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Understanding statistics is essential to understand research in the social and behavioral sciences. In this course you will learn the basics of statistics; not just how to calculate them, but also how to evaluate them. This course will also prepare you for the next course in the specialization - the course Inferential Statistics. In the first part of the course we will discuss methods of descriptive statistics. You will learn what cases and variables are and how you can compute measures of central tendency (mean, median and mode) and dispersion (standard deviation and variance). Next, we discuss how to assess relationships between variables, and we introduce the concepts correlation and regression. The second part of the course is concerned with the basics of probability: calculating probabilities, probability distributions and sampling distributions. You need to know about these things in order to understand how inferential statistics work. The third part of the course consists of an introduction to methods of inferential statistics - methods that help us decide whether the patterns we see in our data are strong enough to draw conclusions about the underlying population we are interested in. We will discuss confidence intervals and significance tests. You will not only learn about all these statistical concepts, you will also be trained to calculate and generate these statistics yourself using freely available statistical software....

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Jun 27, 2022

Instructors have provided concise explanations of the concepts. There are many examples considered that make statistics easier to understand! Also, the illustrations are fancy. I enjoyed every video!


Apr 20, 2016

This is a nice course...thanks for providing such a great content from University of Amserdam.

Please allow us to complete the course as I have to wait till the session starts for week 2 lessions.

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By Amelia S

May 29, 2020

The lectures are very well structured and the flow of each lectures flows great, reference support and reading material is very satisfying, Presentation support such as drawings, slides, cartoons is very interesting, the way the lecturer teaches is very passionate and very interesting, the speed of the lecturer is suitable to my ability to listen and comprehend, the voice and pronunciation are clear and easy to understand, the material taught is very useful, interesting and up to date, this lecture will be very useful for my career in the future

By Stacey G

Mar 30, 2021

This was an excellent course! Well thought out and with easy to follow tutorials. I especially liked the use of animation and humor by the lecturers. These made it easier for me to focus and the examples easier to follow. Each quiz covered the modules well and I really appreciated the access to R as I've always wanted to learn how to use it but never knew how to access it. I am thankful to the Commonwealth of Learning team as well as the Coursera team, for the opportunity to complete this course.

By Jacob S

Jun 18, 2016

Really a great introductory course. I am a real beginner in statistics, since I need it to make it easier for my self at data mining and machine learning in the future, this course gives me a solid basic understanding of terminology, calculations and relationships between calculations. Week 3 and 4 are pretty hard in my opinion, but after doing the course learning how to learn I know how to handle it, so I will recommend everybody to do that one also if you think this looks too difficult for you.

By Aurangazeeb A K

Jan 6, 2019

One of the best courses on Coursera and I'm saying this with an experience of 10+ courses on Coursera. The teaching strategy is brand new, with some surprises from the awesome teachers ! Statistics now feels like child's-play. Thank you University of Amsterdam for making this amazing course. The animations gives a fresh feel towards the concepts. After starting this class, I'm more curious and passionate about statistics. One more thing, be ready for a surprise at the first video of week 6.

By Elena K

Sep 30, 2016

A really great course. Simple to follow and understand, but provides insights into the basics of statistics. Almost no math which is good news for non-experts and makes the course more accessible for a broader audience. The lecturers explain the intuition behind the fundamental things in statistics, which I find very important before studying the statistical tests (inferential statistics). Feels like it opened my eyes.

Thank you very much Matthijs Rooduijn and Emiel van Loon!

By Leitha M

Feb 27, 2016

I've always had a rough time with mathematics, but the way this course is structured makes it easy for me to go at my own pace, re-watch videos that were confusing the first time through and work through problems until I really felt like I understand how the formulas work. The consistent use of exercises in R were extremely useful as well. I'd highly recommend this course and learning system for people like me, who never thought they'd be able to grasp mathematics.

By Giulia L

May 13, 2020

I decided to start that course as I am not good at statistic, but I wanted to learn more about it and see if I was wrong.

Actually, the course has been super interesting and VERY well structured. All the topics were very well explained and I understand them all. Therefore, I believe that the professors has made an excellent job. However, I still don't like statistic that much, I am sorry!! But probably it is just my personal inclination.

By Lanan Z

Aug 31, 2020

I always wanted to learn some basic statistics, because I believe it helps me to see the world differently. I'm glad that I found this fantastic course on Cousera.

The course is very well structured, covering all the basic topics in the area. The two professors are very charmful. I enjoyed a lot their humor. Furthermore, the presentation of the course is very well designed, which helped me to keep focus.

I highly recommend this course!

By Alexander M

Aug 8, 2017

Thank you for the instruction and clear overview for this course. Coming from a HR standpoint (where ocassionally Statistics are a must) it was easy to follow the chapters week by week. As in any course there were some challenging sections to redo or retry but great learning and application to the real world. Highly recommend for anyone in a math background or looking to improve a skill set in numbers.

By Ebubechi N

Apr 23, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. I was always terrified of statistics, but it was explained so well and so clearly that I found myself understanding some of the statistical jokes shared during the lesson. The only difficult part for me was the probability sessions, but after reviewing them a few times I got the gist of it. I am already recommending this course to my colleagues and friends. Great job!

By Eric M E

Mar 22, 2016

Simple explanations that make the topic rather easy to learn and having a visual aid (the drawings) I find it to be so much more friendly that I've really come to enjoy what I'm learning (I'm mostly a visual learner so to me this is very good). So far it has been a great course with R labs that can help reinforce the ideas and give a bit more practice in the subject, I do recommend the course.


Mar 2, 2016

This is a very informative and good course for beginners who wants to explore basic statistics along with R lab. Ofcourse, I felt little tought when i tried to do R lab but finally got it!! Overall course was very informative and would definitely recoment for those who wants to learn statistics

thanks for professors and the team of University of Amsterdam for conducting this course.

By Srikar R

May 16, 2020

This is literally the best statistics course to begin with.It improved my fundamentals and revoked my love for statistics.I would recommend this to anybody who wants to explore the statistics field.I will also come back here to clarify my doubts.A well thought out course and brilliant explanation.I wish I had teachers like you guys in my college,our world would be a better place :)

By Irish J L T

Jul 20, 2022

I LOVED the professor of Weeks 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7! I have learned a great deal from him. He knows the pedagogy of beginning learners. No doubt that the Week 3 and 4 professor is knowledgeable and great, not to mention that his topics are difficult themselves. it's just that I greatly appreciate the teaching approach of the other professor. I hope I get to learn from him more!

By Ramesh S

Jun 21, 2020

I enrolled into the course to revisit the basics, which we learnt long back and forgotten down the line. The course aptly filled the purpose. The exercises were truly testing. Evaluation questions really made us sweat out, revise the lectures, look at internet for better grasp...on the whole made an intense session of learning. Thank you Teachers and Thank you Coursera!!

By Nobuko S

Jun 9, 2020

Great course to learn a basic of statistics. Teachers tried to explain complicated concepts in a comprehensive way by using interesting examples. Although I have some background in mathematics, this course was a little bit challenging for me. However, I could learn a lot and by the end of the lecture, I felt confident about statistics. Thank you for the great lectures!

By Asikur R

Jul 21, 2020

This course gives me very clear idea about basic and intermediate statistics and examples were really awesome through the whole video lectures. Instructors were very cool and experienced. Thank you very much for this course. I hope it will surely help me in my academic career because I have some main courses in my subject. Now, it will be easy for me to understand.

By Vladimir R P B

Jul 3, 2020

This is a pretty well made course. The explanations are clear and entertaining (as much as a statistics and probability course can be entertaining, at least) and it covers enough subjects deeply enough. The only observation I have is that there are a few minor errors and technical issues in some lectures that, although not very serious, are a little annoying.

By Vijay C

Jun 10, 2020

An awesome course for anyone to learn statistics. Instructors explain the contents very well. This course is a must for anyone who wishes to enter into the world of Data Science. The video lectures accompanied by assignments and R lab I learned the stuff very well. I am thankful to the instructors and the University of Amsterdam for making this online course.

By Dorien H

Mar 9, 2016

Very good course, the explanations are made very accessible through understandable and sometimes funny examples.

Learned many of new things, despite having finished a course on statistics in my university. Especially the R component helped me greatly; despite already having some experience, the datacamp modules were very helpful.

Oh, and great Dutch accents :)

By Neelam T

Apr 10, 2022

The design of this course is very wholesome for understanding for beginners as well as someone who wish to strengthen their knowledge on statistics. Also the liaision with Data camp for applying functions in R is very commendable.

Thank you all the professors and teachers and other people, Univeristy of Amsterdam who put an effort in creating this content.

By Chitvan K P

Jun 30, 2018

Excellent starter for learning statistics. Looking forward to learn Inferential Statistics next. This course covers a wide variety of material ranging from basic Probability Distributions to Formulating and Testing hypothesis, confidence intervals and regression methods. Great starter to stats and looking forward to learn Inferential stats too.

By Dung Â

Jul 25, 2021

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By 马悦琳

Sep 5, 2021

its a very good course!! I would like to thank all the members of the inventory team, especially the two main teachers! You are both so humorous and explain the theory in a explicit way! I have gained a lot and I believe I will keep studying STATISTICS because it is very useful and studying it really has a lot of fun!! Wish u all the best!

By Maryluz H

Oct 15, 2017

It is a great course. I don't have much experience or knowledge in statistics, but I found it useful. I still need to review concepts that are still not clear, but the professors are good in the explanations and examples. I wish I had had more time for everything, and didn't have to rush because of the payment.

Thanks for the great course!