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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Financial Planning for Young Adults by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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About the Course

Financial Planning for Young Adults (FPYA), developed in partnership with the CFP Board, is designed to provide an introduction to basic financial planning concepts for young adults. The FPYA course is organized across eight separate modules within a 4-week window. Topics covered include financial goal setting, saving and investing, budgeting, financial risk, borrowing and credit. Because financial planning is such a personal topic, you will be encouraged to define your own financial goals and objectives while we discuss concepts and provide tools which can be applied in helping you reach those goals. Within each module, you will view a combination of traditional lecture style videos along with video vignettes that introduce financial topics for discussion among participants. The video vignettes provide a unique and exciting component to this course. Each vignette introduces a real-world scenario where financial decisions must be made and financial planning concepts can be applied. You will be challenged to think critically about each scenario and decide how you might come to a resolution if ever faced with a similar situation. Finally, the course also includes material throughout which is focused on career opportunities in financial planning, including video interviews with actual CFP® professionals and other professionals working in this exciting and growing career area. The final module in the class is devoted to the topic of financial planning as a career....

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May 10, 2021

this course is really beneficial, I highly recommend it to people of any age. I was in doubt about it because I read it is good for young people, but I learned a lot from this course. Thank you all.

May 8, 2021

Amazing course highly recommended for all students, youth, teens so they have the knowledge prior before getting to the stage where they actually need to execute these things and save

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By Thamara B

Mar 25, 2020

I have gained so much for this course. It was well structured and presented. I plan to review it again.

By Jared C

Jun 11, 2020

A very good introductory course, especially for young adults. Most experienced individuals will likely have a lot of the knowledge presented. If you have an interest in Financial Planning and want to know what it is about I recommend the course. If you are fixing to graduate and start your work career then I recommend the course. If you are someone that likes financial planning, has read multiple books on the subject, and always looking to learn more about it the material may be already known by you.

By Sam H

Feb 27, 2018

I was surprised those auditing the course can't even take the quizes (that are graded by the computer). I've never seen that in a MOOC before. Made the course seem of lower quality.

By Narahari p

Oct 10, 2019

The peer review process was troublesome. Even though i submitted my assignments, i had to wait for almost 3 weeks for the certificate as my work was not reviewed.

By David R

Jul 1, 2020

Financial Planning for Young Adults is a great course for anyone who wants to feel in control of their financial life and plan for the future but may not know where to even begin to achieve those goals. It was a very informative course and covers a lot of the basics and most important aspects of financial planning. It's fun to learn about it and it inspires me to take action in ways that will benefit me in the future and to be a more disciplined planner. I also think it will be a great course for someone who may be thinking about being a financial planner. I might have gave this course 4 1/2 stars if I could because I wanted to complete the course but I wasn't able to unlock all the assignments without paying $50. Other than that, I'm very glad I took this course.

By Aedrian A

Apr 29, 2021

Basically, I should have taken this course more than a decade earlier. To late teenagers and young adults in their early 20s, please take this extremely important and well-made course as soon as possible. While the contents of this course remain useful, to an extent, for those older than 25 years old like me, the positive yield of heeding the lessons from this course as early as possible is substantially higher (time value of money, everyone). The insights from the course creators and their invited experts have been incredible, and the material is engaging. I hope the course creators consider making detailed online courses on more specific topics with regards to non-professional financial planning.


May 8, 2021

Personally suggest that this course is very good for young adult for future finance Knowledge. The designation is very simple and in informative way to understand with the example to clear learning problem now feeling good that have something financial knowledge that can help for future growth.

I am Sincerely thankful to the respected "TEACHERS" for giving the good efforts to us for such a helpful knowledge and also thankful to the entire COURSERA TEAM to provide this course. Thankyou so much

By Abba J A

May 16, 2021

I gained new knowledge from risk management to financial planning to investments. The course was perfectly designed to expose young adults just like me the reasons why we need to manage our finances, and how we do about that. I also like the interview part in between the course because it gave me insights on the reality that most young adults have little to no idea what is prepared for them by professional financial planners. Overall, my learning experience was really, really great. Thank you!

By Hector G

May 10, 2021

This Financial Planning for Young Adults course was a very challenging and very informative course and the content/materials were just as great as the professors. I've learned so much about how everyone working adults and even the middle-aged population should make their business to learn more about the money opportunties that presently available to those who seek to improve their money reserves and the importance of great money management.

By Adnan S

Jul 19, 2020

I am a person who loves spending all I earn. I believed I just started my career and am young so I don't need to save money. But this course changed my perspective. No matter what background you are from, I would suggest you to take this course. Especially if you are from Engineering Background like me :P . I must agree we Engineers are very bad at financial management.

By Adzra A P

Feb 9, 2021

Having this course was a very fun and insightful journey. I never had an interest in learning Finance related topics, but this course made finance easier than I thought it would be. I know some other topics of finance might be harder, but this course has given me a good first impression of finance.

By Valeria A

Feb 17, 2021

I am thankful and pleased after completing this course: Thankful, for the chance of taking this course AND being able to obtain the certificate for free, and pleased -100%- with both Kathy Sweedler and Nick Paulson, for their straightforward, exhaustive and practical approach to the subject(s) :)

By Esmeralda G N

Apr 24, 2021

It gave me an overall view of why Financial Planning is important for me and how Cain I start, I learned a lot about Savings methods, Investments, Insurance, Risk management and some other concepts. It makes a huge differente and guides you to the begging of your financial life as a young adult.

By Robertha K

Apr 29, 2021

This course is very essential and very educative. The instructors are experienced professionals and all of the contents were fully detailed. I would encourage more people to consider studying this course. It has been an amazing 4 weeks and a life changing experience.


By Animesh K

Aug 2, 2020

I really love this course and I recomend to all the student to take this course because in this time we all need to have some financial goal.

we are all working for money but money management is a great skill so, that is also the reason to take this course.

thank you!

By Erika L

Jul 14, 2020

I learned so much about how to finance money for when I get into the "real world". I highly recommend anyone to take this course no matter how old or young they are. I'm only 17 and the things I learned in this course will help me for the future.

By Praveen K R

Apr 27, 2021

Great Course for starting with Personal Finance Management and Strategies for Young Adults. I have learnt a lot of things in this course which will be helping me in making a financial decision in my life. Thank You all for Offering this Course.

By Anita G

Apr 30, 2021

The course is really good for young people who are just starting to earn and stepping out of home. I am 36 and it took this course bit late and I wish I had access to such information in my 20s, may be my planning would have been even better

By Ellen F

May 17, 2021

This course is very helpful to all individual specially the youth. I've learned a lot on how to handle my finances and do the budget to achieve my dreams and goals in life. Thank you to the instructor for sharing your expertise to us.

By Jesus R

Jan 18, 2021

Great course! The information provided in this course can be financially life changing for anyone, regardless of age, but the sooner you start, the better off you’ll be. Make your money work smarter for you.

By Sachith M

Apr 22, 2021

Excellent course, I had learned a lots of new things specially how to manage expenses, saving strategies, risk management , importance of a good credit history etc. Thanks for Creating such valuable course.

By Mubtasim I B

May 2, 2021

It was excellent experience. I would recommend this course to anyone below 30. It is extremely important for young adults to know about money management and how to use money for investment and future plan.

By shirin b

May 11, 2021

this course is really beneficial, I highly recommend it to people of any age. I was in doubt about it because I read it is good for young people, but I learned a lot from this course. Thank you all.

By Daniela M

Jan 3, 2021

I learned a lot, things are very well explained and slow so that you don't miss anything and so that you understand everything perfectly. Its perfect for beginners and for young adults.

By Saurabh V

May 9, 2021

Amazing course highly recommended for all students, youth, teens so they have the knowledge prior before getting to the stage where they actually need to execute these things and save