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About the Course

This course introduces the basics of Python 3, including conditional execution and iteration as control structures, and strings and lists as data structures. You'll program an on-screen Turtle to draw pretty pictures. You'll also learn to draw reference diagrams as a way to reason about program executions, which will help to build up your debugging skills. The course has no prerequisites. It will cover Chapters 1-9 of the textbook "Fundamentals of Python Programming," which is the accompanying text (optional and free) for this course. The course is for you if you're a newcomer to Python programming, if you need a refresher on Python basics, or if you may have had some exposure to Python programming but want a more in-depth exposition and vocabulary for describing and reasoning about programs. This is the first of five courses in the Python 3 Programming Specialization....

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Dec 7, 2020

The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won't make me confused. Thank you so much for this great course!

Oct 17, 2019

It's a must join course for the people who want to deep dive into the world of Python. I really loving this course very much. I wanna explore more hence opting for other parts of this specialization.

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By Anurudra J

Dec 5, 2020

print("H3LLO W0RLD")

This course has not only helped me climb the very first steps of learning python, but also helped my understand the basic and fundamental processes of programming in real world scenarios.

Grasping perfection in layout building, planning and programming like a programmer does, and raising my skills to consume python in the further intermediate level courses are some of the key points achieved by me from this course.

By Yuan L

Aug 15, 2020

I am an absolute beginner in programming and have taken a few introductory courses on Python programming. This is by far the best introductory Python programming course. Unlike other introductory courses I attended, this course did not assume we know anything about programming or Python. It provides a systematic step-by-step modular learning. Overall, a great course to improve my interest and confidence in programming. Thank you!

By Patrick L

Jul 4, 2020

This course is excellently taught, explaining all concepts as they are introduced, and using repetition to really make you learn it. I feel that the authors of the course really took the psychology of education seriously - congratulations and thanks to them. As of July 2020, the code taught seemed up to date, too, which is not always the case with coding courses on Coursera. I have already recommended it to a friend.

By Vivek B

Jun 12, 2020

Excellent course for anyone who is starting from the scratch. I am an entry level Python programmer so it was even easier for me to go through the course. But the content, the practice questions and the assignments were excellent quality. The tutors were very very knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly. The jokes were bit bland but I will take it for this course. BTW that was my joke if you missed.

By Anand K

Jun 1, 2020

Great course for programming beginners. All the concepts are explained in detail through videos and studying material provided by University of Michigan. Good and concise material for referring different topics. This course also provides good amount of practice through engaging exercises. It was a great experience taking thing this course and I am looking forward to take further courses in this specialization.

By Rob G

Jul 6, 2020

This is a good course for true beginners. The instruction is thorough and doesn't presume you have a lot of background knowledge. There is a lot of useful information in the forums if you get stuck and the instructors will reply within a day if you have a question. This course gave me a slightly better grasp of how to think like a programmer as well. I learned a lot from my mistakes (and there were many).

By Rachit S

Apr 25, 2020

This course is very good for novice learners.The course is designed is such a way that you will not feel that programming is difficult. Practice exercises with code lens are very helpful in understanding the back end functionality of programming language.For me this course was very good learning experience.

For those who are serious and want to learn py basics ,Go through this course without any doubt

By Akshay H

Nov 27, 2020

Great content, audio-video quality excellent, excersises, examples are very helpful. Link to further documentation also very useful. Lecturer, Professor communication is clear and to the point.

Highly recommended.

For any 1st time Coder he/she will face usual coding challanges as a 1st timer but those who have done some coding before Python basics shall be very easy and can quickly finish the course.

By Victor C

Aug 29, 2020

I have 20 years experience with other programming languages such as C and I found this Python Basics course very effective even for a veteran like me. I could playback the video at 2x speed and grasp the important concepts very quickly. The exercises are very well thought and complement well the material. The author really took care of making the material as pedagogical as possible, two thumbs up !

By Niroj S

May 20, 2021

Course structure is well planned, structured and in-depth to get clear concept of the programming from very basic level which is excellent for all new students. Practice materials and course resources are excellent for getting exact motive of this course. I am really grateful for the course instructors and Coursera for this outstanding program for learning Python. Keep Learning ...........

By ivan g

Oct 31, 2020

I had not taken any programming course since college and those where not great either so I was cautious about how much I could get out of in this one, but the material is really well thought and the resources for a better understanding are abundant and well explained. The humor and great attitude of the instructors, on top of their thorough explanations of every detail is also appreciated.

By Sara Y

Apr 27, 2020

It was an amazing experience especially working with Runestone interactive and finding out about the interpreter's logic through the CodeLense. I also enjoyed Mr. Resnick's jokes so much. As a designer, I used to think scripting might be boring or difficult to learn, however, this course made it so easy to get familiar with this area. Thank you Coursera, Thank you Michigan University :)

By Edward W

Jan 5, 2020

Very well designed course. I had previously taken Python for Everybody Specialization. I wanted to go through the basics again but with more detail and practice as the syntax was tripping me up. The lectures, interactive workbook, exercises, practices and assignments really cemented my knowledge and now its all fitting together. I can't wait for the next course in the specialization.

By Leon L

Jul 4, 2019

Videos and readings were sufficient to learn the subject matter. I am between a beginner and intermediate level in my overall understanding of python so this was a great opportunity for me to review and clarify the basics of python. However, the test questions were at time challenging and required creative use of the underlying subject matter. I would recommend this course.

By Zainab S

Jul 30, 2020

This course is just awwwweesome. I have just completed the course and I felt i can do programming too. It runestone environment and codelens help me too actually see what's going inside and because of this I was able to successfully score 100% in all graded assignments. Professors are very good they provide you with in detail study about each and every aspects of python basics.

By Christoph M

Mar 30, 2020

I can recommend you this course without reservations. The interactive course material is well done and challenging, and the sympathetic presenters explain things well. This course gives you access to the material of the University of Michigan itself. Not all of it is required to complete the course, but I recommend to do the extra work because programming is all about practice.

By Aman

Jan 15, 2020


By The W B

Sep 29, 2019

This course gave me a solid understanding of the basics. The lessons are paced well and all assignments/tests are challenging and exciting! I would recommend this to anyone who would like to dive in headfirst to the world of programming. I actually took this course to prepare before I take Data Science Courses, and this course definitely gave me the courage to pursue my plans

By Rishi V

Jan 2, 2021

The perfect course for anyone who has zero prior knowledge of programming. For someone with programming experience, this course might be a bit slow, but there's a lot to learn for everyone regrdless. This course teaches you the fundamentals of programming, using Python as a tool. The Instructors and all lecture materials, especially Runestone, are exceptionally useful.

By Evan A

Dec 21, 2019

Very well done course! The videos were all very helpful and straight forward without going off into the deep end.

My only suggestion would be to add a page with a list of all the Python functions that are learned each week. It was a little annoying going through every video or reading in a week trying to find the name of a function if I forgot exactly what it was.

By Stephen W

Apr 17, 2021

This is a great introductory course to python programming. No assumptions are made and so you get to really understand the magic that is happening in the interpreter. The runstone environment is great practice and the codelens feature gives you great insights on what is happening behind the scenes. I highly recommend it if you are starting your programming journey!

By Scott K

Dec 13, 2020

Very informative. Great textbook. The lectures were a bit basic for me, but that's just because they were thorough. I was able to skip them and just use the online textbook and complete assignments to go faster. Do yourself a favor and download PyCharm or another code editing program to make it easier to experiment on your own as you work through the assignments.

By Mazumdar A

May 18, 2020

The course has a very well detailed structure. Many examples are given to hone our foundational skills. It gets exhaustive but it should be in that way :). The problems given were very good and it helps us to understand the concept very clearly. The videos, assignments and the practice problems ( Runestone Interactive Textbook, in particular) were excellent.

By Alex B

Sep 13, 2019

I've been in the IT field for 20 years--doing infrastructure stuff.. Linux, Microsoft, AWS, NetApp, VMware, Splunk and etc.. I have never been able to REALLy learn a programming language until now.. This course methodology is driving Python programming home..

It's the method of teaching that works well.. I'm blown away! I feel like I have a new super power..

By Fahim R

May 28, 2020

I think this is the best beginners python course. For me they both help to develop the basic concepts of python as well as the debugging strategy and most importantly though it is a basic python course but it introduces the OOP concept very naturally and smoothly. Highly recommended for the beginners or whoever wants to develop a concrete basic in python.