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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Social Pedagogy across Europe by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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About the Course

Social Pedagogy across Europe is the first Massive Open Online Course focused on social pedagogy – a relationship-centred approach to supporting people’s learning, well-being and social inclusion in ways that promote social justice. The course is structured in eight sessions presented over four weeks – an introductory session, six sessions outlining social pedagogy in different European countries and sharing some innovative practice insights, and a review session to support you in applying your learning. You can undertake the six country sessions in any order you would like. Through this course, we aim to: 1. Give you an insight into how social pedagogy has been developing across Europe, highlighting both the diversity and connections, 2. Highlight the importance of valuing every person as intrinsically ‘rich’, recognising their unique potential and ability to be a valuable member of society, 3. Introduce you to ways in which you can bring this belief to life in everyday interactions and relationships that support people’s learning, nurture their well-being and enable them to feel included in society, 4. Ensure you are familiar with the most fundamental aspects of social pedagogical practice in ways that are applicable in your own personal and professional life. If you are currently working with children, young people, families, community groups, vulnerable adults or older people, then this course will be highly relevant. You will gain a panoramic overview of social pedagogy, which explores the principles and key thematic areas in ways that are practice-relevant and can be easily applied in any educational and care setting....

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May 1, 2020

Excellent course - learned so much!!!

I will definitely be putting the theory into practice in my working environment!!


Dec 26, 2019

It is very informative as well as very applied course full of interesting videos. I have learnt a lot!

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By Anna O

Mar 17, 2019

It is a very comprehensive, well prepared course.

Although I have a reflexion to share. I missed contributions from other countries, for example from Poland. This was a little bit disappointing. Our social pedagogy in Poland is a well established academic discipline with much to offer to this discussion.

My own department at Maria Grzegorzewska University - The Social Pedagogy Department- is a hub of Helena Radlinska's pedagogy and the UNESCO Janusz Korczak Chair I personally Chair is a hub of Janusz Korczak pedagogical heritage. I think that also the patron of our University: Maria Grzegorzewska is a figure of interest for social pedagogues. I would cherish an opportunity to enrich your course content through contribution from Poland,

thank you for having me at this course,

Best regards,


By Laurence A

Mar 18, 2019

This is an excellent course and wonderful way to find out more about social pedagogy

By Conor M

Mar 5, 2019

I felt the course so far has helped me gain a greater understanding of social pedagogy


Aug 8, 2022

The study aimed at evaluating social and national education books for the upper basic stage in Jordan according to criteria that include social and national concepts and values from the teachers’ point of view. Verify its validity and reliability by appropriate statistical methods. The study sample consisted of (64) male and female teachers of social and national education curricula for the upper basic stage in Tafila Governorate in Jordan. The study concluded that the study sample members’ estimates of the degree of availability of social and national concepts and values contained in the paragraphs of the tool as a whole came to a medium degree, and that most of the paragraphs of the tool received medium and high estimates except for paragraph No. (13) which received a low rating, as the results indicated. There is no significant effect of gender difference and teaching experience and the interaction between them on teachers' estimations of the degree of availability of social and national concepts and values in the content of social and national education books for the upper basic stage.

By Jutta N

Sep 26, 2020

I got a good overview of Social Pedagogy in Europe. It was very interesting to see how Social Pedagogy has developed in the different countries in the last years. I studied in Germany over 30 years ago and it was also a good opportunity for me to see what is happening in the English speaking world as I now live in the UK. Thank you very much for designing the course. Highly recommended.

By Gloria A

Nov 18, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this course. The concepts and understanding of social pedagogy from the various European countries are very useful to both personal and professional lives and I would recommend anyone whose work involves engaging with people to take this course. Thank you to the team!!

By Karen C

Aug 9, 2019

Very interesting course, hard keeping up when doing other studies but glad i did. Was interesting learning about the countries ways of working and learning from them. Gave great insight into some that is quite new to myself, but has given me a desire to learn more around this subject.

By Carol B

Jun 2, 2020

This was a comprehensive guide into the history of Social Pedagogy from across Europe. It delivered a range of videos, reading and assignments from across social work and pedagogy in practice. The pace was great, allowing time to reflect and fit around work and life.

By Rachel B

Aug 27, 2021

Really excellent course. Comprehensive and interesting with relevant assessment tasks. There is much from the course that I am already implementing in my practice and is shaping development ideas moving forwards. Highly recommended. Thank you.

By michelle v

Apr 11, 2022

thank you for making this course available, for helping me to understand my own focus in social work better (social educator like in Spain). The teachers' passion for defining social pedagogy, and enabling empowernment it, is inspiring.


Sep 18, 2019

I liked to have a wide idea of the social pedagogy status quo in Europe. I've seen lots of interesting projects that I can use once I start my professional career.

By Vikki T

May 2, 2020

Excellent course - learned so much!!!

I will definitely be putting the theory into practice in my working environment!!

By Dasha S

Dec 27, 2019

It is very informative as well as very applied course full of interesting videos. I have learnt a lot!

By Adedapo A

May 15, 2022

A very informative course, which is recommended for all those working with young people.

By Meghana M

Dec 13, 2020

Good Course, gained valuable insights into Social Pedagogy and its practice in Europe

By Paulina K

Jul 15, 2019

Great Course ! Really enjoyed it ! Challenging but great !

By Ana L S Á

Oct 22, 2020

I think this course is very interesting and useful

By Antonia B

May 25, 2020

Very eye opening and interesting to get to know

By Танатаркызы Г

Mar 5, 2023

Thank you, I have a lot to learn

By Hannah Q

Nov 19, 2020

I enjoyed the course, found it insightful and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the two peer-graded assignments and certainly improved my self-reflective skills. It was a little difficult to concentrate and learn much from the videos, I think a more interactive style would suit certain learners better. Also, because of the wording of one of the questions on the peer-graded assignments, I got a lower score than I thought I should have done. When I wanted to speak to someone about this, it was almost impossible to find any way to contact them, which was frustrating.

By Roudwan A

Apr 16, 2020

very dood

By Kelley

Feb 22, 2020

Poorly organised and disjointed.

By Modiehi M R

May 15, 2020

you should give credits

By Red R

Jun 26, 2021

looks like a series of interviews, bad quality audio and video. very interesting subject but poor explanations. pitty!