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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Bridging the Gap between Strategy Design and Delivery by Brightline Initiative

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About the Course

Remember to get your voucher before starting the course to earn your Brightline® Initiative certificate using this link: In today’s competitive business environment, organizations are facing unprecedented levels of change and disruption. Only 1 out of 10 executives based on a global survey admit that their organizations successfully deliver all of their strategic initiatives. This course will help you as a leader of your organization to bridge the costly and wasteful gap between strategy design and delivery. You will learn how external and internal factors impact the organizations’ capability to implement strategies. You will understand Brightline’s 10 Guiding Principles and see how these can help bridge the strategy-implementation gap based on real-world examples from the profit-, non-profit- and government sectors. We bring you interviews from global leaders and experts to share their experiences and examples in strategy implementation. You will also analyze a fictional case and create a strategic action plan following the Brightline’s 10 Guiding Principles. After completing this course, you will comprehend how the 10 Guiding Principles can address and resolve your organization’s challenges to successfully achieve its strategic goals....

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Mar 1, 2019

Great program from PMI and its partners ; Interviews with experts on strategy design and implementation are very insightful. Besides this program also provided access to rich collection of HBR papers.


Jun 27, 2020

An excellent course and nicely articulated and delivered by Ricardo Vargas. Really liked the idea of strategy delivery and execution with 10 principles as mentioned in the Brightline initiative...

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By Shine S

Mar 15, 2020

It was a good learning experience. To start with I liked the content flow and its presentation. The speakers were very convincing and the design of the course kept the energy level high. The best part is was the application (quiz/test) and the learning you get through reviewing other participants' assignments. Thank you.


May 3, 2020

Excellent Course with very apt and crisp contents creating the awareness on why there is a gap between strategy design & delivery, characterizing the gap and then helping professionals with a tool kit of 10 guiding principles in their actions to bridge the gap. A must do for all professionals across walks of life.

By Scott W

Feb 15, 2021

This is an captivating and valuable course. The course deliverables are well done, especially the TED Videos. The Guiding Principle Slides are professional quality.

I will recommend this course to others in my organization. I feel comfortable using the slide deck to introduce the course concept to my peers.

By Pritum S

Aug 4, 2019

This course is helping me understand the dynamics of businesses, how things can go wrong in companies, how to steer our organisation in right direction. At the end of this course I might be able to apply all the 10 principles to handle teams and work at my place more effectively and efficiently.

By Michael F

Oct 28, 2018

Excellent overview of strategy design and execution. I found it pulled many aspects of past learnings together, causing several light bulbs to come on while I was going through the material. I will use this in my role of executing strategy through the portfolios of programs and projects I manage.

By Kristina G

Mar 28, 2021

Excellent course! This course delivers its objective with clarity by showcasing relevant business cases with guiding principles.

Thank you to the Instructor, Ricardo Viana Vargas, and to the team who made this course accessible for free without neglecting its quality. Kudos!

Thanks, Coursera!

By Yadira I S G

Sep 22, 2020

El curso es muy práctico y dinámico. Es ideal para poner en práctica las estrategias de planeación, ejecución e implementación del proyecto. En muchas ocasiones a pesar de tener buenas ideas es difícil su implementación por lo que los 10 principios son una gran herramienta de ejecución.

By Syed N R

Jan 9, 2020

Loved the entire course and its contents. The HBR Insight report supporting the course was very much complementing the explanation and narrative of Ricardo Triana. The customer user journey and case studies helped understand the course much better. Overall wonderful experience !


Aug 9, 2020

I am very excited and satisfied with the course, the guiding principles are essential, clear and precious in order to bridge the gap between the design and the implementation of the strategy. The best reallymene the level of the interviewees. Fully recommended to participate.

By Pedro C C G

Oct 13, 2019

A bright and lucid explanation of how to understand and bridge the gap between our dreams, desires (the strategy) and what we will get (the results). The course gives us knowledge and confidence in achieving our goals. One way to create a motto like Pres. Obama "Yes, we can!"

By Ganzorigt L

Aug 28, 2022

Wanderful course! Do not underestimate it, as people may accept as not important. Yes it is free of charge, but it is true worth of money. Do not miss this opportunity! Contents and technical solutions are modern! Thanks Brightline initiatives for their great donation!


Oct 25, 2021

The course contents and its systematic organization of the way it is taught are very appreciable. Thought the contents and its teachings are voluminous, it is made to appear very simple and easy to understand . Overall it is a very well designed course. Thank You !

By Ramabhadra R D

Nov 25, 2019

Great course with excellent content. I liked going through all three case studies in the end and creating action plans for all of them even though only one is required to complete the course. Please let me know how to obtain the course completion certificate.


Jun 4, 2020

The course is well structured with each module supported by case studies and interviews with global hashtag#Leaders and hashtag#Experts. It will help boost your knowledge about: #leadership #leadershipdevelopment #strategicmanagement #StrategicTransformation

By Natalia C B

May 4, 2020

It is a great course and all the guiding principle are realistic and able to be implemented in all kind of companies and organizations. I higly recommed the course to those interested in improving the way the startegies are implemented in their organizations

By bruno d d a f

Sep 11, 2020



By Ayisat E

Mar 18, 2021

The course was intense and the information really dense but with plenty practical examples and a final assignment allowing for a 'real world' trial of the system and processes. I feel ready to start building strategies that are better informed in practice.


Dec 28, 2020

In my top 3 course on coursera, the course provides us with tools, template, and practical exercices and guidances to be able to implement on the spot. Reading are a must to do because it really helps understanding the real world impact of the principles.

By Sameer P

Aug 29, 2019

Great course for middle and senior manager to understand the Gap between Strategy Design and Delivery and how to bridge the gap. Very well conceptualized with great Industry examples and Live interviews. Course material is extensive. Overall great course.

By Fernando H d S

Jan 30, 2020

This is an outstanding course, with up-to-date information and contextualization which reflects precisely the complex environment we are living in. A must-do for everyone who is fed up with strategies that don't get out of the paper into the real world.


Sep 30, 2020

Great course, I have really appreciated it.

It is very well organized, practical and with a huge push to action.

I found extremely valuable the interviews if expert speakers. Their thoughts and experience really add tremendous value to this course.

By Shriya B

Jun 19, 2020

Avery light, crisp course on how vast organizations operate, and how we can apply those principles at our organizations. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and found it very insightful. Thank you Coursera and Brightline Project Management Institute!


Oct 24, 2019

One thing that i really liked about this course is its practical approach to resolving and managing strategy delivery. I've already started putting into practice some of the principles i learnt in the course. Thank you so much for this course.

By Fernanda A

Mar 1, 2021

Course syllabus, content, organisation and speakers are all excellent. The Guiding Principles is a great tool for professionals designing and executing strategy. All case studies were recent and relevant. I can strongly recommend this course.

By Henrique C M

Apr 28, 2020

Good content with many applied examples and references to be very clear about the concepts of Brightline's 10 Guiding principles.

Real important to organizations (companies, NGO and governments) to align the strategy delivery with the design.