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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Managing Big Data with MySQL by Duke University

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About the Course

This course is an introduction to how to use relational databases in business analysis. You will learn how relational databases work, and how to use entity-relationship diagrams to display the structure of the data held within them. This knowledge will help you understand how data needs to be collected in business contexts, and help you identify features you want to consider if you are involved in implementing new data collection efforts. You will also learn how to execute the most useful query and table aggregation statements for business analysts, and practice using them with real databases. No more waiting 48 hours for someone else in the company to provide data to you – you will be able to get the data by yourself! By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how relational databases work, and have a portfolio of queries you can show potential employers. Businesses are collecting increasing amounts of information with the hope that data will yield novel insights into how to improve businesses. Analysts that understand how to access this data – this means you! – will have a strong competitive advantage in this data-smitten business world....

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Jun 20, 2020

One of the best course till now I find on Coursera, well structured everything and practice questions made me feel like real life problems as data were from real database of dognition and ua_dillards.

Aug 19, 2019

Nice and well-organized course. I joined this course after self-studying on SQL for a few days. The context is really nice. The only problem is the Teradata is not stable. I tried very hard to login.

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By Chenhao H

Mar 31, 2017

This is a really nice course to start learning SQL. It introduces the basic framework of correlation database and provides multiple case practices every week. The loading of this class is somehow larger than it is mentioned in the syllabus. So for those who want to learn SQL and willing to spend more than ten hours practicing every week, i strongly recommend this course :)

By Erik B

Dec 26, 2016

I have done a number of courses on coursera. After this one, I am now also doing the Tableau course. I think it is fair to say that Jana provides great value. I have seen courses with very shallow content. Jana's are the opposite. It's actually a lot or work to get to the detailed assignments, but that's a good thing. I really get the feeling that I have learned something!

By Antonio G

Oct 9, 2020

This course is a perfect way to brush up on your SQL skills from zero to a more advanced level. Alternatively to similar SQL courses, this one takes a learning-by-doing approach by means of multiple hands-on exercises using real world databases, which keeps the student engaged and motivated. Plus, Jana is a great instructor and the video contents are clear and concise.

By Tu-Van T

Sep 23, 2017

This course is extremely useful and educationally rich. It teaches from the fundamentals, thus, build the foundation for your agility in applying the query languages in dynamic working requests. The interestingly challenging material and the enthusiastic lecturers boost up the excitement in studying and keep you following through the course. Highly recommended!

By Gbolahan

Nov 12, 2016

I you are absolutely new to SQL, I couldn't recommend a better course. Its a wonderful course to take, good explanations and excellent practice opportunities with real databases. The program goes beyond just writing SQL queries but help you to understand the way databases are organized, and it teaches you how to right queries from an analytical perspective.

By Aquib J

Jul 29, 2020

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is an aspiring data analyst or anyone who wants to learn MySQL. This course is very comprehensive. I am 100% sure that if you can complete this course, you will be confident that no sql query can escape from your sharp eyes. You will be able to find the answer of most of the question your SPAP asks using MySQL.

By Joanna L

Sep 17, 2019

It's a very comprehensive course, that allows someone with zero knowlege to - after 5 weeks of classes - be pretty confident writing some intermediate queries and also become familar with Jupyter Notebooks which is of great value to me since it is universally used across my company, as well as more 'corporate' software for data retrieving like Teradata.

By Lyuhong W

May 22, 2018



教师是用现在最潮流的Jupyter notebook进行教学,每一个函数都讲得特别仔细和系统,比其他单纯的甩给你代码和视频的课程好多了。题外话:我觉得Jupyter noterbook便于读写阅读文章,代码分段运行和图表即时显示的特点真的非常适合编程教学。


By Darshan N

Dec 15, 2019

I have done some SQL courses before but I wish I had found this course before any other as the amount of practice and intensity of this course is best I have ever seen. Most of the other courses go one by one into SQL syntax with very little examples but the exposure to real-life data and corresponding conclusions is the best this course has to offer.

By Padraig L

Nov 13, 2016

Brilliant course for the beginner to learn SQL. Well structured, very thorough and making use of some great technological resources for the user to practice their SQL with. By Week 4 my SQL had improved significantly and I was applying what I'd learned in my job . The final week is very challenging though, so be prepared to give it plenty of time.

By João F

Jan 24, 2018

Difficult course although I had some previous experience with SQL and MySQL. Working with Teradata for the first time was a valuable experience. About 20 hours of study per week. Regarding queries and data extraction this course goes beyond the basics and after completing the course the student is ready to interact with real-world data using SQL.

By María I I

Feb 15, 2016

This course really gives you a taste of what it is to work with real-company data. I strongly recommend it if you want to master at MySQL. Previously I had done a lot of small courses on web pages such as Codeacademy, but this was so far the most complete one. At the end of the course you will be amazed by the thinh you will be capable to do!

By Seshadri G

Jul 27, 2017

This course is thoroughly satisfying. You can hear the brain churning while trying to figure the most intuitive way to write the queries. It gives you the confidence of working with big data sets, gives an insight into how other cohorts think and helps you rate your own faculties of logic. The course delivers on the promises it makes.. 100%

By Benjamin B

Sep 12, 2020

Starting from no knowledge of SQL and some knowledge of other programming languages such as Python, Basic, and Scheme, I found this course to be comprehensive building up from a logical foundation and effective in skill-building. Prof. Jana Borg has a background in neuroscience as well so her pedagogical techniques are superbly informed.

By Carlee P

Mar 13, 2017

This is a great course that moves at a nice pace and allows students to experience SQL two different platforms (Jupyter, Teradata) with two different but interesting data sets. The videos are great but as with all programming the key is to practice, practice, practice! Which there is plenty of opportunity for also. Highly recommend.

By Megan C

Sep 22, 2018

I have zero knowledge about SQL or any programming language prior to taking this course. The structure of the course covers the fundamental knowledge and slowly progress to how to build more complex queries. It also equips the learner with common pitfalls of data analysis. Thank you for the great work in coming out with this course.

By Stavros V

Feb 23, 2019

This course is very detailed and applied, while also providing enough theory first to help you understand the underlying concepts. It is quite challenging and especially last weeks exercises and quiz will test your limits. But this is just the finale of a really great course. The community also is very helpful. Highly recommended!

By Doğaç A

Sep 22, 2020

Great course, great instructors ! For a student like me who doesn't have any prior knowledge on the subject, I couldn't expect to learn more than this. At the end of the Week 5, I was really suprised with the final queries I managed to complete in Week 5 exercises. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this course. Top quality !

By Yufei W

Apr 23, 2020

I really appreciate the real business data provided by this course. Overall, the course is a little challenging and requires a lot of time and independent thinking. But after trying to solve all the SQL problems following the instructions and using external resources, I am confident to rate myself as a higher level of SQL users.

By Charissa O

Feb 11, 2016

great videos, great tutorials. Felt like I learnt this way better than any module I took in college because lectures were kept to the point, no long winding stories that goes on and on, assignments were manageable and easy to follow. Felt like I learnt at least 90% of everything that was taught, instead of a ~~50-60% usually.


Mar 6, 2019

i have learn how relational databases work, and how to use entity relationship diagrams to display the structure of the data held within them. I also learn how data needs to be collected in business contexts, and help you identify features you want to consider if you are involve in implementing new data collection efforts.

By Wu C O

Jun 3, 2020

Jana is one of the best tutor there is. She makes MySQL so much fun to learn and breaks the materials down extremely well so you're building on solid foundations. Think the best thing about this course was learning how to apply the technical details to real life examples rather than just learning the theory itself

By Vishnu V R

Jan 26, 2016

It is one of the best course I have taken. I am really enjoying my progress and it's simple and easy to learn. So, I recommend, if anyone interested in Big Data it is worth taking this Course and You get some confidence to go deeper.

Big Thanks to Jana. You are such a Wonderful instructor.



By Mingyu D

Jul 20, 2020

The course is really demanding but helpful. Many people tell me that SQL is so easy to learn that you can handle it within a day. But just like the explicit language, Python, SQL brings some difficulties to me as I dive deeper into it following this course. Challenge yourself from now on!

By Lauren T

Mar 1, 2020

This course was so helpful to me. All of the information was thoroughly and thoughtfully presented. On average, I spent about twice as much time on the class each week as the stated estimated time per week. However, the understanding I gathered in this course was worth the time spent.