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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body Is Telling Us by University of Pennsylvania

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The vital signs – heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration rate, and pain – communicate important information about the physiological status of the human body. In this six-part course we explore the anatomy and physiology underlying the vital signs so that you will develop a systematic, integrated understanding of how the body functions. Relevant body systems are reviewed including cardiovascular and respiratory, followed by explanations of how the function of these systems affects vital signs. We discuss normal ranges, normal variants, and the mechanisms that underlie changes in the objective measurement of vital signs. The course also includes demonstrations of appropriate techniques for measuring vital signs in yourself and others. The course is designed for a broad, general audience but will be particularly interesting for individuals working in healthcare, those considering a career as a healthcare professional, lay caregivers, those with an interest in personal health and fitness, or anyone who simply wants to understand how the body functions....

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Sep 29, 2018

Yes, it is very useful to me and I will suggest to my friends to take this course. My sincere Thanks to Connie B. Scanga, PhD, she taken the all lecture clearly and her lecture was easy to understand.

Jun 29, 2017

I really enjoyed to the professor and the idea of learning the material with her students. It made me feel as if I was in the classroom learning with them. She broke down the material in a great way.

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By Caroline H

Mar 26, 2018

Excellent course. I am a Physical Therapist and found this course nicely complemented my knowledge.

A small improvement could be made within this course by making the correct answers to the quizzes available, preferably with explanation, in order to learn from ones mistakes. (I am talking about the end quizzes to each lesson, not the questions after the videos which already do this)

By Loren W

Aug 15, 2017

I thought this was a well done course as a brief overview of vital systems. I do feel like there could have been a decent bit more information packed into the course to make it feel more in depth, as the concepts are not too difficult, but overall was a solid intro course. I hope there are more to come (and if they're already here, I hope I find them soon!)

By Simon V d b

Nov 24, 2017

The course does a swell job of easing you into its content, perhaps a tad too much for people with prior knowledge (though for an introductory course, this is hardly a valid point). The actual class setting was fun and nostalgic. The teacher's focus on revision made it easier to commit the lessons to memory. Very much enjoyed taking this course.

By Rouqayiah

May 11, 2019

coursera is an amazing website to enable learning and engage knowledge in establishing minds of children. i just hope there is a way to allow us, students, to take more time learning. i mean the expire date we just have to rush things, when there is so much to explore in coursera. please consider

sincerely, Rouqayiah

By Rexavia E S

Oct 19, 2017

This course offers a wide range of information and gave me a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the human body. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants in-depth, comprehensive information on the body's functions, various disorders of the heart, lungs, etc, and a general preparation for medical school.

By Phyllis A

Dec 21, 2020

Great course but the quality of sound is absolutely horrible!!!! Ive taken a few courses before this one and this is the only time I've experienced this issue. I work at my desk and live alone and could barely hear the videos (TG for CC) and find it uncomfortable wearing headphones at home!

By Renee M C

Nov 30, 2017

I completely enjoyed the course. There are a few things I think should have been included in the course.

1. Describing and displaying different heart rhythms and what it means

2. When blood pressure and heart rate are not in sync

3. How is pain related to blood pressure

4. Pulse oximetry

By Madeleine M

Jun 4, 2018

A really good overview for those starting a health science degree or those wishing to refresh their knowledge and pick up a few extra bits and pieces along the way. I particularly benefited from the week on the physiology of pain, and will be able to implement the knowledge in my work.

By Rafay S A

Jun 15, 2017

It is a good course for young medical students but more than 50% of the content is so basic and babyish wasting a lot of my time to go through the whole course when i only want about 30% -40% of that knowledge.I would recommend to split into two a basic one and an intermediate one.

By Angelo P

Dec 18, 2017

This is an excellent course which offers a more than superficial introduction to the subject matter covered. It goes into some detail regarding the anatomy and the physiology underlying the vital signs. Anyone completing the course will have a good understanding the areas covered.

By Pavithra K

Jul 17, 2016

I really liked this course but at some points found it to be a bit dragging. The course is designed for clinicians and healthcare professionals. So, anyone out there who wants to learn more about the vital signs that control our living, this course is one click away!

By Priyanka

Aug 11, 2019

The course was really excellent .It will very useful to me. And I Learned a lot of things.Now I knew the hearts important functions and structure how it works and how the vital signs are. Thank you so much to Dr. Scanga. She took the class very well.

By Jett C

Jul 23, 2017

I thought this course offered a good overview of key concepts related to vital signs. I found the lectures and lab videos to be very helpful. I also liked having lecture notes available to review before watching the video lectures.

By Jakub P

Jun 26, 2020

The course gave me a much better understanding of human body and the mechanisms going inside different body parts. Learning with dr Scanga was very pleasant, however, the lessons could have contained much more information.

By Joycelyn S

Oct 10, 2017

I found the work challenging, but at the same time revitalizing. I took this course for me to understand what my doctors are looking at during visits. It took a lot for me to understand the physiology, but it was worth it.

By Ajibola

Jul 29, 2017

Really enjoyed the pace of the class. I learned a lot of new things. The instructor was very knowledgeable and thought the course in a way that helped me gain a better understanding of each topic that was covered.

By Kalyani R

Mar 30, 2020

It is an intense course for a layman but it is well explained and quite thorough. Its a great course if you intend to join the medical community or you already have the background of understanding the human body

By Jan G

May 4, 2016

Very well done. I like the fact that there are demos also. It might be a hard course if someone has no biology background. It's clear that this course is not the students first intro to many of these subjects

By Ana P

May 24, 2020

Es excelente, si ya viste el tema, sirve para repasar y sino sirve como una introduccion bastante precisa y acertada. Esta bien esquematizado, y la información que te dan (lecture outline) es bastante concisa.

By Patience D

Oct 17, 2016

This course is rich in information. The use of models, the interactive setting with nursing students and the simlab activities made it easy to understand the concepts. Kudos to Dr. Scanga and the team!

By dee o

Feb 4, 2021

I struggled in the beginning, but, as the course progressed I improved. Dr. Scanga and the teaching staff were awesome. Encouraging students and tossing in humor made the course interesting for me.

By Borislav N

Apr 21, 2020

The course provided a very nice perspective into some fundamental systems and made me appreciate even better the perfection of our bodies' design. It could have went a bit faster in some parts.

By Ananya K

Mar 15, 2017

It was fun to do. But I got a little confused in a few weeks.. But I will sure remember this course and I am sure I will learn something related to these topics in future.. I love vital signs!

By Moises E

Mar 5, 2017

Very interesting! To future versions, maybe You could include more practical demonstrations about the assessment of vital signs. I'm very grateful to the team responsible for this course.