conceptos y los temas de bastante importancia y fácil de entender y analizar

By Carbajal S D

Sep 1, 2020

It really helps you to understand a little bit more what entrepreneurship is and how to carry it along the way.

By Martin S A

Nov 26, 2020

Very interesting for someone who likes to create music and is interested in business and is creative

By Victor B

Mar 29, 2018

This course is really informative. The similarities between music and entrepreneurship are huge

By Parulekar P S

Jul 19, 2020

Wonderful course! Thank you so much Coursera and Berklee School of Music. I appreciate it. :)

By Andrés F B G

Jun 15, 2021

An excellent apprenticeship to grow in the music industry targeting certain specific goals