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This is the sixth course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. You’ll learn how to visualize and present your data findings as you complete the data analysis process. This course will show you how data visualizations, such as visual dashboards, can help bring your data to life. You’ll also explore Tableau, a data visualization platform that will help you create effective visualizations for your presentations. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Examine the importance of data visualization. - Learn how to form a compelling narrative through data stories. - Gain an understanding of how to use Tableau to create dashboards and dashboard filters. - Discover how to use Tableau to create effective visualizations. - Explore the principles and practices involved with effective presentations. - Learn how to consider potential limitations associated with the data in your presentations. - Understand how to apply best practices to a Q&A with your audience....

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Nov 25, 2021

A comprehensive course with various techniques of visualizations and presentation. It introduced me to the world of Tableau, and its possibilities to prepare interactive visualizations and dashboards.


Dec 11, 2021

This course taught me a lot about data visualisations, dashboarding and presenting to an audience in an extremely insightful way. I was well presented and well worth the time and effort I put into it.

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By vivek k

May 3, 2021

the course is more like Soft Skills Class and less like visualisation class. Theory part is unnecessarily long and practical is too short

By Ince A

May 26, 2021

This course was absolute torture. So much for keeping the audience engaged while telling a compelling story. While courses 2-3-4-5 kept the theory and the tool learning parallel, the designer of this course chose to go for endless rants, with minimum tool training. It's like they did everything possible to NOT show you how to use Tableau. There was only one thorough practical exercise with Tableau; everything else was a never ending succession of videos about art theory. This course should be completely redesigned, and start on week 1 with how to use Tableau, and drop your "McCandless Method" wisdom pearls here and there. The quizzes were horribly hard and served no purpose.

By Nauan S

Apr 7, 2021

More Tableau exercises will be a good fix for the course

By Katie H

May 16, 2021

Honestly, I did not enjoy this course at all and found myself rushing through most of the content. Overall, it was too long-winded and many points were repetitive. I was expecting more tutorials on creating different types of visuals on Tableau and less on presentation skills.

By Dario S

Apr 20, 2021

Didn't like it. Too many slides and way too many words/vidz for 4/5 simple concepts.

By Sanu S

Jun 29, 2021

The instructor irritates me by telling me the same thing all the time.

In this course, hardly I learn tableau. If you have not confidence in making dashboards how can you be confident in presenting it.

What a person will learn in this course if he enrolled in learning Tableau?

By mbugra k

May 12, 2021

To much less Tableau instruction. The people who are taking the course already know how to prepare a presentation, I suppose.

By Nathan W

Jul 22, 2021

While this course did provide some valuable introductions to data visualization and presentation, on the whole it suffered greatly from one of the same problems that has plagued this whole certificate program: bad questions on the quizzes. Many of the quizzes used questions or details that were barely covered in the videos and readings, or were certainly not emphasized to the degree that they should have been if they were important points to be remembered (as a quiz should be testing a student on). It seemed as if someone unfamiliar with the course material went through the video transcriptions and pulled out random lines, then created questions based on those fragments of text.

Additionally, while not being a specific fault of this course but more of depersonalized online learning as a whole, many of the topics in this course are not suitable for answering in a multiple-choice or multiple-answer format. Instead, they should be handled as graded free-response—but that would require teaching manpower that simply isn't available.

I have to add that, while Kevin Hartman is undoubtedly a fantastic data analyst (or else he wouldn't be Head of Analytics at Google), he is not a good teacher of the material. He did not seem to have a good grasp of what a student who is completely new to the material would need to know, and in what order. He presented a lot of great ideas and gave many resources, but without much guidance in how to process those resources and use them actively for creating data visualizations or presentations. He also skipped around a lot and did not fully explain what he was doing in numerous videos, such that someone else had to come in later and add notes during the videos to explain where Kevin had gone off to in order for the student to follow along.

All told, this course had some value, but rather less than most of the others. Some of that has to do with the inherently more subjective nature of data visualization and presentation, as opposed to previous courses in this certificate program which were based on more concrete and objective topics. However, I do think that the course could have been significantly better.

(As a final side note, I was a little weirded out by Kevin's consistent fanboying over "the McCandless Method". Some other perspectives might have been nice to have alongside that.)

By L T

Apr 5, 2021

A lot of the information about presenting was common sense, but the biggest flaw was the Tableau exercise in Week 3. Tableau Public would not open the .ymb file, so I was unable to complete the exercise. Google needs to update this with a new project that Tableau Public will open. I feel like I missed out on a big part of the course because I could not do this exercise.

By Dona T

Jul 21, 2021

Too repetitive and too much theory with minimal practice on Tableau. I was barely getting started on Tableau and expected more technical details when the course shifted entirely to presentation skills and gave us breathing technique tips! Also, the videos about Tableau were poorly designed and included some errors. Instead of rushing through Tableau, the course should have just introduced the basic concepts regarding presentation and focused on us honing our data visualization skills.

By Kaiden N

May 12, 2021

The Google docs/spreadsheets for the project are all locked. I do not have access to them. I have reported the problem numerous times. It has yet to be fixed nor have I received a response.

By Uby S Y

Jun 3, 2021

I learned more about presentations than tableau

By Krishanu T

May 24, 2021

WORST TEACHER EVER!!!!! The Course had lots of insights. But, the teacher who taught had a very very poor tone of speech and has a habit of diminishing all his last words in every sentence he spoke!! very bad explaining skills

By Madelyn B

Jun 3, 2021

The structure of this certificate seems very odd. It seems that the more complex the subject matter of a course is, the shorter they made it. This covers a lot of stuff but doesn't go too deep into anything. I think they could have tacked on a few extra weeks of material here. I think right now you have to supplement this course with a lot of other material to get the full picture.

By Louise H

Jul 29, 2021

This was my least favourite of all the courses in the certification. It contained lots of useful information, but was structured in such a way it was difficult to follow the thread. This was particularly ironic, as storytelling and clear communication methods were core to the materials.

By Rosana F S d S

Apr 11, 2021

So far this was the most challenging module due to the developed themes.

Extremely well craft material leading the apprentice to think and review concepts.

I am just a litlle dissapointed because I expected a lot more Tableau practices, including metrics dashboards with real-time updating.

Another point is that McCandendless method is galactic and there are some questions in the tests about it. Altough couldn´t find the answers when I reviewied therory.

This module is very theorical. For that reason I recommend being strongly focused when studying terms and concepts explained during videos and readings in order to obtain better final results. And in this specific module I suggest to be detail-oriented! 8:-)

By Cheng C C (

Jun 8, 2021

The contents in this course were the worst constructed among all in my opinion. Some of the questions in the exam are subjective and meaninglessly challenging. I would like to have more detailed practices about Tableau or introductions of other Visualization tools. Most of the presentation skills are not necessary in this Certificate Course in my perspective. And please just forget about McCandless Method....

By Nahuel B

Jul 8, 2021

This module of the course lose the flow and engagement of the previous ones. I feels extremely long and boring. There are lots of principles of design/thinking/etc to learn, but you never reach that part where you put it all together to materialize your work. There is very little exercises of Tableau. The good part is: you are introduce to the McCandless method that is very good. You have to learn that this course, it is way, try to teach you the key points of communicating something. First, you need to know that the best way to teach something to someone is to try to use the 5 senses. This way people who is listening to you tend to remember things better. for presentations, visual and sight. After the senses, you need to know that people love a good story. That is a good part of the engagement. Last, no matter if is this is related to art, you need to work with a process, a logic, a structure.

By Neha M

Aug 23, 2021

the weekly challenge no 04 just does not make sense. i gave the exam 6 times & not been able to pass it. i have completed the entire course & never gave an exam 3 times but weekly challenge 04 is just eating my head.

By Isidoro C

Apr 30, 2021

the worst course I ever did in my life. you have to stop believing that you are the carrier of the truth

By Tom G

Apr 5, 2021

Learning Tableau was challenging but exciting. I can tell it is a very complex and nuanced platform that will require a lot of practice and patience to become proficient at, but the course did a great job of introducing it. I also got the bravery, through the prodding of the course, to take my plunge into power point. Instructor was clear and did a great job stressing the importance of presentation dos and don'ts.

By Leif S

Apr 5, 2021

Additional information around the McCandless' method would have been useful since there were so many questions around it and I couldn't really find the answers in the documentation and presentations.

By Monson M

Aug 19, 2021

Underdelivered. More time is spent on the subtle art of presentation rather than focusing more on using Tableau (70 vs. 30). Not that the soft skill is not important, but the technical skill of using Tableau can be more effectively learned and practice. This is sharp contrast to an earlier coverage of Google Sheets where we were able to practice almost every essential aspect of using it.

By Sean M

Jun 26, 2021

I'm biased - I'm taking this course as an extra certification of skills I gained in an MBA. That said, this course is severely biased towards presenting information to low-level management and broad audiences. Despite acknowledging that knowing your audience is key, this course harps on a single method for presenting information (the McCandless Method), which is inappropriate for presentations to people in middle management or above. In my opinion, a broader survey of presentation methods - based on audience - should be presented.

By Don G C

Jul 12, 2021

I would have rather had more hands-on reps with Tableau projects than what we extensive lesson on how to give a Powerpoint presentation.