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This course is the eighth course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. You’ll have the opportunity to complete an optional case study, which will help prepare you for the data analytics job hunt. Case studies are commonly used by employers to assess analytical skills. For your case study, you’ll choose an analytics-based scenario. You’ll then ask questions, prepare, process, analyze, visualize and act on the data from the scenario. You’ll also learn other useful job hunt skills through videos with common interview questions and responses, helpful materials to build a portfolio online, and more. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Learn the benefits and uses of case studies and portfolios in the job search. - Explore real world job interview scenarios and common interview questions. - Discover how case studies can be a part of the job interview process. - Examine and consider different case study scenarios. - Have the chance to complete your own case study for your portfolio....

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Nov 10, 2022

An elevator pitch gives potential employers a quick, high-level understanding of your professional experience. What are the key considerations when creating an elevator pitch? Select all that apply.


Jul 6, 2022

A useful training course for all fields and gives expanded thinking to find problems and solve them in the best correct ways. It can be said about a method that reaches the correct thinking in life.

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By Ahmed M A E A

Oct 16, 2021

I am Ahmed from Egypt, I benefited greatly from this course and added more skills and it is focusing on the more theoretical part of the data analyst profession, but it is great that I would recommend it to any newbie in data analysis, it is a great start and good luck to everyone.

By Kelston C

Aug 22, 2021

Good course for beginners, teaches you the basics of spreadsheets, SQL and R. But lots of learning has to be done own your own to really be proficient in any of these programs; you get exposed to the programs but you don't learn much of any one program.

By Stefanie J

Dec 8, 2022

It would be incredibly helpful for students to follow along on a case study from start to finish in Kaggle.

I can appreciate the trial by fire approach, but with so many platforms, tools, and languages it was unnecessarily chaotic and disorienting.

By Chilufya M

Dec 17, 2021

What an Amazing journey I had. Choosing this course as my stating point in my data analysis career has been the best decision of my life. I was able to learn and acquire knowledge and insightful techniques on how to go about my Data Analysis work.

By Aditya K D

Feb 4, 2022

Was a little bit beginner level, but very solidly drils concepts around data, while building good habits around it. Course can be finished muc quicker than Coursera recommends, but it helps to take time and discover the readings by yourself.

By Takahide M

Jul 18, 2021

This course is for those who are looking for a job. It is based on the interview correspondence and the learning so far. It was good that the methods and methods were explained in order of priority.

By Arghya D

Nov 21, 2022

It is a great starting point toward a career in Analytics. For people with no IT background, this will be their first project & the topics. The simplicity of the project also adds to its credit.

By Terra N B

Feb 16, 2022

The capstone project and the information included were great. I honestly only wish we could have practiced more direct application of the concepts earlier in the program.

By Christopher B

Oct 23, 2021

I enjoyed the course even though it started at a very basic level. For someone just starting out, this would be an excellent course to take.

By Tongtong W

Jan 25, 2022

Great course, easy to learn and follow through. Hoping Google will present another more advanced courses for Data analysis

By vinny r

Oct 20, 2021

Very Good. Just a humble request to add Python Programming also in this course.

By Karenina R

Mar 7, 2022

Many topics become so redudant when the videos and readings say the same.

By Megan S

Dec 5, 2022

It was very basic, but really helpful for a general understanding!

By Ashwini G

Oct 16, 2021

Did not get the certificate even after complting the all 8 courses

By Euloge M T

Dec 12, 2021

Very Good Course for entry level and Data Analysis.

By Tyson B

May 19, 2022

I dont feel like i learned any analytical skills. Are there really jobs out there that are looking for someone to tell them the min, max, and mean of a data set? I was expecting to use some statistical methods like T-tests, Chi square, and ANOVA.

By Lemuel B

Jan 20, 2022

I am disappointed I was unable to use SQL to merge separate data sets into one because of the data limits in Big Query.

By Nils R

Jan 26, 2022

Wish there was more instructions on actual job hunting.

By Vince W

Dec 10, 2021

Only R no SQL or Tableau

By Shea S

Jan 3, 2023

This certificate is helpful only on the most basic of levels. Will you learn appropriate vocabulary and have the most rudimentary understanding of what technical skills are required as a data analyst? Yes. Will you feel confident enough to not only complete a well-informed case study at the end, but also be a competent data analyst? No.

The first 4 or so courses were fine. The concepts were explained well and examples were provided. But once you hit the Analyze course, it all falls apart. To say that the Analyze certificate needs work would be an understatement. There was too much hand-holding through the basic Excel/Sheets exercises and too little explanation on the SQL analysis. It would make more sense to take more time to explain subqueries and JOINs in SQL than to assume people don't know how the SUM function works in Sheets/Excel.

Beyond course 5 (Analyze), my expectations dropped dramatically. The certificates "fluff quantity" didn't go down when it desperately needed to. The examples continued to be too basic with no real-life, on-the-job nuance and application. When you're actually getting into the processes you'll be performing on a daily basis as a real-life analyst (cleaning, analyzing, visualizing, presenting), there needs to a proportionate amount of explanations, context, and "why's" answered. More hands-on activities/exercises with real-world data sets that need actual cleaning and walking through the steps to legitimately analyze said data would've helped.

I don't feel qualified to work in this role after completing this certificate. There was not enough emphasis on the skills and discernment needed to actually do this job. Conversely, there was too much "grade school fluff" and the examples and content provided barely scratched the surface for what is necessary to work as a data analyst.

Also, the capstone project needs supplementation. If you're going to provide "guidance" through it, provide supplementary functions or suggested steps to actually do the project. Guiding questions aren't enough when graduates of this certificate only know 3-5 functions in R when you'd need at least 3x that amount to do a proper data cleaning in RStudio.

Overall, this certificate won't provide you much more than a surface-level understanding of data analysis. Additional courses on Udemy and referencing other case studies on Kaggle taught me more about the practical application of data analysis than this certificate did.

By Sanket S

Apr 17, 2022

Unable to download or Purchase certificate. Kindly contact me.

By Yahya M A S

Oct 17, 2022

This course was the summary of all that we studied before, and it brings all concepts and hands-on skills to the table, It is great, here we applied what we have learned to solve problems using data step by step Thanks for google for this course I already started in other programs and specializations which are Data Analysis using Excel(specialization 3 courses) and I've finished two of 3 courses Data visualization and dashboarding with Tableau(specialization 5 courses) Business data analytics (specialization) Oracle sql for data analysis (specialization) I've finished one course of the specialization Once I finished the above courses I plan to study Python for scripting and automation R for data analysis Google opened the door for me Thanks to Google

By Rick

Jul 9, 2022

This course not only pulls together everything introduced in the previous data analytics certificate courses but also gives the student the opportunity to apply them in a job seeking manner. At 60 years old I have interviewed for many jobs and found the advice provided in this course 'real world'. Perhaps a video dealing with anxiety is the only thing missing. The videos' interviewee was too calm and collected, too on the mark in my experience. Like a firefighter going into a blaze, interviews require practise, practise, practise, to dampen the effects of all the brain's alarm bells going off all at once. You may be skilled with SQL and R, but faced with your first face to face interview question suddenly everything goes blank.

By Damian H

Nov 8, 2021

This course is a great gateway into the world of Data Analytics (DA). It is well presented and organized with great instructors and presenters who give their professional and personal experiences as part of the lessons. This "personal" touch helped me, and I'm sure other learners, to feel like they could be successful in this field and made it less intimidating. One area I would improve is to give more opportunities to dive deeper into Tableau, SQL, and R and to give learners more instruction as to how to prepare, clean, organize, analyze, and visualize data using each of these software's. Thank you Google for creating a launching pad for people like me to dive confidently into this space!

By Drayson N

Dec 5, 2022

This course was a great opportunity to review familiar material and learn new skills! From a beginner's perspective, the course did a great job introducing general concepts before diving into specifics. The resources (links, readings, videos) were very helpful as well! I would definitely taking this course whether you're interested in Data Analytics or not. The information packed into this course also covered general stuff like interview prep, resume help, job searching, etc. You really could set your pace. They recommend at least 10 hours a week. Since I am unemployed at the moment, I was able to complete the course in 3 months as oppose to 8. FIVE STARSS!!!!