Angus Corbett

Adjunct Professor of Law


I am a lawyer who is interested in the capacity of regulation to improve our lives and to address some pressing national and global problems. As an Adjunct Professor of Law at Penn Law I will pursue this work by teaching in the fields of health law and health systems and in further research. Since immigrating to the United States in 2012 I have worked on the question of how the United States, and other countries, can use regulation to influence systems of health care to move closer to achieving the triple aim, that is, to improve the quality of health care, to improve population health, while also reducing the cost of health care. I aim to use the position of Adjunct Professor of Law to develop and teach a comparative health systems course. I will also conduct research on the potential for making systems in health care responsive to, and dependent upon, the decisions of health care professionals. I have participated in a number of projects that are concerned with using regulation to achieve public policy goals in other domains. I am currently a consultant on a project that is directed at the question of using regulation to achieve Health Equity in Housing. This project is directed to the question of how local, state and federal regulators can achieve the goals of enabling equitable access to affordable, healthy housing. In 2015 I was a participant in the Regulatory Excellence project that was conducted by Penn Program on Regulation.