Main research and teaching areas Professionals’ use of knowledge Professional learning and development Work organizing Processes of division of work and the transformation from Higher Education to work life Current research Aili's focus has often been the balance between performing autonomy in different kinds of discretionary work and the increased governing, monitoring and control of professional work. She has actively worked in different research project during the last 15 years and led two research environments. She has been an advisor to central and local school authorities, to teachers’ and nurses’ unions. She has published in international journals as Tertiary Education and Management and Teachers and Teaching, Theory and Practice. She is one of the editors of Nordic Academic Press’: In tension between organization and profession: professionals in Nordic public service. She is now coordinating a research projects about teachers’ work conditions funded by AFA-insurance. The preliminary results show that technical devices and software, such as different quality systems, seems to hinder quality in the lessons rather than support quality. She is also coordinating the interdisciplinary research network SamTech.