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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Spreadsheets for Beginners using Google Sheets by Coursera Project Network

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About the Course

This 2-hour long project-based course is an introduction to spreadsheets. We’ll be using Google Sheets in this project, which is the free spreadsheet program offered by Google. With that said, most of the concepts that you will learn in this project will be applicable to other spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel. We will cover the following concepts in a hands-on manner: - Basic data entry, formatting and calculations - Relative and absolute cell references - Basic functions: concatenate, split, sum, average, median, min, max, count, counta - Advanced functions: vlookup, if, and, or, iferror, countif, countifs, averageif, averageifs, sumif, sumifs - Dealing with error messages - Conditional formatting - Filtering and sorting - Basic charts to visualize our data We will end the project by applying these concepts and create a basic spreadsheet model that helps us analyze household expenses. Note: If you don't have a Google account, you will need to create one to be able to complete the content....

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Sep 17, 2022

A great refresher and a new learning perspective was found in the entire course, The trainer did a great job with his extensive skills & the guided way made the entire process very convenient as well!


Aug 9, 2020

If you are looking for basics of excel sheet then this course has it all. Trust my words and patiently attempt this guide with practically doing things parallel. it will help you understand better.

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By Pavan B B

Aug 2, 2020

It's designed so magnificent that it made he course much more simpler to understand and apply it. Kudos to the designer. The instructor is too good and have great knowledge on the course. Highly recommend to join the course for beginners.

By Gardin M A S

Sep 14, 2020

This course really helped me to understand the basic of using spreadsheet. Before I never get any course related to it and this course taught me an easy method to understand. I hope this skill could help me pursuing a higher degree.

By Petr M

Sep 24, 2020

Thank you. As excel is used a lot in professional life across many industries, a course like this is very helpful to grant jobs of many people and create a basic understanding for individuals dealing with tasks connected to excel

By Alycia E

Jul 5, 2020

Even if you already have a basic understanding of this Google sheets, this course will definitely teach you something you never knew, especially if you're curious about sorting through tables full of data! Highly recommend!

By Sharleen S

Oct 29, 2020

This course taught me a lot of things I didn't know exist in using excel or google sheet. It is very easy to use and the speaker is really good in discussing each content. Looking forward for the next project of this team.

By vipin y

Aug 6, 2020

Excellent course designed to learn basic of Spreadsheets. Very helpful for a professional irrespective of domain. Instructor skills is up to the mark. Recommended for everyone who want to gain knowledge about Spreadsheets.

By Cailene M U

Oct 24, 2020

I learned a lot in this course and enjoyed it well. I also liked how the lessons were presented and thoroughly explained by Sir Alex. I can now enhance my skills for Google Sheets and MS Excel as well. Thank you Coursera.

By Ayushi V

Aug 1, 2020

I think this was a good tool to learn just enough of spreadsheet knowledge you will need to carry out most of your tasks with efficiency. This a basic level course you can complete in one sitting. I highly recommend it :)

By K S S d S

Oct 1, 2020

A very good, hands-on, guided introduction to Google Sheets. It seems to be fairly comprehensive for those who attempt all the exercises prior to receiving the guided instructions whenever given the chance to do so.

By Mustafa A

Oct 20, 2020

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By Jasmine J Z

Oct 16, 2020

I learned so much about Spreadsheet in less span of time. I wish I learned about this before, it could've made my work as Production Engineer easier for collecting of data and data analysis. Thank you.


Aug 30, 2020

The Course is too good for beginners just try it ones' you will learn very good basic things about Excel. A good approach by the instructor It's a unique way to study the project in Excel.

By Rekha S

Aug 3, 2020

It was an wonderful learning and hats off to the instructor. Thanks a lot for the detail step by step guidance and explanation which makes the project very easy to understand and complete.

By Rubelyn C

Oct 28, 2020

I have learned a lot that I didn't know that there were still a lot of functions that are very beneficial and very useful especially in doing the daily tasks about excel and spreadsheets.

By Aira M

Feb 16, 2021

I super love this! I did enjoy learning. I learned a lot on some basics that I didn't even know. This will help me further in my current job as we frequently use Google Sheets. Kudos!

By christopher a s

Nov 13, 2020

at first im afraid that i would not learn the spreadsheet because of unfamiliar function but now i understand those stuff that a lot for helping me pursue my dreams little by little.


Feb 26, 2022

The project gives great insights into the massive possibilities that spreadsheet offers. I recommend this course to every beginner who wishes to develop a skill in spreadsheets.


Nov 17, 2021

Great course, My first time doing spread sheet, Instructor was clear and precise. I am happy I took the this class, now I can feel more confident when I am doing a spread sheet.

By Elmer I

Oct 9, 2020

Very good project for beginners of Spreadsheets. I just realized there are plenty of functions I have not yet maximized in the use of spreadsheet. Thank you for this project.

By Puteri O

Dec 4, 2020

It was easy to follow and very useful for basic learning. Would be extra good if they added tutorials on how to work on pivot tables :-) But generally recommended!

By Farah H

Aug 26, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. It was just right for me because it was a short course. With my busy schedule this really helped. the instructor explained very well.

By Douglas H

Feb 9, 2021

Instructor does an excellent job with introducing the learner to Google Sheets. Course is suited well for learners who are/are not familiar with spreadsheets.

By Renniza F D

Oct 27, 2020

This was really helpful for me as an educator. I had fun while doing the practice and most importantly I learned a lot. The tutorial was easy to follow.

By Nur A I b M A

Nov 9, 2020

I have no knowledge on this spreadsheet at the beginning. But guidance from this instructor was very good and I'm glad I found this guided project!

By Tariqul I

Sep 15, 2020

This is my first course in Coursera. This is a new experience for me.

I am really happy about completing this guided project successfully.