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About the Course

Spreadsheet software remains one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software used in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently operate this software means adding a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio. In the United States alone, millions of job advertisements requiring Excel skills are posted every day. Research by Burning Glass Technologies and Capital One shows that digitals skills lead to higher income and better employment opportunities at a time when digital skills job are growing much faster than non-digital jobs. In this second course of our Excel specialization Excel Skills for Business you will build on the strong foundations of the Essentials course. Intermediate Skills I will expand your Excel knowledge to new horizons. You are going to discover a whole range of skills and techniques that will become a standard component of your everyday use of Excel. In this course, you will build a solid layer of more advanced skills so you can manage large datasets and create meaningful reports. These key techniques and tools will allow you to add a sophisticated layer of automation and efficiency to your everyday tasks in Excel. Once again, we have brought together a great teaching team that will be with you every step of the way. Prashan and Nicky will guide you through each week (and I am even going to make a guest appearance in Week 5 to help you learn about my favourite tool in Excel - shh, no spoilers!). Work through each new challenge step-by-step and in no time you will surprise yourself by how far you have come. This time around, we are going to follow Uma's trials and tribulations as she is trying to find her feet in a new position in the fictitious company PushPin. For those of you who have done the Essentials course, you will already be familiar with the company. Working through her challenges which are all too common ones that we encounter everyday, will help you to more easily relate to the skills and techniques learned in each week and apply them to familiar and new contexts....

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Aug 22, 2020

I love this course a lot! Thank you very much for this course. It is easy to understand and follow. The practice challenges are so fun to do. Looking forward to the next course in this specialization.


Dec 3, 2020

Amazing course. I am amazed by the value provided by the instructors. The Pivot Tables in Week 6 is a must for everyone working with Excel. I am glad I chose this course over the other online courses.

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By Moyosoore O

Apr 27, 2019

This is the first course I'm completing on Coursera. Every bit of my time spent on this course is worth it. My sincere appreciation to the course instructors. You're the best. You have opened me up to an entirely new world in Excel and I eagerly look forward to the remaining courses in this specialization.

By Heather P

Sep 25, 2020

I thought I knew a lot about Excel before starting this course... gosh, was I wrong. The instructors break down key concepts step by step and make it very easy to understand. How did I not know that these awesome tools in Excel were there? This course has been a game changer for me and my Excel knowledge.

By Triphena B

May 20, 2019

I found this course very helpful and effective. I really appreciate to Coursera Team for this wonderful learning website. Also, mention for the course that the instructor is very good. The way of teaching is very efficient. course material and practice exercises are easy to understand.

Thank you so much.

By Vikram T

Oct 25, 2022

Thanks Coursera and Macquarie University for this amazing Course for learning Excel from beginner to Expert level.

I would like to THANK YOU Coursera and Macquarie University for Great Learning experience and amazing course content for learning In-demand Industry skills for Instance Microsoft Excel.


Aug 27, 2020

I really love this course. They teach us from very basics to nurture our knowledge and building basic concepts which are very important to become a pro. Thank you for helping me out in this course of excel and I wish I could use all these in my work. I really love the instructors, they are the best!

By Usoro A E

Aug 5, 2020

Excellent course with excellent instructors, who help you develop your spreadsheet skills needed in the workplace. I recommend this to everyone who wants to gain expertise in the excel spreadsheet software for business. A better option too, would be to complete the excel for business specialization.

By Rezart S

Jan 5, 2020

Fantastic. I learned so many new things that I had never even seen before when I was in school. The more I learn about Excel the more my mind is blown away what a fantastic spreadsheet software excel is when you know how to use it. And also the course is wonderful too, right to the point. I love it.

By Shahzad A B

May 4, 2021

The course was pertinent to the real world excel related problems faced might be faced by business students and was helpful it has become my competitive advantage over my colleagues.And course instructors are great at their delivery of material and helps me a lot in my University projects analysis.

By Sanika J

Aug 20, 2020

First, I did course1: "essentials" and then started with this course. I am so glad after completing this course and feeling confident! The structure of the course is superb and concepts are very well explained with loads of practice challenges which were helpful to get acquainted with new concepts.

By Svenja A

May 4, 2020

Great explanations - helpful to anyone wanting to learn something new or to refresh knowledge on specific Excel topics such as data consolidation, text & date functions, naming ranges, count functions, sparklines, tables & Pivots. Well explained and easy to understand following the video tutorials.

By Mauricio A H L

Sep 4, 2022

Es un curso genial que ensaya de una forma muy íntegra, con evaluaciones desafiantes y muy justas, todo lo que se podría desear para aprender y adquirir competencias de la mejor manera. Gracias a Coursera por abrindar tanta calidad y al equipo de Macquarie University por estar a cargo del mismo.

By Zorana H

Sep 4, 2020

Course creates a great insight on how you can use Excel for data mining. Instructions are clear, assignments are fun and you can learn a lot. Until starting this course I had basic understanding of what you can do with charts, Pivot tables but I didn't realize how easily you can sumurize data and

By Sanjay K B

Jul 25, 2020

I have learned some amazing features in excel which is turning out to be the most vital aspect of my life as far as my workplace is concerned. The instructors were amazing and hats off to the whole team who have designed the course superbly. I have gained utmost satisfaction by doing this course.

By I N U

Mar 1, 2023

I will pay for any courses offered by these instructors. This is the best excel course on the internet. They are unrushed, they do not assume any knowledge and you are never lost. The exercises are well thought-out and very engaging. I'd rate it 7 stars if I could. Thank you very much Macquarie

By Deleted A

Jun 7, 2021

Course is great. Wouldn't learn it any other way. I do wish there were even more exercises than there are now. Maybe not by much, not to discourage people. Maybe some bonus exercises for people who completed the course. Maybe something on a higher level, just to keep the material sharp. Thanks!

By Mario C

Oct 19, 2020

This course definitely surpassed my expectations. It introduced me to several tools which I hadn't known about despite using Excel for several years. The tools covered, such as the Named Ranges and Pivot Tables, are very powerful features that have changed my experience when using this program.

By Natalia B

May 29, 2019

I have enjoyed this course, found lots of great ideas to use for future! I knew about pivot tables, but this helped to understand how easy and useful. I love how instructions are clear and easy to follow, each video helps develop knowledge and skills. Great idea about the challenge spreadsheet.

By Abhishek P G

Jun 12, 2020

The course is structured in a very efficient way and all the instructors explain the concepts in a very simple way, additionally, the practice challenges allowed me to further test what I've learned without as much guidance as the video lessons. Overall a very great course and would recommend.

By Ndalukile H H K

Jun 12, 2020

The course is structured in a very efficient way and all the instructors explain the concepts in a very simple way, additionally, the practice challenges allowed me to further test what I've learned without as much guidance as the video lessons. Overall a very great course and would recommend.

By Süleyman Ç

Sep 1, 2021

Actually, everyone can find alternatives to "practice videos" on the internet in 2021. But more importantly, quizzes, practice challenges, and assessments really taught me the "excel". They were well prepared and the whole course was consistent. I felt I really learned some after each week.

By Vaishnavi R

Nov 20, 2020

I really liked the course. I enjoyed learning the intermediate course on excel skills for business as the course videos are easy to understand. Also the practice quizzes and assessment tests were very well set for proper learning. Thank you Coursera and Macquarie University for this course.

By Rishu A

Oct 12, 2020

The way of explanation was really nice. I am a person who often enrolls for a course but leaves it in the middle (due to lack of interest). But this time it didn't happen. I completed the course because firstly the topic was interesting and secondly the professors took it nicely and easily.

By Nimat O U

Jan 2, 2021

I absolutely loved the way this class was structured, all modules were very explicit and clear. The whole aim of this course is to help us attain some level of confidence at using Excel. I would say confidently i am now very comfortable with using excel.

thanks to the team i love you guys.

By Ahadul I

Jul 15, 2020

I wish I knew about this course before! An absolute gem of a course to learn Excel!

I will say it once again: this course is brilliant. You are bound to learn Excel if you do the practice lessons with care. Even if you complete the exercises to earn the certificate, you will learn a lot.

By Mohammad I H

Jul 5, 2020

I am so glad and satisfied about this course. I recommend this course to everyone who is enthusiast for excel course with basic excel knowledge. I had basic knowledge so i didn't enroll in Essentials. Overall I am satisfied and Insha-Allah I will enroll in the next course intermediate ll.