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About the Course

This course presents an overview of the major domains of abnormal psychology. The course is made up of 5 modules, the first of which provides an introduction to the field through discussions of the concept of psychological abnormality, assessment and classification, and the major models in use for understanding psychological abnormality. The remaining four modules provide overviews of major domains of abnormal psychology, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, stress and trauma-related disorders, and schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Lectures within each of these modules address symptoms and behaviors, epidemiology, causal theories, treatment interventions and multicultural findings and considerations. The course also seeks to assist participants with becoming more adept at noticing when a family member, friend, or colleague may be experiencing psychological distress, as well as develop the comfort level required for initiating an empathic, compassionate conversation with a person of concern. Toward this goal, the last lecture of each module is dedicated to the topic “Foundations of Empathy.” This course is not designed to assist participants with resolving their own experiences of psychopathology, nor it is intended to prepare participants to act as psychotherapists for distressed individuals in their personal lives....

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Sep 30, 2021

A really well thought thought course that benefitted me tremendously in understanding abnormal psychology. I look forward to learning more from the faculty members. Thank you once again!


Sep 25, 2022

I have always been fascinated with different psychological disorders and trying to better understand them. The material was easy to understand and kept my attention.

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By Nguyen T H M

Sep 21, 2021

I would like to say thank you so much to Jen D' Andrea, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services. I very love your voice and no doubt that I gained a lot of knowldege about Abnormal Psychology in this course. Thank you.

By Stanley S

Oct 1, 2021

A really well thought thought course that benefitted me tremendously in understanding abnormal psychology. I look forward to learning more from the faculty members. Thank you once again!

By Anna n m

Sep 15, 2021

Esta realmente bien, es super interesante, pero al no entender muy bien el ingles se me dificulta muchisimo.

Ojalá mas adelantesepa vuestro idioma o el idioma mundial y pueda hacerlo.

By Myrrh J S R

Nov 18, 2021

The course is great! I love Ms. Jen's pacing! You'll truly learn a lot! :)

By Amit G

Sep 28, 2021

very comprehensive and touched a large variety of key topics


Sep 18, 2021


By Sanja H

Dec 14, 2022

Hello everyone.

I will say it briefly and clearly. You surprised me in a very positive way. Difficult course material, a lot of information on the names of diseases and disorders, a lot of percentages and similar concepts of disorders, a lot of information regarding the establishment of treatment, but all in all the course material was presented clearly, concisely, unobtrusively and at no time did it go into the unnecessary backwaters of the lecturer's personal thinking rather, it held onto its strongholds in what abnormal psychology is and what disorders and mental illnesses it contains. As indicated in the first module of this course, it is very difficult to precisely determine what is normal and what is abnormal. Your guiding thought was to clarify, to give insight, not to confuse, not to burden, but still to have basic guidelines about what abnormal psychology is....

Therefore, only praise for this course and of course I will continue to another course of Specialization in Abnormal Psychology.

If I had to rate this introductory course and give a rating of 1-5 stars, I give Introducing to Abnormal Psychology 7 stars just like the best equipped hotel because it was this introductory approach to Abnormal Psychology that gave me the motivation to go and study further in History of mental illnesses (the second part of the specialization) and to get to what is the most interesting Creating Behavioral Change (the third course of the specialization).

So my rating for this course is: 7 *******

By Muhammad H Q B

Feb 14, 2022

I really enjoyed taking this course. The reading material was very accessible and structured. The lectures also provided a balanced and detailed view of the issues. Particularly, I loved the lectures of sociocultural and multicultural perspectives of Abnormal Psychology as they lean towards the political and economic causes of mental illness. All in all, a very well balanced course!

By Daniela E E

May 29, 2022

I absolutely loved this course. One thing I liked the most is that the reading materials were very complete. It made my understanding much better and I didnt feel lost at all while listening to the lectures. Overall, the course design and modules were perfect. The instructor talked clearly and explained things very well. I learned a lot. Thank you

By Nicola D

Dec 31, 2022

The instructor was clear and concise, and the course materials and platform made learning a pleasure. One small thing I will note is the time estimate for the readings was on the short side. I read fast, but to really grasp the new concepts and information, I had to spend about twice the time stated.

By Kathy C

Jul 24, 2022

Interesting intoductory course, I especially thought it was interesting that social/cultural differences can cause different experiences of PTSD and depression! Looking forward to learning about EMDR, just for curiosity!

By Floyd J B

Oct 16, 2021

Thank you Dr. Jen for making us, students, knowledgeable about Abnormal Psychology. The foundations of empathy is amazing, and is my favorite.

By Erica K

Oct 15, 2021

Very clearly set out and orgainsed course. Loved the supplementry reading. An excellent course thank you!

By Ainsley S

Oct 23, 2021

very informative, and very good at convering a variety of topics throughout the course of a few weeks.

By Mr A L

Nov 18, 2021

Really great course - thank you!

By Angeliki S

Nov 25, 2021

Excellent !!!

By Keramikapfel

Jan 26, 2022

I did really enjoy reading the course's content and listening to the instructor. I do question, however, if the price for the certificate of this single course is worth it. Sadly, most information (except for the most interesting parts "Foundations of Empathy") are accessible on the university's website for free.

I, personally, enrolled in the Abnormal Psychology Specialisation, so I did not have to pay $40 for the certificate but will most likely pay $40 for the whole specialisation (finishing it in a month by doing some stuff everyday). I guess, I would feel less happy about the content, if I payed for each course individually.

By Kimberly F

Jul 31, 2022

The material was very interesting and easy to comprehend. The instructor's lectures were also easy to listen to and well thought out. The course load was not too much but also enough that I learned many new things even after completing an Abnormal Psych Bachelors Degree years ago. I will be taking additional courses from this instructor.

By Jilann z

Oct 9, 2022

highly recommend. great presentation - knowledge of abnormal psychology. tests relfected relevant course structure- so you were not seraching for answers that did not match what you were taught. great hand outs to print off and refer back to very helpful.

By Denise R

Sep 26, 2022

I have always been fascinated with different psychological disorders and trying to better understand them. The material was easy to understand and kept my attention.

By Maina W

May 14, 2022

This is a great course for anyone who is interested in psychology and also in learning more about different mental disorders.

By Mark P

Sep 20, 2022

Well structured to take you through abnormal psychology, it's treatment, and the broader context of mental illness.

By Olga Z

Feb 15, 2023

Excellent course! Very informative and professional. So far, no annoying peer reviews, just tests. Great!

By Habeeba W

Jun 15, 2022

Short but highly informative. Thouroughly enjoyed Professor Jennifer D'Andrea's lectures. Thank you!!


Jul 7, 2022

Its a good introduction, but if you already have knowledge about the topic, it may be too basic