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Ethical Social Media , The University of Sydney

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About this Course

Social media connects us across space and time, allowing us to find like-minded communities and participate creatively in public life as never before. We may often use social media without thinking much about the possible consequences. But there is a shadow side associated with social media use, which takes the form of hate speech, increased surveillance, lack of anonymity and questionable use of our data. What do we need to know to use social media spaces effectively, in a way that is safe and productive for all? This course will guide you into a deeper exploration of online identity, social media communities and their users. You will examine the ways that social media is being used by public institutions such as government to build participation and conversation with audiences. You will encounter the most common ethical debates in social media. You will also have the opportunity to build your practical skills by developing your professional social media profile, defining your audience, building your social media influence and understanding how to interpret data analytics to "listen" and communicate well....
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7 Reviews

By Jaime Lugo

Oct 24, 2018

Very interesting topic and explanations on how to tackle it in the new era

By Margherita

Apr 17, 2018

This course gave me the opportunity to think about social media in a new way.

I liked the lesson number 4 because it was the most "practical".

By Joy Smith

Jun 01, 2017

for those who are working with social media.

By Muhammad Kashif

May 05, 2017

This course have increased my knowledge about Social Media and how to plan Social media strategy. Provided materials was good too. Thanks.

By Allison Morton

Dec 28, 2016

Having to pay before you take the course is really disappointing. Not many students to interact with because of this. Course was very basic also. Not worth the money. Coursera offers many quality courses which are much better than this one.

By Eva Vangenechten

Dec 17, 2016

This course gives a great overview of the aspects concerning ethics you have to keep in mind while working with social media. This course has helped me to get a better grip on issues like privacy and accessibility. It says that reading the articles will take you 10 minutes, it took me an hour. I loved the variety of tutorials, interviews, assignments, readings etc. I would have preferred that my final assignment was reviewed by the professor himself.


Sep 20, 2016

All users are good at using social Media but they don't really understand the SM Ethics. Thanks to this course to give us the world view on SM Ethics. Love the course