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About the Course

This 2-hour long guided tutorial is an introduction to spreadsheets. We’ll be using Google Sheets in this tutorial, which is the free spreadsheet program offered by Google. With that said, most of the concepts that you will learn in this tutorial will be applicable to other spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel. We will cover the following concepts in a hands-on manner: - Basic data entry, formatting and calculations - Relative and absolute cell references - Basic functions: concatenate, split, sum, average, median, min, max, count, counta - Advanced functions: vlookup, if, and, or, iferror, countif, countifs, averageif, averageifs, sumif, sumifs - Dealing with error messages - Conditional formatting - Filtering and sorting - Basic charts to visualize our data We will end the tutorial by applying these concepts and create a basic spreadsheet model that helps us analyze household expenses. Note: If you don't have a Google account, you will need to create one to be able to complete the content....

Top reviews

Aug 9, 2020

If you are looking for basics of excel sheet then this course has it all. Trust my words and patiently attempt this guide with practically doing things parallel. it will help you understand better.

Sep 30, 2020

This has been a wonderful experience learning the core of using excel and google sheets in details, understanding the use of every function and formulas and their application in real world problems

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By Rutvik B B

May 18, 2020



Apr 23, 2020


By Ma T S

Oct 28, 2020

Interface of the remote desktop has to be improved. The visibility of the items on the screen is very low which is time consuming to be able to see it properly specially when editing the cell, the characters becomes blur or broken. No added info on how to navigate on the screen and changing settings to be able to adapt it to a single screen PC. Some of the terms instructor was saying during showing a steps was different from the button or option selected so the learner should always look into the screen of instructor to be able to determine that what you hear is the actual button or name of button he is referring to on the steps to be done.

By Keval V

Jul 22, 2020

It was a very basic introduction to spreadsheets but it does justice to the name with "Beginners" in it. The remote PC was lagging but I'm guessing it must be network issues. One thing I loved is that instructor suggests you to try the functions out yourselves first and explore and then he show how to do it. Overall it was informative.

By María d C R L

May 23, 2020

Is interactive your doing by your one time and guide with presentation and you are applying which you are learning in the moment, the only problem for me it was in my spreadsheet don´t reconice when I wrote the numbers but maybe was my laptop.

By Gina B

Nov 15, 2020

The course is so helpful. I have just some problem on some commands on my desk top which i could not find. maybe the program i am using is different from that of the instructor. Or I am just a slow learner that I can not follow.

By Nicolas E V G

Sep 15, 2020

Course material and teacher were awesome! But the third party platform was a little rigid so it hindered fluidity in the course.

I highly recommend this course to refresh concepts or develop new ones!


Sep 30, 2020

Its very use ful for my basic knowelegde..and then the teaching staff voice is better.. and google sheet 7b is not avaliable. plz cheak your errors.. then all is good ..very clarify explanion ..

By Mary K M M

Oct 28, 2020

I don't know if it was my computer or my internet connection that made my workspace so slow to the extent that it would not respond. Other than that it was a nice learning experience.

By Fikri K

Sep 20, 2020

Overall it's good course, with good instructor, but for me i don't really do well with the cloud desktop, so i prefer to watch the video, and do the project on my own desktop

By Corin C

Jan 5, 2021

I really enjoyed the knowledge shared on this course. My only complaint is the workspace screen was really laggy, which made the experience a bit frustrating at times.

By Aanchal S

May 28, 2020

The Guided project is insightful. The best aspect is the side-by-side practise and implementation. It starts with the basics and tends to cover all aspects associated.

By Shamsul A B M S

May 19, 2020

Its a well rounded course. But there were some lag on the cloud desktop when using Google Sheets. It affected the host's video. It is probably a technical issue.

By Emily C

Jun 22, 2020

It was a really good course for basic understanding of excel. The exercises help consolidate the learning and was also enjoyable. Highly recommended course.

By Swapnil N

Jun 5, 2020

Very Good Work. Completely understandable and comfortable courses. Please introduce such Hand on projects in Mechanical Engineering point of view also.

By Ranjit R

Jun 4, 2020

This might be a good course if you just started to learn spreadsheet. this will help you to make yourself put more effort to learn more about it.


Jan 18, 2021

I'm greatful for this course as i have no knowledge of computer, let's say that it's limited and taking this course is helping moving forward.

By Pier L M

Apr 13, 2021

Some things were vague by my biggie, I just verified this by using youtube or google for a better understanding.

By Ana A

May 24, 2020

The machine doesn't work well (the , is not longer working, it is replaced by a ; that my computer didn't allow me to use)


May 17, 2020

Hands-On learning was just right. But, need some improvements in the remote desktop which was too slow.

By Challagundla Y p

Jun 25, 2020

Overall course is good. You can practise while learning. It is a good thing to learn for beginners.

By Hari O P

Jun 2, 2020

Overall this project is quite useful in many domains of life, like as a student or as an employee.

By Amulya K

Apr 15, 2020

It was really helpful with correct explanations. The course content were relevant and informative.

By Akshay V I

Jun 26, 2020

Overall nice course but some things could have been explained more for better understanding.