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About the Course

Welcome to Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life: Living for What Matters Most! In this course, you’ll learn how science, philosophy and practice all play a role in both finding your purpose and living a purposeful life. You will hear from historical figures and individuals about their journeys to finding and living a purposeful life, and will walk through different exercises to help you find out what matters most to you so you can live a purposeful life. As an added benefit, you will also have complimentary access, for a period of time, to the Purposeful App. This groundbreaking mobile and desktop app is designed to help you build a purposeful rhythm into each day, so you can bring your best self to what matters most. Look for more information in Week 1 of the course! By the end of this course, you will: 1. Understand that having a strong purpose in life is an essential element of human well-being. 2. Know how self-transcending purpose positively affects well-being. 3. Be able to create a purpose for your life (don't be intimidated, this is different from creating "the purpose" for your life). 4. Apply personal approaches and skills to self-change and become and stay connected to your purpose every day. We are thrilled that you are here! We look forward to hearing and learning from you throughout this course!...

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Jun 6, 2020

Short and precise course to get some perspective on finding focus on things that really matter. Vic is an excellent professor who just connects so well with the students even from the computer screen.


Jun 23, 2021

I abolutely loved this. It has helped me tremendously in my understanding of self and setting a personal transcending purpose. And Vic, thank you for sharing your story. It made me tear up at the end.

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By Cristina G M E

Apr 2, 2021

Excellent course. I loved the content, the stories, the researches. Definitely, a must. You will be able to find a direction in life, also discover yourself, and know that you only need a map, you already have it all.

By Kathleen C

May 31, 2020

This class helped me find purpose and meaning in my life during a difficult time. It's easier to get out of bed knowing I have goals I can work on every day. Overall, I liked how Vic combined science and spirituality.

By Philippe T

Aug 18, 2021

Great course to help you identify your purposes in life, and how to implement them. Really helped me to move from having some vague but intangible ideas about my purposes, to developing a clear path towards my goals.

By A K

Jun 10, 2020

Life-changing course. The videos were educational, entertaining and engaging. They were the right amount of material, explained the right way in a very clear manner. It will forever change the way I live my life.

By April M L B

Sep 8, 2020

This course really helped me a lot on how to Live a Purposeful Life and gave me a lot of lessons which I can really apply in real-life situations! You better enroll to this course now. You will definitely loved it!

By Kanushika m

Feb 7, 2022

i am really happy with what I learnt in the course.Everytime i find myself in a difficult situatio,.I come back to the learnings from this course .Everything is nicely taught and the instructor seems very nice.

By Lyliah H

May 28, 2020

This was a very interesting course. I think it is an important one to take in order to ensure that we are paying attention and putting our attention where we want our lives to go. I would highly recommend it.

By Marisa K

Mar 7, 2023

This course is really engaging, informative and thought provoking. If you want to enhance your ability to succeed in your career or in any area of your life, I highly recommend adding this to your course list.

By Taufiq B

Oct 25, 2020

The course is well paced and insightful. It offers unique perspective on revisiting purpose, combining philosophy, neurology and behavioral science. I'd recommend this course to anybody in any stage of life.

By Maria R

Jan 31, 2021

One of the most humane and well documented courses. Professor Stretcher is knowledgeable, talented as teacher, and very empathetic. I really appreciated all the content and mostly enjoy so much. Thank you.

By Vivek S

Jul 20, 2020


By Marisol P

Apr 11, 2021

This course was so beneficial to me both personally and professionally. The professor is passionate about the subject matter. It was truly a wonderful experience. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!

By Aliki S

Jan 31, 2021

The course speaker was so lovely and engaging, I learned a lot from this course. Highly recommended for everyone! I think it is an important course to undertake at a time like this... thank you coursera!

By Adrianna Z

Aug 25, 2020

I recommend this course to everyone! it's a lifesaver which solves some problem I always needed an answer. I love this professor. he touching my heart and guide me to find what matters most in my life.

By Kimberly R

Oct 9, 2020

Fantastic and relatable professor. I really enjoyed the course and the information presented. It was easy enough to provide a no-stress learning environment, but interesting enough to be meaningful. :)

By Yusof H A

Jun 20, 2020

Very interesting. course. I really enjoyed how purpose was always discussed in many different aspects of life. I also enjoyed how thorough and science-based the discussions were in this course

By Ovirup B D

Jul 16, 2020

This course made me think on definite purpose for my life and to lead to do those tasks needed to pursue that purpose. Great course and special thanks to the course instructor Victor Strecher.

By Baiju S

Jul 12, 2020

This is first must basic course and should be taken during schooling period or initial age in journey of life and need to revisit at some interval to refine, fine-tune the purpose of the life.

By Gillienne S

Oct 21, 2020

Comprehensive introduction to the subject of purposeful living without being overwhelming in terms of time commitment or complexity of information. Very well produced and easy to follow.

By Mar�a d P

Jul 21, 2020

Amazing instructor, in my almost 40 years, I have never been one to "walk into the dance floor"... and Vic definitely made me walk into it not only willingly, but with a smile on my face!

By Budi S

Sep 30, 2021

Light yet strong & profound course. It's a gentle reminder to focus on what matters most in our life. Big kudos to the professor and those who contributes in making this course available

By Dolores B

Aug 26, 2020

Professor Vic's style of sharing his personal story made a huge impact on me. His references to studies and experiences with his own students made this course very meaningful. Thank You!

By Graciela A T G

Feb 22, 2021

Excelente, toda la información me ha servido muchísimo para definir mis propósitos de vida en los diferentes ámbitos en los que participo, sin duda, este curso es obligado para todxs.

By Karen N

Jun 6, 2020

I gained so much knowledge on the importance of having a purpose at any time in your life. I learned about resilience too. Great compassionate instructor. Really enjoyed the course.

By Jennifer N

May 28, 2020

I really enjoyed this class. I learned quite a bit how having a good purpose in life can serve a person well. This will help me live out the rest of it with much enjoyment. Thank you!