Floriana Gargiulo

Researcher in Social Science


    Floriana Gargiulo is researcher in Social Science at the laboratory Gemass (Groupe d’Etude des Méthodes de l’Analyse Sociologique de la Sorbonne), based in Paris. After the PhD in physics, her work has gradually shift from the study of Complex Systems to the emerging interdisciplinary field of Computational Social Science, creating a specific profile based on the superposition of data science and modelling tools. During her career she has crossed several theoretical and applied research questions producing publications in: complex networks analysis, dynamics on and of networks, human mobility, opinion dynamics, science of science. In particular in the last years she mostly worked on the attention mechanisms on social media, on the opinion debates about vaccines and on the human behavior inside collaborative projects. She is actually involved in several research projects, in Sociology of Science, related to the epistemic impact of Artificial Intelligence in the scientific and technological ecosystems