Michael W. Anderson, FRSC

Professor of Materials Chemistry


Michael W. Anderson is Professor of Materials Chemistry at The University of Manchester. Born in Wimbledon, UK, he did his undergraduate studies in Chemical Physics at The University of Edinburgh and then completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge. Following a series of post-doctoral studies in the USA he joined The University of Manchester in 1990 and is currently Director of the Centre for Nanoporous Materials. Professor Anderson has over 25 years experience teaching all aspects of Physical Chemistry both in the UK and the USA. His research interests which are reported in over 200 papers include: experimental and theoretical NMR studies of heterogeneous microporous catalysts; structural studies of mesoporous materials; atomic force microscopy and electron microscopy studies of crystallisation mechanisms; synthesis and applications of novel microporous materials. He received the Royal Society of Chemistry Barrer Award in 1993 for distinguished work on zeolites.